Monday, 24 November 2014

Kim Platbarzdis: Soen - The Words - progressive djent?

A blend of progressive and mild djental tones.

Joel Ekelöf, Martin Lopez, Joakim Platbarzdis, Stefan Stenberg
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Director: Kirke Ailio Rodwell
DoP: Jens Harvard
Creative Director: Nova Francis
Producer: Sheila Na Gig Larsson
1st AD: Fredrika Bodemar
Gaffer: Peter Övgård
Set Decorator: Maria Ekelund
Costume: Cassandra Sandberg
Make Up: Linn Kardeskog

Soen - The Words

Wata Fuminori: Minor Chord Improvisation - very tasty legato bar work - enjoy!

Wata Fuminori plays some Minor Chord Improvisation - very tasty, sure to please.

Minor Chord Improvisation

SeKu SaSaKi: Skyphobia G.O.D.II live perfromance playthrough - great JDjent


Seku -Skyphobia- Demo Play

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G.O.D.II will also be available on iTunes Store, Amazon MP3 etc.
G.O.D.IIはiTunes Store、Amazon MP3等でも配信予定です。

Masahiro Aoki: G.O.D.II

01 : Sense Of Wonder / Godspeed
02 : ネコソギラジカル / Mitsuyo
03 : Alternative Tactics, Second Urgent Issue / 大和
04 : An Escape / Oka Satoshi (Aquarius)
05 : coastline / ボーグ
06 : Sigurðr / ぎぶそん
07 : Lust for Blood / setsat
08 : Skyphobia / Seku
09 : Free Wing / AZ

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"Skyphobia" from our new album "G.O.D.II"(strandberg BODEN8)

Dylan Furr: U.F.Ø. Legator crunch in HD

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This video was recorded in real time at 320 beats per minute. All written, filmed, produced, edited, mixed & mastered by Dylan Furr.

"U.F.Ø." - Dylan Furr (320 BPM!)

News: Ibanez RGKP6 / SRKP4 equipped with Korg® mini kaoss pad 2S

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Korg® mini kaoss pad 2S/Ibanez RG Guitar & SR Bass
Ibanez® and Korg® have teamed up to bring you into a new realm of musical exploration with the RGKP6 and SRKP4, Mini Kaoss Pad 2s equipped guitar and bass. Whether your thing is rock, electronic, pop, noise, prog, or anything in between, these instruments will open up an entire galaxy of real-time performance effects that will change the way you approach your music.

Until now, only a small handful of the musically elite have been able to explore this new territory, aided by high-paid guitar techs or private builders. Now, you can go there yourself without the hassle…or the expense. And while the musical possibilities are daunting— the mechanics of these future-world machines are anything but. Check out the video for a quick look at some of the basics…

Ibanez RGKP6 / SRKP4 equipped with Korg® mini kaoss pad 2S

Jeff Beck: Hammerhead live in Tokyo

Jeff Beck - Hammerhead (Live in Tokyo)
Eagle Rock
Jeff Beck is undeniably one of the world’s greatest guitar players. DVD: Blu-Ray: Digital Video: Technically brilliant, he is renowned for pushing musical boundaries and has excelled across many different genres from rock and jazz to pop and blues. “Live In Tokyo” was filmed at the Tokyo Dome City Hall in Japan on April 9th this year. These Japanese dates were the first to feature Jeff Beck’s new backing band of Jonathan Joseph (drums), Nicolas Meier (guitars) and Rhonda Smith (bass) and the setlist includes some material from his new, as yet unreleased, studio album. In contrast to Beck’s previous visual releases, both filmed in small clubs, “Live In Tokyo” is filmed in a major concert arena and has a very different, more expansive feel. Jeff Beck is a true guitar legend and this show captures him at his very best.
Available November 24th

Arnaud: NeoGeofanatic - "Stupid" shredder VS "good" shredder

"Stupid" shredder VS "good" shredder
Backing track by Vito Astone :

ENGLISH : This video is only for fun, there aren't stupid or good guitar players, there is only taste and sensitivity to music.

FRANCAIS : Cette vidéo n'a été réalisée que pour le fun, il n'y a pas de jouer stupide ou "bon" à proprement parler mais des goûts différents et des sensibilités variables au jeu des uns et des autres. Il n'empêche qu'il n'y a pas si longtemps, je me plaçais moi-même dans la catégorie "stupid shredder" xD

MATOS/GEAR : Charvel Custom Shop USA "Amadeus", Fractal Axe FX2, Timber Tones signature plectrums.

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I think I prefer the stupid one! :)

Yannis Papadopoulos: Vinnie Moore - vocalist of Wardrum plays In Control (Guitar Cover)

Yannis Papadopoulos, vocalist of Wardrum.

Time for something new!
Here's a guitar cover of "In Control" from Vinnie Moore.

No copyright infringement intended, all music belongs to Vinnie Moore.

Video was shot by Stergios Kourou (Wardrum)

Video editing done by Vicky Psarakis:

Official Facebook Page:


Vinnie Moore - In Control (Guitar Cover)

Daniele Gottardo: Plays Gingerbread House Live at NFRS

Daniele Gottardo - Plays Gingerbread House Live at NFRS
ugo bolzoni
Daniele Gottardo plays Gingerbread House
From new album "Non Temperato"
Live Audio & Video at NFRS New Frontiers Recording Studio
By Ugo Bolzoni

Caligula is the ninth track on the second album of Daniele Gottardo, Non Temperato.
You can order your signed copy at http://www.officialdanieleg­ or download your digital copy at:

©Daniele Gottardo All right reserved

Download Daniele's debut album Frenzy of Ecstasy at:

Steve Stevens: solo from the Billy Idol show Milan 2014 - on great form

Steve simply rules. He does. :) Some Yes thrown in there for good measure

BILLY IDOL/STEVE STEVENS - Steve Stevens solo [Fabrique, Milano 23.11.2014]

and back in 2012

Steve Stevens, fantastic solo, Billy Idol concert Hamburg 10.07.2012, HD

Rick Graham: 5 Simple Steps To Better Legato Technique

5 Simple Steps To Better Legato Technique - Rick Graham
Rick Graham
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News: Eastwood Guitars introduces the ‘Link Wray Tribute’ Guitar

Eastwood Guitars introduces the ‘Link Wray Tribute’ Guitar

Eastwood Guitars has teamed up with the legendary London based, Rock & Roll Voodoo artist Vince Ray to create the essential rock & roll machine, the Link Wray Tribute guitar. This professional grade six string workhorse is a graphic tribute to “Father of the Power Chord” Link Wray, featuring original 50’s style illustrations by Vince Ray.

The Eastwood Link Wray Tribute guitar not only looks amazing, but it is built for speed and can take a thrashing. With professional grade tuners, pots, custom tailpiece, 3-way switching and dual volume / tone controls matched with a pair of Airline Vintage Voiced Single Coil Pickups, it is built to deliver that killer Link Wray tone. The White body is the canvas for Vince Ray’s stunning illustrative tribute to Link’s career and he used the front, the back and the case. The shinny black pin stripped headstock is topped off with a Vince Ray nameplate logo. This is a true gem of an instrument for any rock centric guitarist or collector.

“When I found out that Vince was a Link Wray fanatic like me” said Mike Robinson, President and founder of Eastwood Guitars, “I knew we had to make the perfect playing tribute to the most underrated guitarist of our time and this is the real deal.”

This initial Limited Edition Release of only 24 instruments ships December 18, 2014 and has a Street price $799.

Michael Angelo Batio, JJ Savage: Michael jams with 14 year old at Dean guitars clinic

JAM #1 This is 14y/o rocker and guitarist JJ Savage [Joey "ThunderChild" Pettinato] rockin' and shredding the Nuclear Blues with the worlds fastest guitarist Michael Angelo Batio at a Dean Guitars clinic at Big Apple Music in New Hartford NY on 11-21-14.! Thank you Michael for all of your kindness and generosity and also to Big Apple Music.JJ would like to thank the companies that he is endorsed by ....Sinister Guitar Picks , Flying V Leather , Intex Cables and Brutiful Metal Radio. Special thanks to Ray Jordan for making this all possble ! Thanks for watching !




Jeremy Krull, John Ziegler: Monday Night Jamz at The Baked Potato

Video taken from the 11/17 first set at The Baked Potato in Studio City, CA where I subbed in for the awesome Jamie Kime while he's out on tour. Here you can see me ear-ball it through the solo section changes on the Soft Machine tune "Hazard Profile". Massive thanks to John Ziegler for having me.
Matt Hankle - Drums
Chris Roy - Bass
Hans Zermuehlen - Keyboards
John Ziegler - Guitar

...and me.

Jeremy Krull - Monday Night Jamz at The Baked Potato, Soft Machine - Hazard Profile (the changes)

Greg Howe: Maragold dates including indonesia

We're coming to ya live - spread the word!
#indonesia #california #arizona #lasvegas