Saturday, 24 May 2014

Raimund Burke: Get it 2.0 the new CD available on Bandcamp.

Hey Guys, may I recommend my latest Video Clip to you?! ;-)
The Song is called "Break Through" and it's taken from my album "Get it 2.0" (2013)
I hope you enjoy watching it. ;-))) Please feel free to share, like, comment, or whatever you like...
Thank you... ;-)
Raimund Burke: Get it 2.0 

1. Come on 05:16
2. Sunny Day 04:37
3. Dedicated to...? 04:56
4. Break through 05:40
5. Get it 04:35
6. Balance 05:13
7. Music speaks my Mind 06:07
8. Friday Night 05:19
9. The Day before 05:05
10. It happend tomorrow 05:08
11.Typewriter 01:35

To avoid misunderstandings:
"Get it 2.0" is a complete new recorded record!
It is indeed a rerecording of my first album in 2005 called "Get it".

Why a rerecording?
Because I am still proud of the songs. ,-)
And because of the way better sound possibilities we have nowadays, in the beginning I just wanted to remix the whole album.
But unfortunately I lost the original audio files.

So I decided to record the complete thing again. And I can say that not only the sound quality is much better but also the playing. And even if you already know the "original CD" you will discover many new musically ideas!

I had a lot of fun to do that and I hope you'll like it too! ;-))

released 16 March 2013
All instruments by Raimund Burke.

Guest appearances on "Friday Night": Keyboard Solo by Michael Troy (Ex Yngwie Malmsteen Band, Soloist)

And on "The Day before": Guitar solo battle with Guido Bungenstock (Taurus, Soloist)

Mastering by Matthias Lohmöller at Docmaklang Studio Osnabrück

"Break Through" by Raimund Burke (Official Music Video - HD-Quality

Arnaldo Garcia,Jason Becker: Jason says - "Definitely one of the best covers of my song, Altitudes, yet!!"

 commented on a video on YouTube.
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Definitely one of the best covers of my song, Altitudes, yet!! Great job and thank you so much! 

Marty Friedman Jewel + Backing

Fabrizio Leo: Pre-order his new 3rd album "Spectrum Of My Past", his best album so far!!

Spectrum Of My Past

Pre-order Fabrizio Bicio Leo's new 3rd CD "Spectrum Of My Past", his best album so far and get right now the first two tracks "Alien Abduction" & "Thirty Nights Fever" for free.

Also we include a backing track of "Alien Abduction" for free for the guitar players among the fans.
Online store to order

Spectrum Of My Past
Fourteen new great tracks with the specific authentic Bicio melodies signature all written by Fabrizio Bicio Leo. Flavio Scopaz (bass), Bruno Valverde & Valerio Lucantoni (drums) and Alex Argento (keys) play the other instruments. Alex Argento mixed and mastered this new masterpiece.

The first 100 pre-orders will get a special signed version.

Pre-orders will receive the CD's before the actual release date and a special download link for the 2 brand new songs and the backing track of Alien Abduction!

Est. release date July 15, 2014

NEW CD | Fabrizio Bicio Leo - Spectrum of My Past |

Alex Wade: DiMarzio D Activator 7™ pickups - Whitechapel ESP shredder

Whitechapel — Alex Wade for DiMarzio
Whitechapel Guitarist, Alex Wade, plays and talks about his DiMarzio D Activator 7™ pickups, his signature ESP guitar, and the new Whitechapel album, Our Endless War.

Marshall Harrison: SWYBRYD Picking the 80s

SWYBRYD Picking the 80s - Marshall Harrison
Marshall Harrison - Guitarist

Sorry about the mealy-mouthed definition of Swybryd Picking at the beginning of the video, I should've just said that Swybryd Picking is simply economy picking with fingers AND pick rather than pick by itself.

When I spoke of the ease of upstroke + hybrid pick combinations. I meant to also add that (upstroke + hybrid (either m,r, or p)) is analogous to sweeping across multiple strings with a single pickstroke ie they're both instances where you get two or more notes for a single picking motion. One can also pick thusly: downtroke followed by hybrid-pick (either m, r, or p) but it is slightly less natural than upstroke followed by hybrid-pick for me for whatever reason.

I really don't enjoy focusing so intensely on the technical mechanics of music-making but it really makes guitar playing effortlessly enjoyable in the long run. All that's required is mastering a few technical ideas. Upon completion of this lesson , the perceptive student will also recognize how important "banjo rolls" are to Swybryd picking. In short, The goal here is to make "scary" virtuoso guitar playing relatively easy.

SWYBRYD Picking the 80s - Marshall Harrison

News: The Algorithm Live @ the Garret Tokyo 04_25_2014

The Algorithm Live @ the Garret Tokyo 04_25_2014
Exclusvie video from The Algorithm japanese tour 2014.
This video was shot at The Garret

Thorsten Koehne: Turn The Page - Edens Curse May 2014.

Turn The Page ' Live ' Edens Curse Yardbirds, Grimsby 23rd May 2014.
Edens Curse return the Yardbirds with a new line up and an album to boot, so here is my favourite song from that new cd.