Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Rick Graham: new jam with DVD - make gainz in your playing!

JAM with Rick Graham DVD
Beginner, intermediate and advanced guitar jams, with lessons, jam tracks and tablature

This superb DVD is a new and unique way to have fun, study and jam all at the same time.

The DVD contains three top quality backing tracks, and can be approached in two ways, first you can "JAM" with the tracks flying solo, experimenting with different ideas, licks and solos. Alternatively you can trade solos with Rick, drawing inspiration from the ideas and techniques used in his solos.
Each track has three… read more
Video Format - PAL + NTSC
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Walter Trout: awaits liver operation and announces details of new album

Peter Noble
Walter Trout awaits liver operation and announces details of new album.
Photo courtesy of Jeff Katz
More info:

The Documentary
Currently in production and scheduled to be included in the Special Edition of the album, the exclusive documentary features Walter talking in depth about his life and music. Also featured in the documentary are many of the people who influenced Walter personally and professionally...

Walter is currently hospitalized & in urgent need of a liver transplant!

Walter has been battling severe liver disease bravely for the past many months. He has continued touring and recording until a few weeks ago - he loves playing for people, and it has been the best medicine for him.

We were given hope that medicinal treatment could reverse his condition but we now know that this hasn't worked. His liver has failed, and doctors say his survival depends on receiving a transplant. 

Fan Organised Fundraiser
CLICK HERE to visit Walter's medical fundraiser page

Lalle Larsson: Until Never - new album available on pre order

Lalle Larsson via Jonas Reingold
You can now pre-order my new piano album "Until Never" from Reingold Records.
Apart from me playing the piano this album also features Jonas Reingold on fretless bass and Richard Hallebeek on acoustic guitar. Soft minimalistic music, melancholic and lyrical. This album is very much from the heart...

Lalle Larsson - Until Never
Pre-Order Lalle Larsson "Until Never" To be released 25th of April 1st 50 will be signed

After releasing the Weaveworld trilogy Lalle Larsson has gone back to his roots and recorded a magnificent Piano album feat. Jonas Reingold (Karmakanic, The Flower Kings, Kaipa, The Tangent) on bass and Richard Hallebeek on guitar.Beautiful minimalistic compositions executed with elegance and class. Produced and mixed by Jonas Reingold and Lalle Larsson at Reingold Studios. Presented in DigiPak.

1. Leaving Paris
2. The Solitary Traveller
3. Last Call
4. September Suite
5. Valentine
6. A Gentle Touch
7. Above Clouds
8. Before Sunrise
9. Until Never

Lalle Larsson "Until Never"

Matt Simon: Opening track from The Scepticle Testicle - new album

Matt Simon: Opening track from The Scepticle Testicle NEW ALBUM

Most musicians, whether they will admit it have a side project somewhere on the back burner, even if it is just in the back of their mind. If you write music, chances are you have lots of unfinished odds and ends lying around. My main focus for a long time has been Indighost, a rock/metal band with vocals and reasonably standard song structures. The arrangements are creatively and subtly put together but with an audience in mind.


Alberto Rigoni: A preview of Alberto Rigoni's upcoming (IV) progressive rock metal album

A preview of Alberto Rigoni's upcoming (IV) progressive rock metal album that will be released in Autumn 2014 and will feature top class italian musicians. If you like share it! More news coming soon!

Petey Graves: Red Seas Fire | Tyrants | Live Playthrough

Check out our pre-order bundles:

Red Seas Fire | Tyrants | Live Playthrough

Joe Satriani: stopped by Marvel HQ to find Silver Surfer!

+Joe Satriani Joe stopped by Marvel HQ yesterday to talk about his new box set (available and to grab a copy of the new Silver Surfer!

Check out Joe's exclusive premiere of "Time Machine" (Remix) on ! It's a previously unreleased version of his '93 track from 15-CD Complete Studio Collection.

Sammy Hagar: Are you ready for the 10th Annual Cinco de Tahoe

HEY REDHEADS! Are you ready for the 10th Annual Cinco de Tahoe pre-sale in 30 minutes?! Pre-sale for the May 2 & 3 shows start at 10:00am TODAY!

May 2 info at:

May 3 info at:

Jon Gomm: Brazilian tour dates

Hello friends, I am coming to Brazil. Here you will have all the information about the tour.Warn all your friends, family, colleagues and even parrot and dog. :) 

April 3: Workshop guitar, EM & T Sao Paolo 
April 8: Bourbon Street, Sao Paulo 
April 10: Manifesto, Toronto
April 11: Workshop guitar, Passo Fundo 
April 12: Castro Mendes Theatre, Campinas
April 18: Sunset Inn Lun -Sea, Fernando de Noronha 
April 19: Paradisus, Fernando de Noronha 

Get more information "Live Dates ...

Alex Hutchings: Waghorn Guitars AH8 - Laney Booth NAMM 2014

Alex Hutchings more amazing playing on Waghorn Guitars  AH8 : at the Laney Booth NAMM 2014. Watch in HD for better quality picture and sound.

Alex Hutchings: Waghorn Guitars  AH8 - Laney Booth NAMM 2014

A view from the other side

Alex Hutchings

Justin Liew: with a brace of great fusion guitar covers, creamy tones and excellent execution

+Justin Liew with a trio of great fusion guitar covers, creamy tones and excellent execution
I'm Justin Liew, a guitarist from Malaysia and am currently working/staying in Singapore.

Wayne Shorter - "Footprints" (Justin Liew guitar cover)

Girls' Generation - "Into The New World" (Justin Liew guitar cover)

Richard Daudé: working on solos for the upcoming album

Recorded @ Richard Daudé's Guitar Academy (practicing solo over upcoming album)

Dark fusion improv

Electro guitar solo (Richard Daudé improv)

Richard Hallebeek,Brett Garsed,Virgil Donati,Derek Sherinian,Jimmy Johnson: Peter Fernandes Q.E.D

The track 'Quod Erat Demonstrandum' by Peter Fernandes. The track features Richard Hallebeek (guit solo), Brett Garsed (guit melody), Derek Sherinian (synth solo) Jimmy Johnson (bass) and Virgil Donati (drums). Composition/Programming/keys by Peter Fernandes. This track will be out june 2014 on Peter's upcoming cd 'Q.E.D.' The cd will be available from Peter Fernandes (, iTunes and

Richard Hallebeek/Virgil Donati/Derek Sherinian/Jimmy Johnson/Brett Garsed - 'Q.E.D.'

Dweezil invited me to join him onstage for Zappa Plays Zappa in De Melkweg, Amsterdam, nov. 9th, 2013. The place was packed ..we played 'Zomby Woof' and had a fun jam together. Afterwards, Dweezil was kind enough to send me a great quality audio recording from the mixing board. I mixed that audio with some of the video material that was provided by people who attended the now you too, can get a glimpse of what went down that evening ;-)
I had a completely awesome time playing with such a tight group of musicians and jamming with Dweezil!

Thanks for the videos:
* Marinus van den Berg (close ups)
* © 2013 P. Berkholst Video (balcony angle)
* Jan Kramer (audience shots)

Thanks to Dweezil for providing me with the front of house audio.

ZPZ - Richard Hallebeek jams with Dweezil Zappa on 'Zomby Woof' (w/audio from the mixing board)

Tony MacAlpine,Nili Brosh: Empire in the Sky - Ramona Mainstage in Ramona, CA 2014

Tony performing March 7, 2014 at The Ramona Mainstage in Ramona, CA. Tony MacAlpine on guitar. Nili Brosh on guitar. Bjorn Englen on bass. Sam Aliano on drums.

Tony MacAlpine - Empire in the Sky

Ethan Brosh: a trio of guitar jams from NAMM 2014

Ethan Brosh: a trio of guitar jams from NAMM 2014

Ethan Brosh "Space Invaders" @ NAMM 2014

Ethan Brosh "Live the Dream" @ NAMM 2014

Ethan Brosh @ NAMM 2014

Jakub Żytecki: featured on Transcode by Warp Prism bandcamp album
Jakub Żytecki,: Transcode by Warp Prism

1. Uplink 01:07
2. Reasoning 04:38
3. Transgression Feat. Jakub Zytecki04:05
4. Calibration Feat. Andy Hauck 03:26
5. Decryption 03:49
6. Containment 02:55
7. Detrimental 04:19
8. Morbidus 03:48
9. Dirac Ocean 11:11


Kevin Suter - All Music, Recording, and Production. 
Ryan Wall - Vocals, Strange Noises. 
Andy Hauck - Vocals, Announcement voice from the Teaser, AAaape, Sillyness, Musical Analysis and Moral Support. 
Jakub Zytecki - Solo on Transgression.
released 08 March 2011

Jakub Żytecki: gets a harp cover for Message From Atlantis

Fragment of song one of my favorite Polish guitarist Jakub Żytecki

Jakub Żytecki - Message From Atlantis (harp cover)

Jakub Żytecki ~ Message from Atlantis

Sergey Golovin: Master Class in Vladimir - Frosterica

Sergey Golovin - Master Class in Vladimir and in Cyrillic...

Сергей Головин - Мастер Класс во Владимире