Saturday, 15 March 2014

André Nieri: Suhr - Rhythm Zero - Virgil Donati

Andre Nieri plays Rhythm Zero, by Virgil Donati.

Andre Nieri - Rhythm Zero (Virgil Donati)

André Nieri - Trinity (Virgil Donati)

Mattias IA Eklundh: Juanjo Guarnido in the Freak Kitchen - Mattias talks about the project!

Tell me more about the video! The video is a passion project, designed and spearheaded by Juanjo Guarnido, whose long-time love of Freak Kitchen made a collaboration inevitable. We've assembled an amazing team, including animators whose credentials range from Dreamworks to Disney and a brilliant 3-D studio, Fortiche Prod, and we're working hard on storyboarding and character design. Once we have the funds to go full steam ahead, we'll be able to create something truly special.

Kickstarter Promo:

Juanjo Guarnido in the Freak Kitchen (Kickstarter Promo by IA)

Tom Quayle: Fibenare guitars in depth with sonic state in this three video series from Musikmesse 2014

Tom Quayle: Fibenare guitars in depth with sonic state in this three video series from Musikmesse 2014

Messe 2014: Fibenare Erotic

Messe 2014: Fibenare Jazz Basic

Messe 2014: Fibenare Jazz Hollow Body

Richard Daudé: Giant Steps guitar improvisation

Recorded @ Richard Daudé's Guitar Academy (Nîmes , France)

Giant Steps guitar improvisation

Frank Gambale, Alain Caron,Damien Schmitt: DV Mark at Musikmesse 2014

Like every year, March is the month in which the protagonist is the most important exhibition of musical instruments of the old continent, the Musikmesse in Frankfurt

Frank Gambale, Alain Caron and Damien Schmitt at Musikmesse 2014

Tom Quayle,Martin Miller: IQS booth jam - Musikmesse 2014

The kind of stunning silliness you see just walking around MusikMesse!

Tom Quayle - Martin Miller, IQS booth jam - MusikMesse 2014

Leonardo Guzman: new take on Retina

Hey guys!, this is an alternate take over the original Backing Track from my Debut EP "NOW!", the song its called "Retina" and its the 1st song out of 5. I'm gonna try to keep doing this videos with all the songs on the EP and I'm also working on the Transcriptions (Tab's), so.. stay tuned!
I really hope you like it (remember to watch it on HD!) Feel free to share, remember: Sharing Its Caring Thanks a lot!

You can get your own copy here:

Drayen Labie: Sea Of Antiquity - one for Brett Garsed

Cover of Sea Of Antiquity (Brett Garsed) by Drayen Labie.

More info :
Sea Of Antiquity - Brett Garsed Cover by Drayen Labie

Andy James: The Funky Side - Andy jams over the funkiest of jam tracks

The Funky Side

Get your guitar plugged in and your Bootsy glasses's time to get your funk on!!

The Funky Side is JTC's first official 'funk' style jam track package, containing 5 funky tracks written by backing track extraordinaire Klaus Wolf (who also wrote the backings for Alex Hutching's Feel Good Groovesand Jack Thammarat's Smooth Grooves) and with superb solo examples performed by Andy James.

These are insanely jammable backing tracks, and Andy's examples provide a great platform for you to learn some tasty licks and create your own solos. Included are the short and long jam tracks, solo example track, Tab/Notation in PDF/powertab formats and some bonus scale and technique notes!

*NEW* 'The Funky Side' at Jamtrackcentral com

Tom Quayle: added to B3 Gig in Leeds featuring Paul Bielatowicz, Dave Bainbridge, Dave Brons

B3 Gig in Leeds March 19th

Sales of the tickets are going well. Thanks to everyone who has been promoting the gig and buying tickets.

The gig is next wednesday but its still not too late to book a ticket or invite a friend. Here is the link

Tom Quayle

A Recent addition to the gig: We are privileged to have one of the most exciting guitar players in the world dropping by to jam on a few songs at the gig. Tom Quayle, is respected as a performer and teacher.

RSI and Video stuff

We have been working hard to bring you a really cool gig, and last week I had RSI (repetetive strain injury) so after a week of no playing, I've made a full recovery and we are ready to pull out all the stops!

I also have someone working on videos and projection for the gig, so it will be pretty atmospheric!

Taster of the players below!
Paul tours the world playing guitar for Carl palmer and Neal Morse.
Simon is playing with him (Seriously, flight of the bumblebee on bass?)
Dave Bainbridge is a keyboard and guitar genius
And then there is me!

This months Single Kai Rohan

I've been getting some nice messages about this one. A lot of people have been saying that it moved them to tears... hopefully in a good way ha ha!

For some reason its not gone through to itunes yet... a bit annoying but you can still buy it on my website or listen to it here

All for now!!!

Dave Brons.

Dave Martone: Coming Clean - performance at Lucky Music Milan

Dave Martone "Coming Clean" performance alla Lucky Music di Milano in data 13 novembre 2009.

Dave Martone - Coming Clean - performance at Lucky Music Milan

Full series

Angel Vivaldi: excellent play through Away With Words

Angel Vivaldi

Dallton Santos: Code Red - ime Lapse - Changing strings on a Ibanez Jem 777

Time Lapse - Changing strings on a Ibanez Jem 777
Dallton Santos

Full track

Andy James: Shredding The Blues Online Guitar Lesson

Shredding The Blues Online Guitar Lesson Sample With Andy James | L...
Licklibrary - Online Guitar Lessons­rtOne_Guitarlesson
Shredding the Blues Guitar Lesson with Andy James is available in 3 parts!
This sample lesson Andy James talks about taking you through some basic shredding concepts to then lead you on to Licks. Focusing on the pentatonic scale Andy James shows you some ideas that he uses - to shred up those Blues licks! The FULL lesson is available here:­rtOne_Guitarlesson

Ready to move on to Part Two of Shredding The Blues Lesson?
Check out a sample here:­rtTwo_GuitarLesson

Ready to move on to Part Three of Shredding The Blues Lesson?
Check out a sample here:­rtThree_GuitarLesson

If your a Member of you will be able to watch more than just 2 mins on our website - subscribe today for a FREE 14 Day Access All Areas pass to test run all of Licklirbary can offer you:­y

Aaron Marshall: Intervals - Moment Marauder - Official Video

Intervals Presents "Moment Marauder"
New Album Out Now:
Facebook: Exclusive Premiere

"Moment Marauder"
ISRC: QMEU31492240
Director: Davin Black
Executive Producer: John Nadalin/ RT!
Producer: Rory Halsall
Production Manager: Vimla Mangru
D.P: Fraser Brown
Editor: Chris Lazar
Date: March 12th, 2014
Production Company: The NE Creative Group
Brett Powell / Outerloop Management

© INTERVALS // 2014

Produced in Co-operation with MuchFACT, A Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent, Supported by MuchMusic/MuchMore Networks

Morten Faerestrand: Journey - Don't Stop Believin' - Aslak Johnsen

Journey - Don't Stop Believin' - Aslak Johnsen/Morten Faerestrand
Morten Faerestrand
Quick duo version of Journey's "Don't stop believin'". Jazz guitar and voice.
Vocals: Aslak Johnsen
Guitar: Morten Faerestrand

Gus Drax: Melodic Shredding Improvisation #3

Gus Drax - Melodic Shredding Improvisation #3
Gus Drax
FOR SKYPE LESSONS, please email me here:

Hello guys

Here is one more "Melodic Shredding Improvisation" video.
This time i played over an Andy James backing track called "Circles" from his Custom Metal Series 1.
Hope you enjoy what i came up with cause there are some ideas that might end up in new song(s) for my 2nd solo album (of course it will be much different and with my orchestrations,rhythm guitars,arrangements etc etc)

All audio work by me
All video work by Steve Drax

Please subscribe to my youtube channel and also you can find me here:

Facebook profile:

Facebook page:

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Joe Bonamassa: So Many Roads Live from the Royal Alber Hall

Joe Bonamassa - So Many Roads Live from the Royal Alber Hall
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Joe Bonamassa performs "So Many Roads" live at the Royal Albert Hall in London. This amazing performance was recorded and released on Joe's live at the Royal Albert Hall DVD.

Joe Bonamassa - Richmond live at the Vienna Opera House

Ola Englund: Seymour Duncan introduces his signature gear

Ola Englund's Signature Gear
Seymour Duncan Pickups
A look at the new Washburn Ola Englund Solar models and the Randall Satan.

Panos Arvanitis: Lick of the week #002 Yngwie J Malmsteen style

Lick of the week #002 Yngwie J Malmsteen style
Panos Arvanitis
Hi there.Second free lesson(sooner than i thought) in the style of Yngwie J Malmsteen..It's in the key of A minor.I hope u ll enjoy the lesson.Comment,like ,share,subscribe for more free lessons and updates.Thank you all for your love and support.
All rights reserved.Music by Panos A.Arvanitis (AEPI 2014).
Gear used:
Fender Stratocaster Yngwie J.Malmsteen with HS-3 DiMarzio .USA
POD XT PRO Rack Line6
DOD Yjm 308 Overdrive
NS-2 Boss Noise Suppressor .

Robbert Hanenberg: DV Mark Multiamp brown sound

DV Mark Multiamp brown sound test by Robbert Hanenberg
Robbert Hanenberg
1st quick test, 1 day after receiving this great amp.