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Brandon Morris,Brendon Williams,David McDaniel: Travail - Sense of Gravity - check out Trichotillomania 11 out of 10

Brandon Morris,Brendon Williams,David McDaniel: Travail - Sense of Gravity
1. Wraith 06:38
2. Stormborn 04:02
3. Breakthrough 03:16
4. Answers Lost 04:42
5. Trichotillomania (Instrumental - my rating 11 out of 10) 07:03
6. Harbinger 04:59
7. Above the Horizon 03:35
8. Ration Reality 05:10
9. Weaving Memories 04:18
10. Spectre 08:58

released 21 February 2014
C.J. Jenkins - vocals
David McDaniel - guitar
Brendon Williams - guitar, choir vocals, additional keyboard
Brandon Morris - keyboard, guitar
Chance Unterseher - bass
Peter Breene - drums

Produced by Brendon Williams
All compositions by Brendon Williams, David McDaniel, and C.J. Jenkins
All lyrics by C.J. Jenkins except "Breakthrough," by Brendon Williams, and the outro to "Spectre," by Williams/Jenkins
All arrangements by Brendon Williams
Drums engineered by Jason Lackie at Fastback Studios
Electric guitar, bass, and keyboard engineered by Brendon Williams
Vocals and acoustic guitar engineered by C.J. Jenkins
Mixed by Brendon Williams
Mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios

Cover art by Hanna Myers
Band logo and additional designs by Bryce Moulton


Ultimately, when Travail ends, we are left with an amazing impression of the journey that’s been made. Ending on a single, fading note of the piano, A Sense of Gravity seem to blaze into the distance. In their wake, one is left with a marvelous feeling of completeness. These men know exactly what they want to say and how to say it. Remiss of nothing, whole in a deep sense, Travailis a monumental album, an exploration that is sure to be remembered and played over and over again in years to come.

And so, with all that said, we have the privilege of streaming Travail for you all for today. I hope you enjoy this record as much as I have. I’m pretty much unable to resist heavily fusion-influenced metal of any kind, but this is a flawless record, with stellar musicianship and excellently crafted songs. A Sense of Gravity has the “it” factor that produces great metal.

Christian Muenzner,Per Nilsson: mixing Beyond the Wall of Sleep

Per Nilsson

Meanwhile, somewhere in Sweden: Christian Muenznerand I, mixing his upcoming 2nd solo album - "Beyond the Wall of Sleep". I've listened to ONE MILLION notes today! So. Much. Shred

Check out Christian's Indiegogo campaign, and if you are a fan of this kind of music, you might wanna consider supporting! Counting the number of notes on the album, you won't often get this much bang for the buck

Tags: EMG Pickups, Strandberg Guitarworks and True Temperament
Beyond The Wall Of Sleep solo album

Sam Bell: Ibanez Universe Jam - pushing on towards 4000 subscribers!

Sam Bell
I have a new video! My YouTube is SO close to reaching 4,000 subscribers. Thank you to everyone who checks out my videos, the support is HUGELY appreciated!

Jamming on the Ibanez Universe on a couple of backing tracks I put together. Testing some lead and clean lead tones. If you dig this video please hit like and subscribe! New website coming soon!

Ibanez Universe Jam - Sam Bell

Jason Becker: Seymour Duncan - Perpetual Burn Pickup - kilotons of killer tone!

Jason Becker Perpetual Burn Pickup
Seymour Duncan Pickups
The Jason Becker Signature Humbucker uses an Alnico 5 bar magnet and a hotter-than-vintage wind to provide all the clarity and dynamic punch that his incredible chops demand. Measuring 12.11k DC resistance, this pickup has enough output for shred and metal while remaining sensitive enough for rock, blues, and fusion.

Jason Becker Check out the last video. I love this pickup! It has a little more output than my original blue Carvin.

Jay Parmar: Lynch Lycks 12 - George Lynch, Dokken, Lynch Mob feel!

Post Your Guitar News  -  15:18
Hey Peeps!!!
GeorgeLynch REH video inspired Lynch Lyck for ya this week gang! Enjoy and see ya next time! 

REH inspired lick for you this week and one that appears on my 'Circle of Fire' album! :) Another stretchy one so make sure you warm up those fingers :) You can check out the album on my website where it is available as a digital download. Key of D (D flat/C sharp to be more precise as my guitar is tuned down a half step). Enjoy tearing up the fretboard and see you next week!

You can download the tab at this link:

My guitar is tuned half step down to E flat - Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb and Eb.

Check out previous Lynch Lycks :)

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Any Qs or comments please leave them in the box below and I'll reply as soon as I can.

...J... LYCKS - LYCK 12 - JAY PARMAR GUITAR LESSON - George Lynch, Dokken, Lynch Mob

Brian Carroll: Bucketheadland - the Frankensteins monsters blinds - one more from the factory

Brian Carroll: Bucketheadland - the Frankensteins monsters blinds

1. Boris 08:12
2. Kar 13:58
3. Loff 08:27

released 27 March 2014

Keith Merrow, Jeff Loomis: Conquering Dystopia (Loomis and Merrow)- Guitar Clinic Outtakes at Nevada Music, Portsmouth UK

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Here's part 1 of a 2-part video Nevada Music put together for the clinic we played there. Good times
Conquering Dystopia (Loomis and Merrow)- Guitar Clinic Outtakes at Nevada Music, Portsmouth UK pt.1

Conquering Dystopia (Loomis and Merrow)- Guitar Clinic Outtakes at Nevada Music, Portsmouth UK pt.2

Reuploaded from Nevada Music. They put together some highlights from one of the UK clinics we did. Fun times! Go check out Nevada Music UK!

NevadaUK YouTube-

NevadaUK Facebook-

Album available now at

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If you like what I do, and would like to help me continue my adventure, please purchase some of my music, or a shirt, guitar picks, etc. It all helps!

Ben Badenhorst: Unicorn Happiness - new album available

Ben Badenhorst:  Unicorn Happiness
2. Optimism 02:14
3. Too Much Coffee 02:28
4. Empathy 04:12 
5. Flight 02:54
6. Jeneric Jive 02:19
7. Tearjerker 02:49 
8. Unicorn Happiness 07:30
9. Steve's Samba 03:08
10. Healing 04:12
11. Alexei 02:09
12. Compassionate Dub 03:50
13. Telaviv Uneasy 02:51
14. Rainfall 05:34
Unicorn Happiness-Music for Miniature Ensemble..
released 27 March 2014
Performed, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Ben Badenhorst.
All instruments played by Ben Badenhorst, except Balalaika on "Alexei" by Alexei Archipovsky.
Deepest Gratitude to everyone who made this album possible.
You know who you are..

News: Weird Guitars and Gear - handpicked collections from

Weird Guitars and Gear

Hi there,

I wanted to send a quick not you introduce you to ( as a source for guitars and gear you might be interested in. Here are some of the handpicked collections.

Hope you like what you see!

Weird Gear:
Funky Vintage Guitars:
Strange Pedals:
Rarest of the Rare:

Allan Holdsworth: Brick By Brick San Diego California 2013

Brick By Brick - 1130 Buenos Ave San Diego Ca 92110
Allan Holdsworth - Guitar
Jimmy Haslip - Bass
Virgil Donti - Drums

Allan Holdsworth - Water On The Brain ( 8-2-2013 )

Allan Holdsworth - Letters Of Marque ( 8-2-2013 )

Allan Holdsworth - Virgil Doniti Drum Solo ( 8-2-2013 )

Allan Holdsworth - 8-2-2013

Rick Graham: Jam with Rick Graham - My new DVD!

Hi guys, really happy to announce that I've just released my first DVD with Licklibrary! Here's the link for more information:

Checkout my HD guitar lessons here:


For Business Related Enquiries email me here:

Jam with Rick Graham - My new DVD!

Shane Gibson, Thomas Lang: stOrk's Broken Pieces gets a release date!


The official CD release date for stOrk's Broken Pieces is….

APRIL 29th!!!!

Thomas Lang & stOrk -"Bat"

Alberto Rigoni: Preview of Alusonic Alberto Rigoni Hybrid Signature bass

Alberto Rigoni

Dear friends,

I'm proud to announce the new Alusonic Aluminium Instruments Alberto Rigoni Hybrid Signature.
Here's the 3D rendering, more details will be unveiled soon…I will keep you updated!
Have a great weekend!

p.s. feel free to share the pic of you like it!

Vicente Amigo: testing his new signature guitars - one of the best flamenco talents For info on guitars info@vicenteamigo.comFacebook: Vicente Amigo (Official)

Vicente Amigo testing his new signature guitars.

Vicente Amigo, Signature Guitar Trial

Vicente Amigo, Signature Guitar Trial 2

Andrea Maccianti: "AtmoOne" - tasty playing over a drone

Andrea Maccianti - "AtmoOne"
Andrea Maccianti
Just a Impro for sound test...Watch in HD the sound is much better

Benya Barshai: Cosmos - free download on soundcloud

Benya Barshai - Cosmos
~~~FREE DOWNLOAD ON SOUNDCLOUD~~~ CosmosArtist: Benya BarshaiAlbum: Panjea ProjectGenre: Electronic/Ambient/Drum&BassCheck out news/updates/freebies


Thank you everyone who supports this music, it means more than you know. - BB© 2014 Barshai