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Masahiro Aoki,Lin,Gen: Abstracts - self-titled Album features Mark Holcomb and Marcel Gadacz

Masahiro Aoki: Abstracts  Debut Album Released 15 October 2014

Guitarists "lin" and "gen"

Abstracts is a progressive metalcore band debuted from my label ViViX. And the self-titled album "abstracts" is their first release, which will be available on Oct 15th. The album features some top-notch talent in the world such as Mark Holcomb (Periphery), Acle Kahney (TesseracT) and Marcel Gadacz (Dream on, Dreamer). But what I'm most proud of is the band's songwriting skills. When I first listened to their composition, I immediately decided to make some great music and the next scene with them. Their music is cutting-edge.

Mark Holcomb gave us an intelligent guitar solo in track 6 "Twilight" 3:04~3:23, and Acle did an excellent mastering for the album. Marcel drew a perfect cover art for us. Besides, Oka Satoshi and Seku from G.O.D.II played cool solos in "Ancient" and "Aurora".

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01 ) The Whole
02 ) Frost (ft.Shoohey)
03 ) Wind (ft.Brandon Shelton)
04 ) Siena
05 ) Skylight (ft.Brandon Shelton)
06 ) Twilight (ft.Mark Holcomb)
07 ) Ancient
08 ) Aurora
09 ) The Fall

abstracts | Self-titled Album [OFFICIAL TEASER]

abstracts - Frost [Official Lyric Video]

Isao Fujita: Spark7 New Album 2014 with feature Tony MacAlpine and Thomas Lang

Isao Fujita

♫ Spark7 New Album 2014 Nov Out!

ISAO (G) Kiyomi Otaka (Org) Philip Bynoe (B) Thomas Lang (Dr) Guest guitarists Tony MacAlpine (G) e-ZUKA (G) finally released the next month planned Spark7 new album!
Work also is the endgame. Public jacket!

Promise Ultra Makai sound. More information coming soon!

Rowan J Parker: Easy Fusion Licks - Episode One

More great guitar at

Easy fusion licks. Does what is says on the tin...

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Simon Depys, Richard Daudé,Gijs Theunissen: Winners of GA2 guitar solo contest - great solos guys - congratulatons

Guitar Euro Media
Winners of the GA2 guitar solo contest !
At first we want to say a big thanks to all participants, with so many talents it has been really hard for all the jury members to choose their favorite solos .. The 3 winners get the chance to record a guitar solo on the 2nd edition of "Guitar Addiction" CD !! The album version will feature Mike LePond (Symphony X) on bass, Atma Anur (Cacophony, Jason Becker, Greg Howe ... ) on drums and Charly Sahona (solo, Venturia) on guitars. Each winner will also receive software licences from Riffstation and Guitar Pro !

First of all we would like to thank all participants, with as much combined talent it has been very difficult for the members of the jury to choose their favorite solos..
The 3 winners have the chance to record their guitar solo in the 2nd edition of the album "Guitar Addiction" and thus play alongside great names of the guitar! The version of the album will include Mike LePond (Symphony X) on bass, Atma Anur (Cacophony, Jason Becker, Greg Howe...) on drums and Charly Sahona (solo, Venturia) on guitars.

Each winner will also receive software licenses on the part of Riffstation and Guitar Pro!

SPONSORS :(alphabetical order)

GuitarEuroMedia com Guitar Solo Contest 2014 Simon DEPYS

*2nd place* Guitar Solo Contest 2014 - Ric

GuitarEuroMedia com Guitar Solo Contest 2014 Gijs Theunissen

Setsat: Lust for Blood (from G.O.D.II) - great fusion from the new album

"Lust for Blood" from our new album "G.O.D.II".
"G.O.D.II" Now on sale!!


Caparison Horus Iris Violet
(R:BKP Nailbomb / N:BKP The Sinner)
Kemper Profiler Rack

G.O.D.II: next generation guitar heroes from Asia.

more info go to


Godspeed / Sense Of Wonder sm24494353
Mitsuyo / ネコソギラジカル sm24562762
大和 / Alternative Tactics, Second Urgent Issue sm24540889
Oka Satoshi (Aquarius) / An Escape sm24608099
ボーグ / coastline sm24551978
ぎぶそん / Sigurðr sm24501182
Seku / Skyphobia sm24506257
AZ / Free Wing sm24606284

"Lust for Blood / setsat" from "G.O.D.Ⅱ GUITARISTS ON DEMAND"

Kyoji Yamamoto: added to the upcoming Guitar Addiction vol.2

Franck Karmattitude
hey! among the new guitar players guested on "Guitar Addiction vol.2", i can announce the great Kyoji Yamamoto ! if you don't know him i recommend you to discover his musical universe, and i can say he is also a really cool guy

山本恭司-Mother Ocean (Kyoji Yamamoto Solo Live in 2006)

Rebecca Johnson, Mark Johns: Marks solos from the live show

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RJ-Bass & Vocals--Con Settineri-Drums--Mark Johns-Guitar
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Rebecca Johnson Band *MARK JOHNS GUITAR SOLO* 3/10/14

Rebecca Johnson Band *MARK JOHNS GUITAR SOLO* - *USE ME* 3/10/14

Rebecca Johnson Band -*LIVE LOUDER* - *GUITAR SOLO* 3/10/14