Friday, 7 March 2014

Nick Magnus,Steve Hackett: N'Monix the new album available for pre order from burningtree.

Nick Magnus,Steve Hackett: N'Monix 

Nick Magnus (Steve Hackett, The Enid) follows his highly acclaimed Children Of Another God with an even more ambitious conceptual work, N'Monix.

Featuring his Spectral Mornings-era band mates Steve Hackett and Pete Hicks as well as No-Man's Tim Bowness (on the eight minute ballad Broken), the music shifts from the Symphonic to the cinematic to the inventively quirky, offering an emotionally rich and musically detailed commentary on memory and loss, the modern age and the past.

A latter-day Progressive masterclass in the old style!

All pre-orders come with an exclusive signed postcard.

Pre-order for 28th April release.

1. Time
2. Memory
3. Kombat Kid
4. Headcase
5. Eminent Victorians
6. Broken
7. Shadowland
8. Entropy

Gabor Lesko: Fitness guitar Method

The new method for electric guitar designed as a fitness session
for hands: concentration exercises, relaxation and other gimmicks to increase
the speed.
exercises are divided into:
Training session 1 Heating and deepening of 3 notes per string scales;
Training session 2 workouts on cyclic pattern with alternating plettrata;
Training session 3 training sessions on related and tapping with scales and arpeggios;
Training session 4 workouts on arpeggios.
Passion & Demons a song that features all the phrasing and exercises in the training
session, a sort of final exam which summarizes all the technical difficulties of the guitar
solo Rock / Fusion: Plettrata alternating sweeps, tapping, and mixed media.
Inside the Training session you will find exercises aimed at increasing the concentration,
muscular endurance, coordination of hands, the economy of movement, and
consequently increasing the speed!
On the DVD you will also find the midi files with the basics of the exercises with which you can change the
speed and tone to your liking.

DIVENTA VELOCE - Fitness guitar Method - Gabor Lesko

Sam Birchall: Strandberg CL7 put to tasty work with noodle relish!

Sam Birchall: Just messing round with a new tone

Sam B: Strandberg noodling

Min 7 Solo

Quick Strandberg CL7 Solo

Sam Bell: Mask Of Judas, Core of iO, Exile the Titan and Rorschach show announced

Mask Of Judas, Core of iO, Exile the Titan and Rorschach

Friday, 28 March 2014

Mask of Judas
Core Of iO
Exile the Titan

£3 Entry, 4 Great bands, awesome venue on the seafront in Bognor. This shall be one epic night of tech metal!

Gianluca Ferro: Total Shred Guitar presents Gianluca Ferro master class

Total Shred Guitar presents Gianluca Ferro master class

Total Shred Guitar Masterclass with Gianluca Ferro SATURDAY 5 APRIL 2014-From 16:00 to 19:00 in Rome, Elio Lampridio Cerva 38 Street (zone Eur/Laurentina).

3 hours of intensive masterclass with Gianluca Ferro in which discuss "8 Finger Tapping", "Pitch Axis" and "Chromatics & Arpeggios".
Each participant will have exclusive handouts with exercises.

Reservation compulsory – limited seats 15 Cost 15 € Masterclass book now your seat via the form on the website: Support the guitar scene made in Italy!!!


Album available at
Or write at

Gianluca Ferro - Young Guitar -

Yngwie Malmsteen: Backstage Interview - Reality Check TV

From The Reality Check TV Vaults we bring you this full uncut interview with guitar virtuouso Yngwie Malmsteen! Originally this interview appeared in episode #57 heavily edited for broadcast and only seen on local cable. With no time restrictions for online viewers we give you the full raw uncut interview! Guest interviewers & guitar enthusiasts Jonathan Fenno & Joe Canas talk with Yngwie who was then touring in support of his album "The Seventh Sign". Yngwie really opens up about his playing and his music. He talks about making a song for the movie "Terminator 2", a song he composed for a pro wrestler,and the meaning of his name Yngwie... Malmsteen is also very candid about his controversial arrest the previous years and clears everything up. His mansion,cars and more. A real must see!

Yngwie Malmsteen Backstage Interview ( Part 1 )

Yngwie Malmsteen Backstage Interview ( Part 2 )

Yngwie Malmsteen Indepth Interview 10/19/94 Part 3

Umberto Fiorentino: Creativita E Tecnica Per Chitarra, L' Improvvisazione

Great legato fusion improvisation from ITalian guitar master Umberto Fiorentino

Umberto Fiorentino: Creativita E Tecnica Per Chitarra, L' Improvvisazione

video corso Umberto Fiorentino Lezioni di Chitarra La Tecnica