Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Dreamfullofzen: Eric Johnson Style Guitar tones (Guitar Rig 5 Pro)

Eric Johnson Style Guitar tones (Guitar Rig 5 Pro)
Emulating EJ's stereo Twin clean tones & his plexi "violin" tones.

Would sound closer with an actual Strat.. and maybe If I was EJ or could play like that...lol.

Might share the presets I made here if the video gets enough Views.

Views = Free EJ presets from me! so share this video

Rhett Butler: introduction for the 2014 MD Anderson Survivorship Conference

MDA Speech Intro
Rhett Butler
Rhett Butler introduction for the 2014 MD Anderson Survivorship Conference.

Tomasz Madzia: Debut Album on bandcamp

Tomasz Madzia - Debut Album on YouTube (GoPro 3 Silver sound test)
Tomasz Madzia
Just a quick solo with some notes of my debut album.
I will soon upload it to YouTube BUT, you can still visit these sites to listen and get PHYSICAL COPY ! :)



Joe Chawki: Time to create fusion delights on a Tom Quayle backing track

Joe Chawki celebrates his birthday with Fesenjān powered improvisation over a Tom Quayle backing track


Mikael Åkerfeldt,Fredrik Åkesson: OPETH interview with pitcam.tv

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OPETH interview with Mikael Åkerfeldt and Fredrik Åkesson | www.pitcam.tv

Théo Hoarau: Outerspace - an original composition by Shock

Hey everyone !

Here's my "newest" original composition called "Outerspace". I actually composed and recorded most of the parts of the song more than 7 months ago, but I only decided me to share this one with everyone recently. It's quite different from what I've done before, but I hope you'll like it !

Drums : Mathéo Techer
Bass : Teddy Sorres
Composition/Programming/Recording is done by myself

Thanks also to my friend Lucas who came to film me !
Check his work here :

Hope you'll like it !


Shock - Outerspace (Original Song) ⎢ Théo Hoarau

Fabrizio Leo: The new album

Fabrizio Leo - Spectrum Of My Past (order)
Posted by Kris Claerhout · 25 August 2014 at 07:36

jellybeard store http://jellybeard.bigcartel.com/product/fabrizio-bicio-leo-spectrum-of-my-past-cd
CDBaby store http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/fabriziobicioleo
GuitarEuroMedia http://www.guitareuromedia.com/fabrizio-leo-spectrum-of-my-past-p-1652

jellybeard store (HQ MP3-320) http://jellybeard.bigcartel.com/product/fabrizio-bicio-leo-spectrum-of-my-past-cd-digital-download
iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/album/spectrum-of-my-past/id899812840
Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Spectrum-My-Past-Fabrizio-Leo/dp/B00LW56J6G
Amazon UK http://www.amazon.co.uk/Spectrum-My-Past-Fabrizio-Leo/dp/B00LW5VR9A
CDBaby store http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/fabriziobicioleo (Available as MP3, MP3 320, and FLAC files.)

Google Music Store https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Fabrizio_Leo_Spectrum_of_My_Past?id=Bumutxepguy3ny34k5ktaoiyuzm
Spotify https://play.spotify.com/album/4GLxHAAFuOTZN1fnXhRDnW
7Digital http://www.7digital.com/artist/fabrizio-leo/release/spectrum-of-my-past
GuitarEuroMedia http://www.guitareuromedia.com/fabrizio-leo-spectrum-of-my-past-p-1652

More to be added
Released August 25, 2014 jellybeard records

John Huldt: Upcoming EP to feature Jeff Loomis

John Huldt

Hey guy. I've been playing guitar again. A song from my new bands upcoming EP. Just after this solo none other than the mighty Jeff Loomis takes a guest solo which pretty much destroys everything in the world ever so I figured I'd take it slow and sensitive on this one. Also the first real appearance of my new Carvin Guitars DC700 which the first guitar to ever make the middle position useful (which the coils tapped as well). TONE, BRO! Say nice things about me so I feel loved and appreciated. Thanks!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49DbkEy--fU Guitar recorded with Kemper Amps using TheAmpFactory profiles. Pups from Seymour Duncan

Failed to Jump first solo

Marty Friedman,Takayoshi Ohmura: MArty a big fan of Babymetal

Marty Friedman tells RollingStone.com that he is a huge fan of BABYMETAL, the offshoot of the Japanese pop idol group SAKURA GAKUIN that performs a distinctly Japanese mix of schoolgirl J-pop and heavy metal.

Takayoshi Ohmura, the guitarist in Friedman's own solo band, is also the guitarist in BABYMETAL, whose members wear gothy schoolgirl costumes, do choreographed dance routines and bang their heads violently.

Read more at http://www.rollingstone.com/music/features/life-after-deth-how-megadeths-marty-friedman-became-a-japanese-superstar-20140819?page=3

BABYMETAL - メギツネ - MEGITSUNE (Full ver.)

Takayoshi Ohmura: 大村孝佳 Live rock fusion performance

Live rock fusion performance by Takayoshi Ohmura.

DCPRG Live 大村孝佳 Takayoshi Ohmura