Saturday, 26 July 2014

Alex Milella: snippets from Organik3 Jazz Festival

ORGANIK3 - Multiculturita Jazz Festival (2014)
Alex Milella
Donatello D'Attoma - Hammond
Alex Milella - Guitar
Lello Patruno - Drums

Zakk Wylde: Black Label Society - Angel Of Mercy - Official Video

Black Label Society - Angel Of Mercy - Official Video
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Angel Of Mercy is taken of the new BLS album Catacombs Of The Black Vatican and is released by Mascot Records.

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Aaron Marshall,Lukas Guyader: Intervals - Automation - Dual guitar play through

Guitar World Presents // Automaton // by Aaron Marshall & Lukas Guyader of Intervals.

Touring with Periphery and The Contortionist this fall!

New Album Out Now:

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North America:­m/Intervals-us

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Marco Sfogli: Ibanez S5527-TKS - One More Time

Marco Sfogli & Ibanez S5527-TKS - One More Time
Produced by Mogar Music & Milkit -
Album: James LaBrie - Static Impulse (Inside Out Music, 2010)
Guitar: Ibanez S5527-TKS

Al Di Meola: Birthday Jam with Rhani Krija

Al Di Meola's Birthday Jam with Rhani Krija
Al Di Meola®
"My B-day party mini jam with percussionist Rhani Krija at Lake Woerthersee in Velden southern Austria playing a custom made "Ungvary" given as a gift that night by my dear friend Claus Altvater."

Joe Bonamassa: The Great Flood - Live from the Royal Albert Hall

Joe Bonamassa - The Great Flood - Live from the Royal Albert Hall
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Joe Bonamassa performs "Your Funeral My Trial" live at the Royal Albert Hall in London. This amazing performance was recorded and released on Joe's live at the Royal Albert Hall DVD.

Dweezil Zappa,Tim Miller : playing RDNZL - Great Barrington, MA 2014

Dweezil Zappa and Tim Miller playing RDNZL
Dweezil Zappa and Tim Miller playing Frank Zappa's RDNZL. Zappa Plays Zappa in Great Barrington, MA - 7.06.14. Dweezil Zappa - Guitar, Kurt Morgan - Bass, Ryan Brown - Drums, Chris Norton - Keyboards, Scheila Gonzalez - Saxophone & Keyboard, Ben Thomas - Vocals & Guitar, Tim Miller - Guitar.

Shred Sean: Mayones Duncan Competition 2014

My entry for the Mayones Duncan contest hope ya dig.
Mayones Duncan Competition 2014 - Shred Sean

Andres Ludmer: Mayones/Duncan Competition 2014

my entry for this contest/mi entrada para este concurso

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Andres Ludmer - Mayones/Duncan Competition 2014

Richard Daudé: Mayones Duncan Competition 2014

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Mayones Duncan Competition 2014 - Richard Daudé

Yui, Seiji: D_Drive and Roland Tokyo Big Sight

Industry event for three days of 2014.7.9 - 7.11, was held at Tokyo Big Sight in the "1st Live & Events Industry Exhibition" Roland booth, it is a demonstration performance and item description of D_Drive who was "FULL PLUGGED LIVE" . Visitors about 20,000 people in three days. This pattern has been broadcast TV programs even "NEWS ZERO". Stringed instrument does not use an amplifier, a drum in the LINE output all using an electric drum live performed in a state of being sent to the mixing console. Powerful sound in a small volume is allowed to be obtained even with the location of the volume limited by this system is How it Works.Venue made ​​of events in a small volume there is a condition that should not be put above 80 decibels was a live performance, but surprised everyone in a strange sense of small volume but a sound with the force was. Volume and looking at the TV in the great little sound at home sound of the video because it is below 80 decibelsis the same image. In addition, the headphones are prepared the audience for those who want to listen at high volume in the venue, L was folded listened everyone to sound that I do not think only INE output. Equipment which was used this time are as follows. (Guitar BOSS GT-100, based BOSS GT-10B, drum Roland V-Drum)D_Drive Http://Www-hp-dd.Com RolandHttp://Www.Roland.Co.Jp/products/inde ...

2014.7.11 D_Drive & Roland 「第1回ライブ&イベント産業展」東京ビッグサイト

Rabea Massaad: 20 Funked Up Rock Licks

20 Funked Up Rock Licks

Introducing new JTC artist Rabea Massaad to the family! And what a way to join us...his debut 20 licks series is a killer product! For starters these licks are very accessible, full of technique and ideas that you can certainly use in your own playing. And secondly, it's a wicked backing track, perfect for jamming over!

Rabea Says:

'I wanted to explore as much harmonic variation as possible within a single key. I’ve used rhythmic phrasing (something I believe is crucial to becoming a great player) and some odd (but correct) notes. These licks will allow you to take a different perspective on some familiar shapes and sounds, hopefully giving you a stronger sense of rhythm and a unique harmonic angle to your playing'

Each lick comes in full speed audio and video, plus a slower speed so you can analyse every little detail! Also included is the backing track at different BPM's, giving you the backdrop to work on each lick at your own pace, as well as creating your own licks. As ever, accurate JTC TAB/Notation is included for each lick, plus Rabea has written up some notes for each lick to help you further.

Throughout each lick you will learn a load of ideas and techniques, including: hybrid and alternate picking, hammer-ons and pull-offs, two handed tapping, melodic bends and palm muting......and that is just scratching the surface!

So, if you are serious about guitar then this is the perfect package to get stuck into learning. Watch the promo video below to get a little taster of what to expect!

*NEW ARTIST* Rabea Massaad's 20 Funked Up Rock Licks at

Jeff Loomis,Keith Merrow : Interview with MusicOff

Jeff Loomis,Keith Merrow : Interview with MusicOff

Jeff Loomis - Interview

Keith Merrow - Interview