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News: IK Multimedia releases UltraTuner™: the most precise digital tuner available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

10x more accurate than a mechanical strobe tuner
UltraTuner features one of the fastest, smoothest and most responsive tuning engines of all tuner apps, and is precise to well below a hundredth of a cent - far beyond human perception of pitch, making it 10 times more accurate than a mechanical strobe tuner (considered the gold standard of tuners). UltraTuner's accurate pitch detection is achieved through a proprietary dual-analysis processing engine that allows the tuner to get a much more accurate reading of the frequency from the incoming note. The fast response of the tuner makes tuning a mechanical instrument a breeze. UltraTuner's precision also makes it the perfect app tuner for intonating string instruments like guitar or bass, and by offering note precision down to less than .01 (1/100th) of a cent, making it ideal for calibrating electronic instruments like vintage synths.

UltraTuner's precision and speed provides players and engineers with a pocket-sized professional instrument tuner always at hand and offers two basic modes of operation: Stage and Studio.

Stage Mode
When in Stage mode, UltraTuner is a straightforward, ultra-accurate instrument tuner featuring a unique, simple interface that's very easy to see in low light conditions. It features a graduated flat and sharp display to indicate degrees from pitch, and when the note is in tune, the display turns green. UltraTuner utilizes the entire device screen for tuning so it is easily visible from a distance on dimly lit stages.

Studio Mode
In studio mode, UltraTuner provides pitch tracking - allowing players to monitor pitch over time. This is especially useful in the studio for monitoring pitch of non-chromatic instruments like vocals, violin and brass etc., on recordings over time, and very useful for vocal and instrument pitch training. Studio mode also offers two different visualizations: pitch over time and a proprietary oscilloscope wave form display. The pitch over time display shows the accuracy of a note as it is played and decays. The oscilloscope wave form display indicates flat or sharp notes by animating the waveform to the left if the note is flat, completely still if the note is right on, and animating the waveform to the right if the note is sharp. These visualizations make it very quick and easy to reference notes while playing a non-chromatic instrument or singing in the studio.

Fast calibration
In the settings window, players can quickly calibrate the "A" note, set the temperament type, set the root key for tracking and adjust the audio sensitivity. UltraTuner can use the device's built-in microphone for audio input, and works with all analog or digital audio interfaces for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, like IK's iRig HD, iRig PRO and the iRig MIC series of products.

Key Features:
  • Innovative patented tuning engine that provides the highest level of responsiveness and accuracy with 0.01 cent resolution
  • Dual Mode: Stage and Studio
  • Large Tuning indication visible from a distance (stage mode)
  • Tuning History to see the tuning variations over time (studio mode)
  • Temperament selection includes: Equal, Pythagorean, Just Major, 1/4 Comma Mean Tone, Kimberger III, Werckmeister III, Young and Kellner
  • Useful not only for tuning, but also for non-chromatic instrument training

Pricing & Availability:
UltraTuner is available now as a standalone app from the App StoreSM for iPhone and iPod touch for $4.99/€4.49, or as an in-app purchase within AmpliTube for iPhone (Free/LE/Full versions), and AmpliTube for iPad (Free/Full versions).

Charly Sahona: joins the EMG artist roster - killer video too!

Charly Sahona
Big announcement / Grand annonce I have the great honour of being part of the EMG artist roster just like Metallica, Pink Floyd, Steve Lukather, Zakk Wilde, Andy James and so many great musicians !!!

J’ai l’immense honneur de faire officiellement partie de la famille d’artistes endorsés par EMG tout comme Metallica, Pink Floyd, Steve Lukather, Zakk Wilde, Andy James et tant d’autres artistes talentueux...

Since I’ve been playing with my 8 string guitar I felt in love with these pickups . They give me clarity, dynamic, expressiveness, power and sustain.

More, they look absolutely beautiful…I’ll make new instrumental videos with it soon

Ibanez Iron Label 8-string RGIR28FE Test

John 5,Brad Gillis,Carl Verheyen,Orianthi: Headed for the Dean Markley Booth #5766 NAMM 2014

Dean Markley Booth #5766 - (Please note they've moved the booth!)

They're celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the CD30 and CD60 tube amps.  These babies are legendary for their tone and highly sought after by guitar junkies.  In the past, availability has been sporadic.  But to honor the anniversary, production is in full swing and the company has made a firm commitment to keep them in production.

Mike Inez of Alice In Chains
Lita Ford
John 5
Piggy D (Rob Zombie and Marylin Manson)
Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein (Misfits)
Brad Gillis (Night Ranger)
Carl Verheyen
Steve Trovato

Fred Brum: Aristides Instruments #3394 appearance NAMM 2014

Aristides Instruments #3394

Electric guitars made of revolutionary new material using very tiny glass spheres designed to replicate the sonic response of wood. They're unveiling the new 070 seven string and aggressively looking to find dealers and distributors.

Guitar sensation Fred Brum will be available for media demos throughout the show.

Fred Brum - Aristides 070 - Katana

Aristides Instruments & PTC Creo

News: The NAMM Foundation to Induct Breakthrough Inventions at its Annual TECnology Hall of Fame Ceremony 2014

The NAMM Foundation to Induct Breakthrough Inventions
at its Annual TECnology Hall of Fame Ceremony
Audio and recording technologies that span the 20th century will be highlighted

Carlsbad, Calif., Dec. 12, 2013 – The NAMM Foundation has announced 10 historic 20th-century musical and sound inventions ranging from 1915 through 1998 that will be inducted to its ninth TECnology Hall of Fame. Inventions that have greatly impacted the audio, sound and recording industries will be presented Saturday, January 25, 2014 as part of The NAMM Show’s H.O.T. Zone.

Fans of The Beatles’ smash hit “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” will be interested to note that the album was recorded on the Studer J-37 4-track, an invention that dates back a half century. The Klark Teknik DN360 graphic equalizer was first revealed 30 years ago and continues to demonstrate its staying power among professional audio systems. Both will be recognized, along with eight other significant inventions, including keyboards, monitors and microphones.

“Modern-day audio and recording professionals all have the early fathers of invention to thank for superior creativity and breakthrough ideas that allow for 21st Century innovations,” said George Petersen, TECnology Hall of Fame chairman. “It is both beneficial and important to honor these early pioneers who made significant contributions that continue to literally be heard all around the world.”

The TECnology Hall of Fame was established in 2004 to recognize companies and products that have significantly contributed to the advancement of audio technology. The 2014 inductees were chosen by a panel of more than 50 recognized audio experts, including authors, educators, product designers, production professionals and others.  The presentation is scheduled during the NAMM Show, which is one of the largest global music industry trade shows.

The 2014 TECnology Hall of Fame Inductees are:

1915 First practical audio amplifier - Western Electric
1930 Bass-reflex loudspeaker patent - Bell Labs
1959 Echoplex tape delay - Mike Battle
1963 Mellotron tape-loop keyboard instrument
1964 Studer J37 4-track recorder
1984 Klark Teknik DN360 graphic equalizer
1986 Yamaha SPX90 digital multi-effects processor
1988 Akai MPC60 sequencer/drum machine
1991 Genelec 1031A active studio monitor
1998 Royer Labs R-121 ribbon microphone

For additional details about each inductees:

Tom Quayle: Mark Thompson - 10/10 for the Modern Legato 3 Constructing lines package!

Mark Thompson - Tom Quayle Modern Legato 3 Constructing lines review by Mark Thompson

Fusion masterclass tutor Tom Quayle has this new instalment in the now trilogy of legato lessons available by download from his website .

Before I launch into it, this tutorial is by far the most useful legato playing lesson I've ever come across and I've got all of them. Tom has a fantastic way of breaking the lesson up into progressive chunks that are very bite sized and friendly. This micro look into the whole mechanics and building blocks of line construction is just fantastic and the first time I've ever seen it all put together in such an easy to understand way.

Part 1 Fragments and transitions Tom teaches us 10 fragments per set and there are 4 sets in this section. The 4 sets are broken down into Scale , arpeggio , chromatic and transition fragments. These are all talked about in detail, describing line construction within each set before moving on.

Part 2 Line construction - Once all 4 sets are learnt, as tools, for building lines, Tom then teaches how to construct lines using these 4 sets of fragment tools we have already learnt. Tom teaches the concepts to use while both building and practising, plus he shows how to use all the fragments all over the guitar neck. After the fragments, Tom then shows how to construct lines, some lines are then taught and played for us to learn. The good thing here is all lines are tabbed .

Part 3 Rhythmic mechanics - Rhythmic mechanics and resolution are covered in the next great section and are described as the building blocks of control. Tom shares a bunch lines for the subdivisions and these lines are packed full of wealth of ideas. Tom also shares a part on using a midi DAW sequencer to help create this subdivided rhythm feel and to help place the phrases in other places within the bar other than on the beat of one.

Part 4 Other scales - yes, you guessed it, Tom talks about using the tools he has taught for other scales and breaks them down into their easy to learn fingering components.

Part 5 Continuous lines over chord changes -Tom gives a masterclass tip session into playing this key change type line, the construction of fluidly, with lots of practise tips for learning his visualisation technique.

Part 6 Toms improvised parts - The final session in this lesson sees Tom showing you how he plays a continuous stream of lines over 3 backing tracks. The tracks are So What, Sunny and Giant Steps, all of which are tabbed ( the backings tracks and tab are included in the download lesson zip). Tom's performance gives us a terrifying insight into the frightening level that Tom has achieved, a level that many of us can only dream of.  Tom covering all the practising concepts that Tom has covered in the lessons .

This package can be considered as a stand alone legato pack that doesn't actually need the previous 2 lesson packs to be of benefit and I personally think it is best suited to me, as a novice in legato playing, than the other lesson packages in the series. This is the legato lesson that I always wanted, but could never find.

The package is by no means an amateur level lesson pack but a masterclass with Tom in the construction of modern legato lines and how to practise them and get good at playing through changes. There is just so much in the way of lines and tools it's incredible. I have never seen a lesson that breaks down the fundamentals in line construction down in such easy to understand parts. This methodology is perfect for those who can’t quite get a mental picture of how Tom fits all his licks together. After learning this material you will not only know how Tom does this, but also be able to do it yourself. You can take this material and then apply the ideas to more complex scales and arpeggios. The constructive tips that Tom provides are designed to enable you to be inventing your very own fragments.

In the download 
2hr AVI - 
3 backings -
4 drum tracks- 
PDF Introduction page –
PDF Tab for standard tuning and tab for 4ths. 

My Score 10/10

Mark Thompson

Join Mark and 1001 other guitar players over at the Guitar Additiction Facebook page

Alan Williamson: Another Kind Of World - available now!

Alan Williamson has issued Another Kind Of World - revamp on his own website. Alan's work has always been consistently exciting and epic.

So no surprise that this will arrive in a package under my Christmas tree, a present from Mr Weaver Pickle who returned home safely last week end... now what to buy Mr Weaver Pickle in return?

Alan Williamson: Another Kind Of World - revamp

1. Wheels In Motion
2. Another Kind Of World Pt I
3. Another Kind Of World Pt II 
4. Seranna 
5. Fictional Reality 
6. War Song 
7. The Island 
8. The Tree 
9. Chasing Days 
10. In The Embers

Website link:

Tomáš Raclavský: Modern Day Babylon - Travelers new CD

Tomáš Raclavský: Modern Day Babylon - Travelers new CD



This bundle will begin shipping December 10, 2013.
It includes Modern Day Babylon's new album "Travelers" in physical and digital copy along with an T-shirt, Vest, Hoodie, Poster (297 × 420 mm ) and Guitar Pick.

Modern Day Babylon - Travelers (2013) ||| ALBUM TEASER |||

Modern Day Babylon - Currency ( feat. Maxi Curnow ) NEW TRACK!

Modern Day Babylon - INFINITY /// Skervesen 4AP FF MDB8 test ///

Pedro Marques: Indie Anna Jones - complex performance video

I always thought that making music with loop pedals was a bit gimmicky. The adding of layers is usually too obvious and you end up with something that goes nowhere and becomes a little bit repetitive. Memória de Peixe (Fish Memory, for all non-portuguese people) was the band that proved me wrong. They consist of just a guitar player (Miguel Nicolau) and a drummer (Nuno Oliveira), and they do make real songs using short guitar loops and real time drums (hence the name). However, if nobody tells you beforehand that this is how they do it, you'd never be able to tell, probably.

They manage to sound like a full band and make all the layers evolve organically. This is one of my favorite tracks of their first album. Being that it seems so deceptively simple to reproduce, I thought I could do better; I still like the original more (please do a simple search on youtube, it's worth it). Although I recorded all the audio layers in full takes, the video is just a bunch of neverending looping bits that let you learn the song if you follow it closely. It's not always note for note, it's just my own interpretation of their own loops.

I hope you enjoy this new video, check me out AND check Memória de Peixe out as well! Like, subscribe, share, just go nuts ;)
Pedro Marques - Indie Anna Jones (Memória de Peixe)

Pedro Marques - a prologue to a real life

Andy James: How To Get A Good Metal Tone

How To Get A Good Metal Tone with Andy James | Licklibrary
Free Guitar Lessons online: Andy James talks about how to adapt your guitar and what techniques to use to get a good metal tone with your guitar. Licklibrary is an online guitar resource offering high quality online guitar lessons and DVD guitar lessons. Whether your a beginner or a guitarist looking for that new challenge Licklibrary is the place for you. View our subscription modules to see which suits you best: