Thursday, 2 October 2014

Stéphan Forté, Andy James: Enigma Black Opera

And here is the second official streaming off Stéphan's new album ENIGMA OPERA BLACK (out 10/28 via Zeta Nemesis Records)

PRE ORDER the album now at :

Andy James guest solo from 4:27 to 5:09

Guitar: Stéphan Forté
Bass: Franck Hermanny
Keyboards: Kevin Codfert
Drums: Morgan Berthet
Artowrk illustration: Rusalka Design
Intro logo animation: Nelly Tadjer

2014 © Sanctusignis Publishing /Zeta Nemesis Records

Stéphan Forté - ENIGMA OPERA BLACK (Feat. Andy James)

Stéphan Forté - ZETA NEMESIS (Feat. Marty Friedman)

Kelly Appleton: Little Wing - Jimi Hendrix - performance video from all girl band

Guitarist Kelly Appleton covers Little Wing

with thanks to
Sara Farina on bass:
Sara Leigh Shaw on Drums
Guitarist Kelly Appleton Covers Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix

Rob Chapman,Rabea Massaad: Utopian Guitar Dream - Guitar Clinics UK

Rob Chapman

Excited to announce the Utopian Guitar Dream Clinic Tour featuring myself and Rabea Afro. Details and tickets available from here:

Hassan Hajdi: "Le ballon de Billy" great live solo

Ange à la passerelle de Florange le 29 Novembre 2013....

"Le ballon de Billy" Hassan Hajdi guitare solo...

Rick Graham: Ricks Quick But Slick Q&A Session

Ricks Quick But Slick Q&A Session
Rick Graham

Tom Hess: 5 Ways To Grow Your Guitar Teaching Business

5 Ways To Grow Your Guitar Teaching Business

By Tom Hess

Why are some guitar teachers able to easily grow highly successful guitar teaching businesses, while the majority struggle to make ends meet?. If you want to become a member of the special group of successful guitar teachers, you’d better learn what these teachers know the 5 ways about growing your teaching business.

Here are 5 ways to achieve success as a guitar teacher, while transforming your student’s lives:

Implementation Step #1. Weed Your Garden

Many students don’t have the goal of becoming virtuosos, so you don’t have to push all of them to reach such a goal. However, you must have high expectations for your students and not allow them to accept poor results in their playing. If your students don’t practice at home, don’t make any progress or don’t feel inspired to play guitar, it’s up to you to figure out WHY this is occurring and do whatever it takes to stop it. You achieve this by:
  1. Continuously communicating your expectations for your students, while helping them understand and fulfill their true potential.
  2. Being sure that your students are setting goals that are what they REALLY want and not simply something they think is realistic.
  3. Knowing how to correctly teach guitar.
Note: Not all of your students will appreciate what you are doing for them. Most of them will be grateful and will do their part to become fantastic guitar players. However, a few others will resent you for the positive pressure you put on them. Do NOT hesitate to fire such people from your teaching schedule. peoples, Not doing so will only hurt your reputation as a guitar teacher (because these students will never learn to play well anyway).

Implementation Step #2. Don’t Be Scared To Become A Successful Guitar Teacher

People tend to believe that to make a lot of money by teaching guitar, you must be greedy or selfish, or make good marketing campaigns, or have “money” as your primary goal. This is untrue. The reason why some guitar teachers make large amounts of money can be summarized in JUST two points:
  1. These teachers are very effective at whatever they do (probably the best in their location)
  2. They support multiple students to help them achieve their aspirations and become excellent guitar players.
Neither marketing nor sales tactics would help them if neither of the 2 points above were missing.

On the other hand, unsuccessful teachers who do NOT earn a lot of money teaching guitar are unable to do so because: a) they are NOT helping their students become successful or b) they are ineffective at teaching guitar.

The key here is to understand that the amount of income you receive is in direct proportion to the amount of value you provide to your students. Actually, by charging very little for your guitar lessons, you are hurting your students - I have explained this in depth in a previous article about how to become a guitar teacher.
When you really understand what was discussed above, earning huge amounts of money is NOT something to feel guilty about. Actually, you should feel guilty about NOT making a lot of money by teaching guitar, because that means that you aren’t currently providing high value to your students.

If you don’t feel worthy of the rates you charge - educate yourself on how to teach guitar and learn how to offer greater value for your students.

Implementation Step #3. Become a Warrior.

Don’t teach guitar for the sole purpose of making money. Become a warrior in the battle to set your students free from poor playing and years of disappointment. You possess the power to transform your students and their entire lives in many aspects. Regardless of your current experience level, having a lot of motivation to help your students will cause you to make the right decisions (such as increasing your guitar teaching skills) to become the #1 teacher in your area).

When you adopt the mindset above, you won’t rest until you help every struggling guitarist in your area get better. When you have this intense need to help countless people, you can’t understand why anyone would settle for accepting only 5 or 7 new students in thirty days rather than acquiring 30, 50, or 90 students in the same period of time. Once you take on this mindset, here is what will happen:
  1. You will ultimately start taking action to get a lot of guitar students for your teaching business. A WIN/WIN for you and your students.
  2. You will be driven to develop the best skills for teaching guitar so you can offer the best results for your students.. Massive win for your students.
  3. Considering all the benefits your students get from you, they are going to reward you greatly, making your teaching business extremely successful. Huge win for you.
Implementation Step #4. Do Your Job 100%

If you believe that “teaching” is your primary duty as a guitar teacher - you are performing only 25% of your actual job. (This is why most guitar teachers make 25% or less than those who truly understand how to teach guitar successfully.)
Average guitar teachers attempt to teach their students as much musical information as possible during every lesson (with the expectation that they will take it all in and spit out good results). The dilemma is, guitar students aren’t machines who merely consume information and give back results. To really get massive results for your students, you should learn how to teach music and ALSO how to teach people. What that means is doing a lot more than just teaching your students to play guitar. You also must train, inspire and mentor them throughout the whole development process.
To learn how to do the above, read these articles about solving your guitar students’ problems and teaching your guitar students to practice .

Implementation Step #5. Stop Hindering Your Progress(And The Progress Of Your Students)

A few astonishing realities for guitar teachers:

A lot of guitar teachers are very pleased (and many actually feel blessed) to earn a modest living every year with their guitar teaching business. Many of them don’t even worry about having poor students who rarely become good players. They usually feel overjoyed to get just 20 more guitar students throughout the year and rejoice when their income climbs up by micro levels.

Using that kind of mindset, it’s very clear why the majority of guitar teachers can’t make a lot of money teaching guitar. And it isn’t uncommon that guitar teachers like that rarely have students who become great guitarists. The teacher’s low ambition influence their students’ personalities and make their development very slow. Ultimately, both the teachers and the students get burned out because they lack inspiration.

Many of the guitar teachers I train get lots of students each month and make a very high monthly income. Actually, one teacher inside my Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle program has obtained 100 students in just thirty days (there is absolutely no typo – an additional hundred students in 30 days). Mere luck does NOT help you achieve outcomes like that. Furthermore, it’s not difficult to teach one hundred students without working yourself to death. Watch this video about starting a guitar teaching business to learn how.
I’m not trying to brag here, I’m just showing you what you can really accomplish when you commit yourself on a higher level than you are doing now.

Regardless of where you are or what your current guitar teaching level is, you CAN achieve great success. Your success begins in your mind, so it’s important that you become extremely ambitious with the goals you set for yourself. Arrange your goals based on what your greatest DESIRES are, NOT merely on what you think is possible. Here is what you must do to make this occur:
As you implement each of the steps described in this article, you will see for yourself how EASY it is to build a successful guitar teaching business. To speed up the process of becoming the #1 guitar teacher in your area, get guitar teacher training.

About The Author: Tom Hess is a successful guitar teacher and touring artist. He also mentors guitar teachers how to improve their guitar teaching skills. Visit his website, to read additional articles about guitar teaching, get free guitar teaching assessments and guitar teaching advice.

Richard Daudé: Melodic Fusion solo Lydian X - 3 takes

Melodic Fusion solo
Richard Daudé
Recording a solo over Franck Hermanny's track "Lydian X"

Tom Quayle: You Rock MIDI Guitar

You Rock MIDI Guitar Improvisation Tom Quayle | Licklibrary Behind ...
Licklibrary - Online Guitar Lessons
Tom Quayle was in the Licklibrary Studio today filming some reviews for our good friends at Guitar Interactive ( )
Here's a little jam of him trying out the You Rock MIDI Guitar.
Guitar Interactive is the Free online magazine for guitarists - check out the magazine featured on our website:­azine_LL

For guitar lessons with Tom Quayle head to;

Chris Brooks, Brett Garsed,Lord Tim: In and Out of Dreams

Chris Brooks: Like it? Download and let your friends know via this link For more music, guitar lessons and news, visit

"In and Out of Dreams" appears on two Chris Brooks albums: 2011's "The Axis of All Things" and 2012's "Axiology: a Decade of Fire", both available at iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon and

Chris Brooks, Brett Garsed, Lord Tim - In and Out of Dreams ( guitar instrumental)

Nate Lopez: Ab Tire - EMGtv - .strandberg*

Nate Lopez performs his original piece, "Ab Tire" live on EMGtv. Listen to Nate's use of the clean headroom and tone from the EMG 57-7 and 66-7 humbucking pickups. Hear every note on his seven string guitar with clear definition and style.
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Filmed at

Nate Lopez plays "Ab Tire" for EMGtv

Bryan Baker: Aphotic - coming up to ten-year anniversary

Bryan Baker
2015 will mark the ten-year anniversary of the first printing and release of "Aphotic", my debut album as a solo artist... So, what to do?

Reuniting Aaron Henry, Nicholas Falk, and Bryan Ladd for a follow-up album seems fitting... Writing, organizing, and putting it together now... Stay tuned!

Bryan Baker: Aphotic 

1. Intro 00:35
2. Lesser Evils 14:25
3. Third Zebra 05:38
4. The Arno 12:07
5. The Elusive One 09:01
6. State Lines 07:14
7. Grids 08:51
8. Aphotic 06:20
9. Diverse Ion 07:45
10. Outro 00:38

Dennis Martensson: "Zeno" - Official Guitar Playthrough

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Filmed with a Canon EOS 5D Mark III by Louise Tagesson:


Hey guys! Long time no see. There was kind of break for this channel under the summer due to I being kind of swamped in all these other projects. But as I was working with those, I though it might be fun to finish an old Guitar Pro-file I had laying around with some ideas and turn it into a song and release it. It's been a long time since I released a song all by myself, and I thought it was finally time to. I've worked really hard on this time, I don't think I've evert spent as much time on one song as I have done on this. Most of this time I spent practising. There are some riffs in this one that really challenged me, and I couldn't be more glad that I managed to get it together.

I also really wanted to showcase the new direction in which I want to head. A tad bit more progressive and technical, trying to stay away from the typical breakdown song structure and metalcore scales that were very prominent in the 'Skybreaker' EP. I also really wanted to showcase my improved production abilities since my last effort, as I have really improved myself in recording, editing, mixing and mastering.

I really hope you enjoy this, and if you do, tell your friends about it!

I have another video coming in some weeks that I filmed at the same time as this, so keep on the lookout!


Recorded in Pro Tools 10, mixed in Pro Tools 11
Axe-Fx 2 for all guitar and bass sounds
Steven Slate Drums 4 layered with some custom samples through Kontakt for drums
Zombass 3 for bass
Xpand2 and Mini Grand for most synth/electronic stuff

Filmed with a Canon EOS 5D Mark III by Louise Tagesson

Dennis Martensson - "Zeno" || Official Guitar Playthrough

As promised, the full tabulature for our single "Contagion", available here, both in GP5 and PDF-format:

Tuning: Drop A, Seven String, A-E-A-D-G-B-E

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Pangaea - "Contagion" Guitar Playthrough

Volumes - "Edge of the Earth" Instrumental Cover by Dennis Martensson

Juninho Afram: Palco Roland - Expomusic 2014

Palco Roland: assista a apresentação do guitarrista Juninho Afram. |

Juninho Afram | Palco Roland - Expomusic 2014

Edu Ardanuy: Palco Audio Premier - Expomusic 2014

Palco ASK: assista a apresentação do guitarrista Edu Ardanuy. |

Edu Ardanuy | Palco Audio Premier - Expomusic 2014

Gustavo Di Padua:Palco NIG - Expomusic 2014

Palco NIG: assista a apresentação da guitarrista Gustavo Di Padua. |
Gustavo Di Padua | Palco NIG - Expomusic 2014

Ozielzinho: Broken Vase Expomusic 2014 - 3 cameras angles performance

Recorded at the booth of the Santo Angelo portal Shred Guitar with 3 cameras at different angles. Visit

Ozielzinho - Broken Vase (Expomusic 2014)