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Jakub Żytecki: Run - old tune posted for your pleasure

I was doing a little research through my old laptop's files and I found this. It won't go to the album so I thought I could share this tune with you, except the beginning, because it was simply horrible hahah!

Yohei Kimura: Original Song 'Samurai' - tapping, slapping and hybriding


Guitar: Suhr J Select Series J Standard 510
Effects pedals:BOSS GT-001
cable: Xotic XGC-1


Original Song 'Samurai'

Michael Dolce: Bob Burt GR8T Distortion Demo

Michael Dolce session guitarist from Sydney Australia playing through a Bob Burt GR8T Distortion pedal.

Bob Burt GR8T Distortion Demo Michael Dolce

Tsutomu Kurihara,Luna Umegaki: Azurite Dance - LU7 - 4th Album great keys and guitar fusion

Tsutomu Kurihara,Luna Umegaki: Azurite Dance - LU7
LU7 4th Album "Azurite Dance"  2014.7.26 ri an have su 
Luna Umegaki(kb)
Tsutomu Kurihara(gt)

Kurihara Service (Gt)
Mei Yuan Hikaru ナ (Kb)
Gang Tian Zhilang (Bs)
Shimamura a DS (Ds)
Yamada Junichi (Perc)
Tokushima Yuri (Vn)
Sawano ma ki (Vc)
Shito He Toru (Vo )
Doi DS-ho (Cl)

LU7 Official Site

VEGA Music Entertainment Inc.

Amazon / Azurite-Dance ...
Lu7 4th Album "Azurite Dance"

Solo from the Bonito album


Damjan Pejcinoski: Billies Bounce - Practicing my jazz blues lines

Billies Bounce
Damjan Pejcinoski
Practicing my jazz blues lines and chord shapes.

Ariel Eshcar: Extreme Supreme - new album on CD Baby

Ariel Eshcar: Extreme Supreme

Extreme Supreme is An Instrumental rock album which combines a large variety of styles: Neo-classical rock, Progressive metal, Fusion, and Shred guitar.

Pedro Santos: Kemper, ENGL Powerball and 5150 Peavey
Pedro Santos Enigmatic / Shred Powerfull / KEMPER ENGL Powerball

Pedro Santos Enigmatic / ShredMetal / KEMPER 5150 Peavey

Rick Graham: The Guitar Gym: Arpeggio Workout - Arpeggio 3


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The Guitar Gym: Arpeggio Workout - Arpeggio 3

I Came To Shred

Just playing

Joe Bonamassa: Blues Deluxe - Live From The Borderline

Joe Bonamassa - Blues Deluxe - Live From The Borderline
The song was taken from “Tour de Force – Live in London, The Borderline” DVD and is owned by record label J&R Adventures, LLC, the operator of this channel.

The song “Blues Deluxe?” was originally written by Rod Stewart. Publisher: Stewart Music Ltd.

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Joe Bonamassa performs "Blues Deluxe" live at the Borderline in London. This amazing performance was recorded and released on Joe's Tour de Force The Borderline DVD

Sam Bell: Just Going For It

It was 4am and I was working on a new tune. I started jamming over it and it was one of those nights where I was feeling it more than usual. So I turned my camera on and hit record and just went for it. Felt good! Enjoy!

Just Going For It Sam Bell Guitar

Susan Weinert: band playing live with uber fusion drummer Sebastiaan Cornelisen


susan weinert band live

drumsolo at the end of the song "Change".
Live version. Comes from Susan's album "running out of time"
Features Fransesco Cottone on vocals.

Susan Weinert Sebastiaan Cornelisen live

Jennifer Batten: Hey Joe Poland 2013 and Women's Music Summit 2013 - series

Jennifer Batten concert - guitarist of his time playing with Michael Jackson - during the Festival Hey Joe Wroclaw in 2013

Jennifer Batten - Festiwal HEY JOE Wrocław 2013 - gitarowy rekord Guinnessa

jamowy blues played on HEY JOE Festival in Wroclaw in 2013 by Jennifer Batten, Leszek Cichoński and Krzysztof Misiak. Faaajne sounds played ...

Jennifer Batten, Leszek Cichoński i K. Misiak - Wrocław 2013 gitarowy rekord Guinnessa

Jennifer Batten: Women's Music Summit 2013

Jennifer Batten performs "Egypt" and more live at the 2013 Women's Music Summit which took place at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA

by Shreddelicious
5 videos 38 minutes

Jennifer Batten: Women's Music Summit 2013

Joanne Shaw Taylor: "Mud Honey" Lyric Video

Joanne Shaw Taylor "Mud Honey" Lyric Video

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Born and raised in the Black Country, Joanne was originally discovered by Eurythmics' Dave Stewart as a 16 year old guitar prodigy. Through hard work and near-constant touring, she is now one of the hottest young names on the British Blues circuit. She is admired and respected by many leading blues guitarists including Joe Bonamassa.

Joanne was voted "Best British Female Vocalist" at the British Blues Awards in 2010 and 2011. Almost Always Never, was helmed by the legendary record producer Mike McCarthy (Spoon, ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, Patty Griffin) in Austin, Texas. Joanne was invited as special guest to Annie Lennox performing at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee concert in June 2012.

Mud Honey is taken from the new studio album 'The Dirth Truth' release date 22.09.14.


I had the song title "Mud, Honey" for several years and intended to write an instrumental under that name. I originally wanted my second album "Diamonds in the Dirt" to be called "Mud, Honey." When we went in to the new album with Jim Gaines, I took a demo of this in and told him it was going to be an instrumental, however, when I heard how it sounded with the band, it was so big and heavy it seemed a shame not to write some lyrics for it.

I decided to go with a darker subject matter for the lyrics as I felt that’s what would do the heavy track justice. It’s a fictional song about a gangster style character whose burned too many bridges

Joanne Shaw Taylor "Mud Honey" Lyric Video

Tatyana Kalinicheva: Kemper Profiling Amp, Vigier Excalibur - Guitar solo A7

Tatyana Kalinicheva: guitar player, model and photographer.

I used:
- Kemper Profiling Amp
- Vigier Excalibur

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Enjoy music.

Kemper Profiling Amp, Vigier Excalibur - Guitar solo A7 - Talina