Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Nicola Costa: Stone Free - Live at Birdland (SS)

Live at Birdland (SS) - April 4, 2014
Nicola Costa - Guitar
Spy Austin - Bass & Vocal
Jacopo Coretti - Drums

Stone Free - Nicola Costa, Spy Austin, Jacopo Coretti

Eric Calderone: Take On Me by A-Ha Meets Metal

Take On Me by A-Ha Meets Metal (featuring PelleK)
Hey everyone!!

Well this is a first haha. I've ALWAYS seen requests for "Take On Me" and I've given it a try a couple times but this song NEEDS VOCALS. As luck would have it (or Twitter would have it) me and one of my favorite vocalists chit chatted about it. And here we are! If you are unaware of PelleK's channel, ya might want to head over there :)

He was fantastic and very easy to work with and what I had in my head of what it sounding like, he made even better. Not to mention his vocal range is insane too haha. And thank YOU guys for everything as always. I always want to try new things and try to improve the vids. Hopefully ya dig. Big ups for rocking my casbah, EVERY TIME!

Best to ya



Tony MacAlpine: Premier Guitar Rig Rundown

Another great Premier Guitar Rig Rundown, this time with Tony MacAlpine. For the full details and photos check out

Rig Rundown - Tony MacAlpine

David Gilmour: Pink Floyd - The Endless River - deluxe and vinyl unboxing

The Endless River - deluxe and vinyl unboxing
Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd - Louder Than Words - promo video

Jan Laurenz: Aguacate mix featuring ukulele

Aguacate mix featuring ukulele by Jan Laurenz
Jan Laurenz
New remix of my aguacate song,this time with ukulele
all instruments played by me
copyrighted by +suisa+
hope you enjoy :)

Yossi Sassi: Desert Butterflies | Full Album stream

01. Orient Sun [00:00]
02. Fata Morgana [04:22]
03. Neo Quest [08:54]
04. Azadi [13:19]
05. Believe [16:32]
06. Desert Butterfly [20:01]
07. Inner Oasis [24:43]
08. Shedding Soul [29:30]
09. Jason's Butterflies [31:29]
10. Azul [32:54]
11. CoCoon [36:18]

Get your copy NOW!
Band Camp:

Familiar internationally to music fans by his unique trademark sound signature, Yossi Sassi merges roots with contemporary music, while taking Oriental Rock to levels unheard before.

Voted "Top Newcomer of 2012" by "Rock Hard" magazine readers for his eclectic concept debut album, "Melting Clocks", Sassi blends East with West, Rock with Folk music and traditional Acoustic instruments with virtuoso Electric guitar.

“Desert Butterflies” is Yossi’s 2nd album. It was recorded in 4 countries & 3 continents, "Desert Butterflies" is Yossi Sassi's latest musical journey, merging roots and cultures from around the world with contemporary music, pioneering Oriental Rock to the next level.

Collaborating with musicians such as Marty Friedman (ex-Megadeth), Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal (Guns'n'Roses), Mariangela Demurtas (Tristania, Moonspell) and many more, this conceptual release inspires the listener to ponder about the routine, the deserts of our lives, and setting sails after your dreams, breaking your misconceptions and raising out of your cocoon to become the butterfly you can be.

Rick Graham: J.S.Bach 'Ich Ruf Zu Dir' Chorale Prelude

J.S.Bach 'Ich Ruf Zu Dir' Chorale Prelude - Rick Graham
Rick Graham
This piece is one of my favourite pieces by J.S.Bach. It will always remind me of Summer 2014, during which I listened to Grigory Sokolov's live performance of it pretty much non-stop. Hope you enjoy the video and support the channel by liking, sharing and subscribing. Thanks!
Arrangement by Gerald Abiton - Guitar: Cashimira 145S

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Yiannis Papadopoulos, George Kollias: Through Empty Eyes of light

George Kollias Through Empty Eyes of light - Guitar Solo section (Y...
Yiannis Papadopoulos
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Hello guys!
This is my solo (in demo form) for the song Through empty eyes of light from the upcoming solo cd of my friend and upsolute drum monster/master George Kollias. Can't wait for the official release of the cd!!:-)

Check him out here:

For this video I used a PRS Custom 24 model-with Dragon II pickups,mooer green mile, BBE sonic stomp, DV mark multiamp.

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I hope you like it!

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News: Aristides Guitars Extended Factory Tour

Aristides’ New Video Reveals Insight into Production Method

HAARLEM, NETHERLANDS NOVEMBER 12, 2014 – Aristides Instruments is releasing a brand new factory tour video to help answer the increasingly popular question: How do they make such a unique guitar? The new video takes viewers on a behind the scenes journey to explain just how a guitar, not made of wood is created.

The history of Aristides Instruments begins in 1995 when a group of Dutch scientists teamed with the Technical University Delft to develop a material with perfect acoustic properties. By evaluating the woods traditionally used in making musical instruments, analysis led to a technical study of cell structures and differences between them. If they could answer the question “What happens to a sound wave in a material at a cell level?” it would then be possible to design the ideal cell structure. 15 years of research ultimately led to the development of the tone material called Arium.

By 2007, Aristides Instruments started developing guitars with the new material. Focused on achieving incredible playability, innovative design and utilizing the acoustic properties of Arium, they teamed with the world renowned Bouwmeester van Rens design agency. Since their development, the guitars have received international recognition in both the musical and design worlds for their revolutionary achievements.

Aristides Instruments is not the first to build instruments out of materials other than wood. But Aristides Instruments is different. Arium has been specifically developed to not only equal, but also improve the quality and performance of a material used to build a musical instrument. Arium has no fiber structure. This allows it to vibrate three dimensionally, increasing sustain and volume. Arium also does not contain water so it is more stable and requires less maintenance. By creating an exoskeleton design using a semi-monocoque construction, sound waves can resonate throughout the entire instrument without disruption, providing the player and listener with an improved aural experience.

Aristides Guitars Extended Factory Tour

Damjan Pejcinoski: Billie's Bounce walking bass/chords and solo lesson

Billie's Bounce walking bass/chords and solo lesson
Damjan Pejcinoski
Tabs at http://marketplace.live4gui­ . This lesson has everything you should know about 12 bar jazz blues - how to play walking bass with chords and how to solo over the 12 bar jazz/blues progression. Note to note tabs for the walking bass with chords and the improvisation.

Joe Bonamassa: hold 10 inches of Joe in your hand!

AXE HEAVEN® Ornamental Miniature Replica Guitars Make Great Gifts!

Each AXE HEAVEN® ornamental replica guitar is 1:4 scale and is individually hand crafted from solid wood, with metal tuning keys.
Each guitar model is approximately 10” in length and comes complete with a high-quality miniature adjustable A-frame stand and an AXE HEAVEN® guitar case gift box.

Joe Bonamassa "Goldtop" Miniature Signature Guitar

Fabrizio Leo, Flavio Scopaz: Citta Della Musica clinic

October 24, 2014 - CITY OF MUSIC - Fabrizio "Bicio" Leo & Flavio Scopaz - CLINIC-WORKSHOP - DV MARK - MARK BASS -
City of Music is a real music store where you can find the
wide variety of musical instruments backed by specialized personnel
at the highest levels. The store is the result of a traditional
family centernaria, where passion and skill stones are
milestones that have led this generation to a wonderful


Martin Miller, Martin Miller: Wishaw Music Centre masterclass

Martin Miller

On the 15th of Nov, Tom Quayle and I will be doing a 4 hour long masterclass followed by an evening Duo set and House Band set at the Wishaw Music Centre near Glasgow. Here's some info and a link to get tickets. We'd LOVE to see some of you there - who's already attending?

Tickets for this event cost only £35 + £2.50 booking fee and you really would be mad to miss it! The class will run from 2pm-6pm with the evening event kicking off at 7.30pm. Book your tickets by clicking on the link below.'

Atsushi Yokozeki: Jet Destiny - Jet Finger - 30th anniversary

Atsushi Yokozeki: Jet Destiny

JET FINGER 30TH ANNIVERSARY !!! light speed shred guitar scribing the true value! Greet the debut 30th anniversary "JET FINGER" ultimate masterpiece commemoration of Uneru masterpiece with milestone birthday !! Yokozeki Atsushi solo album also say the culmination monument specific guitar scriptures !!

1. Jet Finger~Fox Glove 6:02
2. Instincts 4:47
3. Unforgettable Way 5:22
4. Two Side of The Same Dime 5:52
5. Prime 5:42
6. Brilliant Pale Moon 6:03
7. Rest for Eternal 4:28
8. The Blast 4:20
9. Over Power 5:25
10. Destination of My Wind

Morgan Reid: E M I T - Glass Skies - killer guest solo

Here is my latest guest solo (starts at 0:35). I love the track and I really hope you guys enjoy this music!

Glass Skies on FB:
and me.. on FB:

Gear in this video:
.strandberg* Boden 8
Axe fx II

E M I T - Glass Skies Ft. Morgan Reid

Muris Varajić: live in Brockva cafe

Muris Varajić: live in Brockva cafe, live series.

Muris Varajić: live in Brockva cafe

Craig Davies: Saith - Herbalist - Technical Progressive Metal

Craig Davies: Saith - Herbalist
Hi, I'm a guitarist and song writer from Swansea, UK.

Saith started as a place for me to listen to ideas I had written, after some positive feedback I decided to give the project more time and the first EP 'Herbalist' is currently being written.

I'd like to thank anyone that has supported Saith, you rule. less

1. Re-Earthing (Ft. Christian Grace) 04:31
2. Revive (Ft. Aaron Roberts) 04:02
3. Cure (Ft. Leon Griffiths) 04:11
4.Freethinker (Ft. Ga Calford) 02:58

An EP featuring vocalists from South Wales, written and produced by Craig Davies.

Herbalist is Saith's first EP.
released 31 October 2014

Craig Davies, Aaron Robert, Ga Calford, Christian Grace, Leon Griffiths, Aarron Heasman