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Tony MacAlpine: talks to Wikimetal

#164 - Tony MacAlpine no Wikimetal

Jeff Loomis: Metal Wani interview

MW: So how did guitar happen for you? Was it something you were exposed to from an early age or you just happen to pick it up naturally?

eff: Well when I first started playing music, I didn’t start with guitar, I started playing drums. My father bought me a 3 piece drumkit when I was about, I don’t know, 9 or 10 or something like that. And I was just play along to music that was playing around the house. My dad was a huge fan of ‘70s progressive music like Yes & Genesis & bands like that just put my headphones and play along, you know. Realistically it gave me a good sense of rhythm And you know, I just enjoy playing drums. But to be honest with you, I wasn’t very good (laughs). I tried, you know. I was kind of a shy kid so my dad was always pushing me to get lessons to you know, kind of better myself as a musician but I never wanted to do that. I just wanted to stay in the basement and play drums and have fun as any kid would want to do. I kind of realized I wasn’t a good drummer and my dad had a classical guitar lying around the house and I picked it up one day and just started playing some simple chords. I think he has like a book by Mel Bay. It was like book one or something like that, that shows you basic chord formations and stuff like that and that kind of how I began. I started noticing that I was much more umm, I was much better on guitar than I was at drums. I started listening to records and just kind of learning the chord changes and stuff you know. Especially like early Van Halen and Iron Maiden and stuff like that. And I guess my dad started noticing too that I was becoming pretty good at a pretty fast rate so, I started taking some lessons and then I’d take some lessons from private teachers and stuff like that. But most of my playing is self-taught. I just listen to a lot of music and I guess I was blessed with having a very decent ear. I was able to pick up you know, chord formations from other players. I just sit in my room for hours and just have fun with it. I was I believe later on, around age of 15 or something when I started listening to Yngwie Malmsteen and Jason Becker and Marty Friedman and that’s when my playing really started to progress. That’s where I started to play kind of faster and get better at technique. So those guys really influenced me to be a better guitar player. So that’s kind of how it started really.  

Bruce Bouillet, Dave Reffett: Guitar World writer Dave Reffett talks to Bruce about his latest release and more

Bruce Bouillet might've taken an eight-year hiatus from playing due to a serious hand injury, but the former Racer X guitarist is back, fired up and more active than ever.

We recently spoke to Bouillet, a fixture of the Los Angeles studio scene, about his new instrumental album, The Order Of Control, which was released January 21 via Mascot Label Group’s Music Theories imprint.

GUITAR WORLD: What was the first music that really excited you? What players made you sit up and take notice?

The first music I got turned on to was AC/DC, the Clash and Devo. But when I heard Black Sabbath, I knew I had arrived. As far as what players excited me back then, it would have been Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhoads, Ritchie Blackmore, Michael Schenker, Tony Iommi and George Lynch.

I ended up at camp Shrapnel at a very young age with Racer X, which exposed me to a lot of new players that were very advanced. After that I was really impressed with a lot of the newer bands of the time like Rage Against the Machine, Metallica and so on. I also discovered some of the more underground sounds like Fugazi, Barkmarket and King Crimson. I still look for a lot of new music. Recently it's everything from Steven Wilson and Animals As Leaders to Lightning Bolt.


Scott McGill: Synthetic and Exotic Scale Jazz Improvisation Etudes for Treble Clef Instruments

Synthetic and Exotic Scale Jazz Improvisation Etudes for Treble Clef Instruments

About the author: Scott McGill

Named "The Thinking Man's Yngwie Malmsteen" by noted Jazz Author/Historian Bill Milkowski, Progressive Jazz/Fusion Guitarist, Educator, Author and Recording Artist Scott McGill is best known for his recorded work with celebrated Bassists Michael Manring (McGill Manring Stevens), Percy Jones (Jones McGill DeCarlo), and Producer Neil Kernon. He was a longtime student of noted Jazz Composer/Theorist Dennis Sandole and is the author of two other pedagogical texts: "The Guitar Arpeggio Compendium", and "Twelve-Tone Octave Displacement Studies for The Guitar and All Treble Clef Instruments"

A unique collection of etudes that demonstrate the use of melodic lines derived from synthetic and exotic scales over jazz standards type chord progressions. A variety of scales such as the Enigmatic, Phrygian#11, Hungarian Major, and Dorian b9 are illustrated as well as Altered Pentatonic and Multi-Octave scales. For the creative improviser and composer looking to expand his or her musical vocabulary. Not a theoretical treatise but a challenging practical text demonstrating lines developed from advanced scales and their use in relation to jazz harmonic progressions. Excellent for Guitarists, Pianists, Violinists, and Horn Players.

Robben Ford: Cut You Loose

Robben Ford - Cut You Loose
1 month ago  •  439 views
Track taken of the upcoming record Robben Ford - A Day In Nashville.

Arya Akbara: Methiums - Buster Rancher Guitar Playthrough

Guitar playthrough of ' Buster Rancher', off Methiums' self-titled new EP, out now! Pick it up at http://methiums.bandcamp.com/
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Instrumental Metal, Indonesia
Debut EP "METHIUMS" out now!
Methiums is a one man instrumental metal project from Arya Akbara (guitarist of Headcrusher & Athenian) from Surabaya, Indonesia, heavily influenced by metalcore and progressive metal. 
Arya utilizes drum machines, softwares in his recordings. 
Methiums’s first EP, 'Methiums' was released in February 2014.
Band interests
Artists we also like Aaron Marshall, Mark Holcomb, Keith Merrow, Sithu Aye

Arya Akbara: Methiums

1. Buster Rancher 04:48 
2. Bouyanci 04:10
3. Effluvium 03:28
4. Nelipot 03:45 
5. Dank (Bonus Track) 00:33

(NOTE: My EP are downloadable for FREE. However, Bandcamp only gives me 200 free download credits a month, and these are used up quickly. When my credits renew, I'll make everything free again. Thanks!)
released 01 February 2014
Written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Arya Akbara
EP Cover by Baryeri Egi
Methiums - Buster Rancher Guitar Playthrough