Thursday, 18 September 2014

Francesco Artusato: The Project - Omega -killer track from the upcoming album

Coming Oct. 7th on all digital platforms 
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(Omega Instant Download Track)

The Francesco Artusato Project - Omega

Brett Garsed: playing Led Zepplin... Kudos to Doug Steele

Lee Bradshaw is one of Melbourne's fabulous musicians. he has recently released a new single Dancing at the Fall of Rome check it out on youtube. Lee's band is smoking hot with fabulous player which include Angus Burchall on drums and Stuart Fraser on guitar. We just love him singing LIVE

Lee Bradshaw live at Melbourne's Musicland in Fawkner doing a Led Zeppelin number

Paul Wardingham: Like his playing - Beyond Human (The Vision)

This second video is a behind the scenes look into the making and artistic vision of Beyond Human.
Official single from The Human Affliction. Soundtrack for a dystopian future.
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Paul Wardingham is creator of future metal shred, Assimilate Regenerate and The Human Affliction.

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Martin Miller: Laney Ironheart IRT30-112 - thrashed!

Laney Ironheart IRT30-112
Martin Miller
http://www.martinmillerguit­ I'm proud to be part of Laney's fantastic artist roster now. This is just a quick shred using my new Ironheart combo. Plugged my guitar directly into it, no additional pedals or treatment. The noise your hearing is due the room and neither the guitar nor the amps fault.

George Marios: Guitar Improvisation Performance Behind The Scenes

George Marios Guitar Improvisation Performance Behind The Scenes Li...
Licklibrary - Online Guitar Lessons­essons George Marios is filming in the Licklibrary Studio today! We popped our head in to find him Improvising over one of his tracks . George is in filming some new Licklibrary Lessons which will be coming soon to Guitar Lessons with George Marios are available from:­essons

Morgan Reid: Behind The Scenes At Licklibrary

Morgan Reid Behind The Scenes At Licklibrary
Licklibrary - Online Guitar Lessons Morgan Reid behind the scenes at Licklibrary. Reid was down in the studio filming some licks ready for the site. We could feel the floor vibrating beneath our feet so popped to down to see who was making the Licklibrary building shake! Morgan Reid is in following the Guitar Idol 4 competition filming some Licklibrary lessons and licks which will be coming soon to Guitar Lessons

News: How to make money from your music on SoundCloud

How to make money from your music
on SoundCloud

For the past six years, SoundCloud has continued to thrive, even in a market dominated by competitors. However, despite their success, the company has shifted gears and recently launched their new creator partner program, called On SoundCloud. Similar to YouTube’s Partner Program, the new service will allow artists to monetize their content. Looks like a new revenue stream just opened up for you!

Rick Graham: 'Cliffs of Dover' Full Performance

'Cliffs of Dover' Full Performance by Rick Graham
Rick Graham