Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Muris Varajic: Research - the stunning new album available for download

Muris Varajic: Research

As the title says, it has been a research throughout few last years,
trying to find the right notes, the right mood...research never seems to end.



New song from the upcoming album "Research".
Keyboard guest solo by Zlatko Jimmy Kresic
Bass guitar by Alen Ekmecic
Composed, arranged and mixed by Muris Varajic
Mastered by Mahir Sarihodzic
Video by Kenan Pasic

NEW HD The Ancient Forest - Muris Varajic

Lari Basílio: New Time - original composition

Tema autoral: New Time
Original song: New Time


New Time - Lari Basilio

Reece Fullwood,Sam Bell: Monster Lick Alert! Could this be RACER X^2 - now with tab!

Remember never offer to pay these guys by the note!

Get the TAB! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ls80dd9q8y...


Reece Fullwood and Sam Bell Monster Lick

Brian Larkin: Chopin - Fantasie Impromptu, Op. 66

Arranged by Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal. Originally an alternate take of a performance done for Indi.com, I'm sharing this here as exclusive content for my YouTube channel. This take contains different mistakes and more distortion. ;)

Chopin - Fantasie Impromptu, Op. 66

Get the highly recommend guitar album from this amazing talent.

Far Enough Into the Void - Album Trailer (Including Release Date and Guest Solo Previews)

Brian Larkin: Far Enough Into The Void

Adam Ironside: Suhr noodle of the clean cannon sweeps

Adam Ironside Just jamming some tasteless licks on the trusty Suhr.

Warming Up Random Jamming

Brian Wampler: Wampler Pedals - HAIRstortion - add awesome 80's metal lifestyle pedal to your collection

Brian Wampler was raised on a diet of the most excellent 80's hair metal. From Winger, Dokken and even White Lion he knows the three things you need to be a living legend... Great tone. Great chops. Most importantly, you need awesome hair.

So, what did we decide to do about it? Well, we got the King of gain - Brian Wampler of course, to design a genre defining pedal, we packed it tighter than Derek Smalls pants with AMAZING tone - does all you need to do is bring chops? Not quite... That was not enough... We decided to give you the ultimate. Just check out the video to see what the HAIRstortion can do for your stage presence!


So, be excellent to each other and party on Darth. I think it was Darth anyway, I can't remember. The Wampler Pedals HAIRstortion. Because your tone is worth it.

Wampler Pedals - HAIRstortion - Awesome 80's glam metal lifestyle pedal.

Alek Darson: Panopticon - first official playthrough

Alek Darson: Panopticon
Download Panopticon EP here: http://alekdarson.bandcamp.com/

  1. 1.
    a circular prison with cells arranged around a central well, from which prisoners could at all times be observed.

1. Sprockets 05:35
2. Flight Impressions 04:38
3. Waltz of Titans 05:06
4. Spiral of Sanity 07:31
5. The Rind 05:56
6. www.alekdarson.com 00:04

During my last 10 years of professional music experience I went through many emotional states. Being in numerous different projects and acts gave me insight into a large scope of personal mindsets, ranging from experiencing the lowest of disapproval and despise, to the highest bliss of love and acceptance. This EP’s musical realm depicts all those emotions about the world and what they came down to. I look at it as a Panopticon, a perfect all seeing prison, where a single guard is the omni-observant. The big question stands: are we the guard, or the prisoner? I hope this music gets you a bit closer to my innermost world.
released 18 November 2013
All compositions by Alek Darson. All tracks arranged (except 6) and performed by Alek Darson.

The Rind lyrics by Vladimir Lalić

Recorded, edited, mixed, mastered and produced by Alek Darson at Stretch Recording Studios

Featuring Guests:

Milan Jejina Yeqy (drums - 1, 5, 6)
Hadrien Pierson (drums - 2)
Mića Kovačević (drums - 3)
Milena Jančurić (flute - 3)
Vladimir Lalić (vocals - 5)
Eren Başbuğ (string arrangement & keyboards - 6)
String Section: Steve Chieh-Wei Chiu, Dominika Hwang, Alison Dooley, Sadie Currey, Tamer Tarhan, Eden Rayz

Enjoy the first official playthrough video from Panopticon! I'm featuring Fractal Audio's Axe Fx II as the main tone processor I use. Check the synth patch in the middle interlude section. Share your thoughts!

Much more on www.alekdarson.com

Video Production: Stretch Media Solutions
Editing and Color Correction - Alek Darson
Camera Operator and Photography - Ivana Dedic

Flute improvisation in the interlude at the beginning - Milena Jancuric.

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Flute improvisation in the beginning interlude: Milena Jancuric

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Recorded and Produced in Recording Studio STRETCH by Alek Darson
Stretch FB: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Stretch...

Alek Darson exclusively plays Wood Guerilla and Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II.


Spiral Of Sanity [Alek Darson] - OFFICIAL Playthrough

Alex Hutchings: Boss GT-001 - we're renaming, welcome to Truth In Hutchings

It certainly appears that today for one day only this channel is renaming, welcome to Truth In Hutchings.

[BOSS TONE CENTRAL] GT-001 played by Alex Hutchings

One more won't hurt!

[BOSS TONE CENTRAL] ME-80 played by Alex Hutchings

Alex Hutchings: Boss GP10 Guitar Synth cooking at Frankfurt Musikmesse

OK by now you'll realise I really love Alex Hutchings playing and tireless approach to giving you insight into the gear he's using with some of the most fearsome guitar playing on the planet.

Guitar extraordinaire, Alex Hutchings, shows us the features and sounds of the exciting new Boss GP10 Guitar Synth. Available from our website at: www.fxpedal.co.uk.
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Boss GP10 Guitar Synth Demo with Alex Hutchings at Frankfurt Musikmesse 2014

Alex Hutchings: via iPhone YouTube Capture app - but why no Android?

Now Google own YouTube, they also own Android... so why no version of this application for Android?!?!

Only problem for me is the "scratchy" drop out. However that appears to be common with YouTube direct uploads of video, probably as a result of conversion.

Alex Hutchings at NAMM SHOW 2014 #AlexHutchings #nammshow2014 #namm

Alex Hutchings: Proto Cosmos - incredible performance from Alex in Moscow

Here a clip from incredible performance of Alex in Moscow.

Alex Hutchings plays "Proto Cosmos"(live in Moscow 20.03.2014).

May 11, 2011 Shop MuzZone organized Masterclass English fusion-guitarist ALEX HUTCHINGS. Translation - Sergey Litvinov. Present you short video. Production Artparovoz Production. A. The desired video producer. Artparovoz.tv © 2011

Мастер-класс Alex Hutchings

Jack Thammarat: Boss Guitar Clinic and mini concert 12 Feb 2014

Boss Guitar Clinic and mini concert 12 Feb 2014

Mr.Frontman - Jack Thammarat Live

On the way - Jack Thammarat Live

Alex Hutchings: on fire in this trio of smoking videos from LEPO Kuching clinic!

Alex Hutchings in this batch of videos on fire at LEPO Kuching clinic!

Alex Hutchings - Devil Beat Live at LEPO Kuching

Alex Hutchings - Misty Live at LEPO Kuching

Alex Hutching - To Cry From Joy Live at LEPO Kuching

and one bonus video

Alex Hutchings - @Boss Guitar Clinic - 12 Feb 2014

Gianluca Ferro: Total Shred Guitar Masterclass

MASTERCLASS: Gianluca Ferro
A 3-hour intensive masterclass with one of the most important exponents of the modern guitar in Italy and abroad: Gianluca Ferro. Gianluca well as being an official endorser and Blackstar ESP is part of the artists of Jamtrack Central, site number 1 in the basics of music, famous around the world for choosing only the best guitarists around. Gianluca teacher and guitarist has assets several instrumental albums and teaching methods where he exhibited his solo technique and musical knowledge. In this unique event to Rome for 3 hours will to "8 Finger Tapping", "Pitch Axis" and "Chromatics & Arpeggios", obviously in his style and his high command of the instrument.

LESSONS: Gianluca Ferro


Total Shred Guitar Masterclass: Gianluca Ferro