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Godeva: Silver Lining - Guitar Idol 4 Entry

Godeva: Silver Lining - Guitar Idol 4 Entry

Guitar Idol 4 Entry Silver Lining ( Melodic Version ) GODEVA

Guitar Idol 4

Haru Timothy: Universe - Guitar Idol 4 Entry

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Hi Guy's!
Here's my new original song called "Universe"
Hope you Enjoy
Please Voted,Coment,Like n shared :)

Thanks To Deny Chasmala
Who produce/support me to enter this competition :)

Guitar Idol 4 Entry - Haru Timothy "Universe" (Original)

Guitar Idol 4

Doctor Nalie: Guitar from outerspace - third & fourth Arpeggios

Hi Humans, this is how ta make third arpeggios and fourth arpeggios.
Tabs here :
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Yeray Diaz Hurtado: United In One Soul - Guitar Idol 4

Hey Chaps, this is my own composition and entry for Guitar Idol 4, called "United In One Soul".

I hope you enjoy this tune as much as I do, and if you do so i would be really happy about some comments, likes and subscribers of my channel. Feel free to say what you think =)

Guitar Idol 4:


Yeray Diaz Hurtado - United In One Soul [Guitar Idol 4]

Guitar Idol 4

Silvio Gazquez: Summer of 09 - Guitar Idol 4

A welcome return from Silvio Gazquez

Silvio Gazquez: Guitar, Keyboards, Bass and Programming.

Guitar Idol 4 - Summer of 09 - Original Song by Silvio Gazquez

Guitar Idol 4

Juan Camilo Merchan: Doxología - Guitar Idol 4 Entry

Well my entry for Guitar Idol 4, and my first composition ever!

Please vote for my in Guitar Idol 4, here are the steps:

1-Go here:
2- Create a voter account. You only need your e-mail.
3- Go back to the entry video
4- Press Vote and choose 10 and then press like.

That's all dear friends. Thanks for your support
Hope you dig!
Juan Merchán
18 years old, Colombia

Juan Camilo Merchan - Doxología (Original) - Guitar Idol 4 Entry

Guitar Idol 4

Ryan Carraher: Guitar Idol 4

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Hey guys!

This is a demo of an original tune I wrote specifically for the guitar idol 4 contest. The solo is improvised. Let me know what you think!


Audio and video recorded at JZAR studio check them out here:

Using my custom Classic T Thinline guitar. You can check out the specifications and watch the video demo for this guitar here:

I am going direct into an Axe-Fx II using a variation of the factory patch "EJ Clean". The audio is then going into pro tools.


Pangolin (original) - Ryan Carraher - Guitar Idol 4 Entry

Guitar Idol 4

André Nieri,Virgil Donati, Anthony Jackson: songs from the night Live at the Iridium

They ripped it up last night and will be back again tonight for two more shows on 07-18-14

Mixed by Lance McVickar
Video shot by Winston Mathis

Virgil Donati last song of the night Live at the Iridium

Virgil Donati Last "Eleven" Live at the Iridium

Brian Carroll: Buckethead - Assignment 033​-​03

Brian Carroll: Buckethead - Assignment 033​-​03
As soon as I post one album... then another arrives... is Buckethead the most prolific instrumental guitar player on the planet right now?

1. 0 04:54
2. 3 04:40
3. 3 05:31
4. - 04:44
5. 0 04:22
6. 3 04:48

released 18 July 2014
tags: alternative rock instrumental rock Los Angeles

Brian Carroll: Buckethead Thaw - Just a thought... is that Buckethead unmasked?

Brian Carroll: Buckethead Thaw

Another album escapes the chicken coop... is that montage photo Buckethead unmasked?

1. Thaw 08:06
2. Melting Season 02:25
3. Room of Frozen Combs 03:10
4. Kept in Batteries 02:45
5. Dry 03:03
6. Fragmented 06:52
7. Dust Filter 02:13
8. In the Bin 01:53
9. Fountains in a Wire 01:30

released 17 July 2014

Vladimir Pocorschi: Time And Time Again - Andy James BT - classy

Improvisation over Andy James's "Custom Metal Series 2" jamtrack called "Time And Time Again" from

Feel free to check out my other videos & this links :) : &
Vladimir Pocorschi - Improvisation #10

Adon Fanion: RWRRWRRRW - great original tune

Posted 9 months ago, nice original composition. Great playing

17 year old Adon Fanion plays original song 'rwrrwrrrw'.

Marty Friedman, Dean Wells, Lee Luland: "Inferno" guitar solo contest announces the winners

Marty Friedman announces the winners to the "Inferno" guitar solo contest hosted on MetalSucks. All the entries can be listened to here:

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Marty Friedman / MetalSucks "Inferno" Guitar Solo Contest - Winner Announcements

Marty Friedman INFERNO Guitar Competition Winner ! - DEAN WELLS

Mike Orlando: Adrenaline Mob - announce US tour dates

Adrenaline Mob

Russell Allen - Vocals
Mike Orlando - Guitar/Vocals
John Moyer - Bass
AJ Pero - Drums

Adrenaline Mob upcoming East Coast dates:
-Aug. 22nd @ Toad's Place - New Haven, CT.
-Sept. 5th @ Best Buy Theater - NYC w/Twisted Sister.
-Sept. 6th @ Goodfellas - Pottsville, PA.

Ticket links will be posted soon! More tour dates coming!!

David Gilmour: Pink Floyd - Learning To Fly (Official Music Video)

Pink Floyd - Learning To Fly (Official Music Video)
Pink Floyd
The official promo video for 'Learning To Fly' by Pink Floyd, taken from the album 'A Momentary Lapse Of Reason'

From 1987, A Momentary Lapse of Reason is the first album featuring the later 3 piece line-up of David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Richard Wright.

The album was re-mastered in 2011 and the Discovery edition of the album is are currently available for a special price along with a wide range of other titles from the band's catalogue. Go to for more details.

Discovery edition:

Discovery iTunes:


Fayeed Tan, Gianluca Ferro, George Marios, Enrique Berdonce: International Melodic Rock Jam

I had the pleasure and honor of doing a jam session with two of the Great Guitarist and this is the result ...
Fayeed Tan:
Gianluca Ferro:
George Marios:

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