Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Nili Brosh: Yamaha THR-10 Amp Demo w/ Solos from "A Matter of Perception"

Nili demos Yamaha's THR-10 practice amp by playing excerpts from "Exit Strategy" and "Double Entendre" off of her new record, "A Matter of Perception".

Nili Brosh - Yamaha THR-10 Amp Demo w/ Solos from "A Matter of Perception"

David Robert Grimes: String Theory - The Physics of String-Bending and Other Electric Guitar Techniques

David Robert Grimes: String Theory - The Physics of String-Bending and Other Electric Guitar Techniques

Electric guitar playing is ubiquitous in practically all modern music genres. In the hands of an experienced player, electric guitars can sound as expressive and distinct as a human voice. Unlike other more quantised instruments where pitch is a discrete function, guitarists can incorporate micro-tonality and, as a result, vibrato and sting-bending are idiosyncratic hallmarks of a player. Similarly, a wide variety of techniques unique to the electric guitar have emerged. While the mechano-acoustics of stringed instruments and vibrating strings are well studied, there has been comparatively little work dedicated to the underlying physics of unique electric guitar techniques and strings, nor the mechanical factors influencing vibrato, string-bending, fretting force and whammy-bar dynamics. In this work, models for these processes are derived and the implications for guitar and string design discussed. The string-bending model is experimentally validated using a variety of strings and vibrato dynamics are simulated. The implications of these findings on the configuration and design of guitars is also discussed.

Gianluca Ferro: Instant Karma - I'll Do My Best

Gianluca Ferro

This is the first piece of Instant Karma a new more rock group in which I have the pleasure and the honour of playing with my old team-mate Marco Sivo and some extraordinary gentlemen such as Carmine Martone Alessandro Mori and Marco Nicoli hope you like, \m/!

- I'll Do My Best -

Marco Sivo: Vocals
Gianluca Ferro: Guitars
Carmine Martone: Guitars
Marco Nicoli : Bass
Alessandro Mori : Drums

Recorded, mixed & mastered @ Eleven Recording Studio
by Andrea 'Berni' De Bernardi

Produced by Andrea 'Berni' De Bernardi & Instant Karma

Instant Karma | I'll Do My Best

Rizky Denisatyaputra, Vincent Dellwig , Yohei Kimura, Victor Solis, Suhermanto Harsono: International Emotive Ballad Jam

Thanks for watching the new international collaboration jam of "Emotive Ballad" (Guthrie Govan) by Rizky, Vince, Yohei (Yoppe), Victor and Suhermanto! :-)
Please check out and subscribe these great guitarists! :-) *Read more*

Rizky Denisatyaputra (Indonesia):

Vincent Dellwig (Germany):

Yohei Kimura (Japan):

Victor Solis (Mexico):

Suhermanto Harsono (Indonesia):

International Emotive Ballad Jam by Rizky, Vincent, Yoppe, Victor, & Suhermanto

Steve Hackett: Genesis - Sum of The Parts or not as the case may be

Genesis - Sum of The Parts ~ Trailer
Eagle Rock
“Sum Of The Parts” is the official authorised story of Genesis made with the full co-operation of the band members. DVD: Blu-Ray: Digital video link coming soon. It tells of the band’s formation at Charterhouse (where Tony Banks, Peter Gabriel and Mike Rutherford were all pupils) in the late sixties and the release of their debut album “From Genesis To Revelation”. The story then moves on through the departure of founder member Anthony Phillips and the arrival of Phil Collins and Steve Hackett in 1970 to form the 5-man line-up that established the band’s career with albums such as “Foxtrot” and “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway”. Peter Gabriel’s departure in 1975 and then Steve Hackett’s in 1977 led to the release of the album “And Then There Were Three…” and a move towards shorter, more immediate songs. The eighties and nineties were triumphant decades for Genesis with hugely successful hit albums and singles around the world such as “Genesis”, “Invisible Touch” and “We Can’t Dance”. At the same time as they were recording and performing with Genesis, Tony Banks, Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford (as Mike & The Mechanics) were all enjoying successful solo careers, as were departed members Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett. “Sum Of The Parts” explores the dynamics of the group that has enabled them to survive changes of line-up, see their musical direction steadily evolve and maintain both group and solo careers along with their enduring popularity as evidenced by their hugely successful 2007 reunion tour.

Out Nov 17 2014 and Out 2015 in USA


Steve Hackett says BBC's new Genesis documentary is 'biased account' of band

Guitarist says the programme ‘ignores’ his extensive solo work and discourages fans from watching Genesis: Together and Apart. Steve Hackett has spoken out against the BBC’s new Genesis documentary, calling it a “biased account” that “ignores” his solo work. Although the guitarist has endorsed the film’s companion piece, a box set called R-Kive, he is discouraging fans from watching Genesis: Together and Apart.

“[The documentary] does not deliver the theme of Together and Apart,” Hackett wrote on Facebook (via Rolling Stone). “Whilst [R-Kive] represents us all equally, the documentary does the opposite ... In interview I spoke at length as much about my solo career as my time in Genesis, but was not given any editorial involvement.”

Michael Lee Firkins: US West Coast tour dates

Michael Lee Firkins

Getting ready to rehearse tomorrow for my west coast run that starts this Friday. Going to be hittin' it with Dan McNay, And Cortney DeAugustine! Believe it or not, the only time I've been north of San Fran, is with these two Great friends of mine when we toured with Ronnie Montrose. So, a lot of great memories will be filling the air. Most certainly we will be playing Bad Motor Scooter. Also, checking out Whipping Post (Frank Zappa version!) in rehearsal tomorrow. It will be great to be on tour with the band "Points North"- Eric Barnett, Uriah Duffy, and Kevin Aiello are KILLER players and have a new record coming out on MagnaCarta records. The last 2 shows i've done, i feel were close to my very best. Its nice to see some progress after 40 years of playing. It's never enough though, because i'm lookin to beat those this week. And we will!!!! This weekend, up through Norcal, to Caspar, Albany, Portland and Back. Fall weather, Northern California here we come!

Guthrie Govan: The Govu~anator talks Culture Clash in Japan

Google Translated: :)

Guthrie Govu~an to be worshiped and that "God", with outstanding technique. His three-piece band to which it belongs, was carried out concert in Japan in August di-Aristo Kratz. Such and trying not miss the chance, guitar magazine dared interview! Guthrie me readily agreed to it, representative song "Culture classes for guitar magazine told me to lecture a special point of the mesh. " Combined with full guitar score of this magazine I want you to check in. The take steal the supernatural Guthrie!

Supernatural Jikiden seminar Guthrie Govu~an "Culture Clash" thorough analysis

News: Prog Sphere Releases First Physical Compilation and Details Many Upcoming Projects

Progstravaganza: Beyond Frontiers
Prog Sphere is proud to announce to the world of progressive rock that their newest release - Progstravaganza: Beyond Frontiers is now out and in stores. This long-awaited album is the culmination of months of hard work on the part ofProg Sphere and the many bands involved. Beyond Frontiers breaks new ground for Prog Sphere as it is the first in their long series of compilations to be released as a physical CD. Naturally, it is also available for purchase at Prog Sphere’s Progify store and at Prog Sphere's Bandcamp page.

The above link to the Progify store contains the full track list, along with more detailed info about the sampler. The full sampler is also available for streaming on Youtube. The bands that have been assembled for this album come from all across the world of progressive rock and play a wide variety of styles. For example, Fughu are a group of prog metal masters from Argentina, Cea Serin, from the United States, play a unique brand of progressive death metal, and Overhaul, from The Netherlands, play classic progressive rock. There’s also post-rock, psychedelic prog, and much more. Naturally, the mastering for this project was daunting, but Frank Gingeleit of Living Tunes Mastering was more than up to the task.

As mentioned before, Beyond Frontiers is Prog Sphere’s first physical release for Progstravaganza, and as such, it will be accompanied by high quality album art that fans have come to expect from this genre of music. Chris Van Der Linden of LidenArtwork has done the job quite well, and will continue to work with Prog Sphere into the future.

Progstravaganza Special - The New Generation of Prog 2014

Prog Sphere has also been working on many other projects alongside Beyond Frontiers. Prog Sphere is proud to announce an additional compilation that has just been released entitled The New Generation of Prog 2014. This compilation is a teaser for the upcoming Generation Prog Festival in Nurmburg, which will feature some of the top names in progressive rock and metal. Some of these bands include Haken, Exivious, Relocator, and Kristoffer Gildenlow. Hakenhave even been gracious enough to contribute an exclusive edit of a song from their upcoming EP. In addition to this second compilation, Prog Sphere has also just concluded work on an upcoming documentary titled Prog Sphere: Beyond Frontiers – Progressive Music in the 21st Century. As hinted by the title, this documentary will include interviews and footage of the bands included on the recent compilation.

Now that the work for Beyond Frontiers and The New Generation of Prog 2014has been concluded, Prog Sphere has opened submissions for the second physical Progstravaganza release. This upcoming release will be out in early December and is currently open for new band submissions. All interested bands should also know that in addition to being included on the compilation, they will also receive a six month PR campaign through Prog Sphere Promotions, as well as inclusion in the next Prog Sphere documentary. Bands can get in touch withProg Sphere at