Saturday, 4 October 2014

Allen Hinds: video MasterClass Series announced

In this - 9 Volume - MasterClass Series - Allen Hinds will dive deep into 9 of the most Essential topics when it comes to Playing Guitar. Allen Hinds has been one of the most highly praised Guitar Teachers at Musicians Institute - GIT - for over 20 years. In these 9 individual Lesson Packages Allan Teaches the Secrets to Mastering the topics he Teaches most often to his Students.

Volume 1 – Major Scale Modes
Volume 2 – Melodic Minor Modes
Volume 3 - Legato Fundamentals
Volume 4 – Legato the Next Step
Volume 5 – Playing Over Chord Changes
Volume 6 – Symmetrical Scales
Volume 7 - Rhythm Guitar
Volume 8 – Writing Songs
volume 9 – Gear and Equipment

Timo Tolkki: Allen / Lande: the Great Divide promo videos

Order THE GREAT DIVIDE on Amazon: and iTunes: NOW!
Allen / Lande - Lady of Winter Lyric Video (Official / New Studio Album / 2014)

Allen/Lande - Come Dream With Me (Official Track)

Allen / Lande - The Great Divide Trailer

Bruce Bouillet: GIT, RacerX, Carpel Tunnel woes all in the The Double Stop Podcast Ep. 32

Bruce Bouillet discusses his early days in Indiana, and his trek to LA for GIT (and meeting Paul Gilbert on his first day). We covers his time in Racer X (with Paul Gilbert) and The Scream (with John Corabi), and being forced to stop playing guitar because of Carpel Tunnel. He discusses his move into production (winning a Grammy with Motorhead), and his return to guitar thanks to a new non-surgical treatment. He also reveals that he's putting together a new vocal band, and what he's looking for is a singer as he starts holding auditions.
Bruce Bouillet Interview (Raxer X, The Scream, Solo) - The Double Stop Podcast Ep. 32

This week, Jeff Martin (Racer X, Badlands, Solo) talks about his life and career. He discusses his early days, the formation of Racer X, his times in Badlands (and how things were during the breakup with Ray Gillen), as well as his frustrations with the non-activity of Racer X and the difficulties caused by his solo album – The Fool. He also shares details of his friendship with Rob Halford (Judas Priest), and what went on behind the scenes when he sang backup vocals on “Turbo”.

Jeff Martin Interview (Racer X, Badlands, Solo) The Double Stop Podcast Ep. 28

Jennifer Batten,Stuart Hamm,Chad Wackerman: Super Group to tour Europe in 2015

Touring Europe in march/april 2015 the supergroup feat. Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson/Jeff Beck), Stu Hamm (Joe Satriani/Steve Vai) and Chad Wackerman (Frank Zappa)

Satoshi Oka: Aquarius - An Escape (from G.O.D.II) - great fusion from the new album

"An Escape" from our new album "G.O.D.II".
"G.O.D.II" Now on sale!!

Schecter BH-I-24-STD
Kemper Profiling Amplifier

G.O.D.II: next generation guitar heroes from Asia.

recorded at ViViX Studio

more info go to


//Satoshi Oka(Aquarius)

Satoshi Oka(Aquarius) - An Escape (from G.O.D.II)

Tom Quayle: Funk Jam and Giant Steps in Syracuse

Taken from a Tom' s clinic in Syracuse, Italy.

That was the first tune and i was so scared for that playing! Great player!

Tom's YT channel:

Tom Quayle - Funk Jam

Tom Quayle - Giant Steps

Allan Holdsworth,Gary Husband,Jimmy Haslip: Teaneck 2014 Series

Gary Husband w. Allan Holdsworth & Jimmy Haslip, Teaneck NJ, 19/09/14 5 videos 21 minutes

Allan Holdsworth,Gary Husband,Jimmy Haslip: Teaneck 2014

Greg Koch: on Jimi Hendrix • Wildwood Guitars

Greg Koch on Jimi Hendrix • Wildwood Guitars
Wildwood Guitars
Sometimes you have to take time out of your busy day to talk about Jimmy Hendrix. You know this, we're sure. Hours can be spent talking of Jim's exploits and impact on our lives. Sit and relax as Greg Koch talks about the one and only Jim, and how he affected his life!

Greg Koch:

Fufux: Djent This The Euroblast 2013 documentary

Djent This The Euroblast 2013 documentary
With a lot of delay, here's my documentary about this amazing festival: The Euroblast.
Enjoy the show

Backing Tracks
Pierre Danel - Djent 27 (intro)
Pierre Danel - Wagadoogoo
Pierre Danel - Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy
odernday Babylon - Lost in Dreams
Clement Belio - Wreathead
Aure Pereira - Tech That Riffing
Pierre Danel - Brain Explosion
Arcadia Libre - Re de Reyes
David Maxim Mimic - Smile (Bilo3)
The Agorithm - Continuity
Kadinja - We Are One
Robar - Perfect Enemies
Pierre Danel - This is the End

Brian Carroll: Buckethead - Dreamless Slumber - surely the man never sleeps?

Brian Carroll: Buckethead - Dreamless Slumber

1. Dreamless Slumber part one 02:29
2. Dreamless Slumber part two 04:39
3. Dreamless Slumber part three 03:09
4. Dreamless Slumber part four 03:47
5. Dreamless Slumber part five 02:37
6. Dreamless Slumber part six 03:20
7. Dreamless Slumber part seven 04:26
8. Dreamless Slumber part eight 03:05
9. Dreamless Slumber part nine 01:24

Per Nilsson: Scar Symmetry recording session

Per Nilsson
Some random stuff that went down during the recordings of 'The Singularity (Phase I - Neohumanity)', plus some other stuffs... good times!

Joe Chawki: Passing Tones Pentatonics

Joe Chawki

A concept I generally talk about with students. When you're phrasing in a bluesy sort of can throw almost any note in as a passing tone, as long as it resolves well, you'll generally be A-ok. There's a few things going on here if you wanted to know. Generally all I'm doing here is A minor Pentatonic, A Mixolydian, A7 and Amin7 arpeggios, a diminished arpeggio or two, a touch of melodic minor, chromatics to connect all the dots, and you sort of have a concept than can be milked and played with endlessly.

In a nutshell, to recap, I would call this "throwing anything at your pentatonics and making it work"
Passing Tones Pentatonics