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Ola Englund: Randall 667 Play through


Hi I'm Ola Englund, guitar player in the bands The Haunted and Feared. This right here is my Youtube channel containing mostly guitar amplifier test videos but also guitar test videos as well as Production tutorials etc.

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Washburn Solar 6 - Randall 667 - Randall 4x12 ISO - SM57

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Ola Englund: Randall 667 Play through

Matt Halpern: Interview - Periphery - Juggernaut: Alpha/Omega

PERIPHERY - Juggernaut: Alpha/Omega (Webisode #1 - Interview with Matt Halpern). Century Media Records 2014.

PERIPHERY - Juggernaut: Alpha/Omega (Webisode #1 - Interview with Matt Halpern)

Fabrizio Leo, Anna Portalupi: Sound Time with Bicio and Paola Caridi

Anna Portalupi and Paola Caridi - Sound Time
Thanks to Fabrizio Bicio Leo for the guitars and Mario Natale for the song and the recordings!!

Anna Portalupi

Paola Caridi

Anna Portalupi e Paola Caridi - Sound Time

Tom Lippincott: Harmonic Major Scale and The Joy of Practicing

Full master class at:
Currently 10% OFF

For decades, jazz musicians have been utilizing harmonies and sounds from the major, harmonic minor, and melodic minor scales, as well as symmetrical scales like whole tone, diminished, and augmented. Another scale, named by Rimsky-Korsakov in 1885, hasn’t been implemented nearly as much: the harmonic major scale.

In recent years, some innovative jazz musicians have begun to explore this scale’s harmonies in depth, but plenty of unexplored ground with unique and beautiful sonic possibilities still exists.

This class is intended for intermediate to advanced level jazz guitarists who already have a strong grasp of the traditional jazz guitar vocabulary and who are interested in injecting some new life and fresh, modern sounds into their playing.

This class first explores the basic structure of the harmonic major scale, as well as the harmonies generated by the scale. Next, a clear and systematic way to map out the scale’s location on the guitar fingerboard is presented, along with many different exercises and patterns to help the student develop melodic flexibility with the scale.

The class also explores, in depth, the diatonic harmonic major triads and seventh chords, including the drop 2 and drop 3 chord scale exercise similar to that used in the Jazz Guitar Harmony series but applied to the harmonic major scale. Then, a complete guide is presented for using all seven modes of the scale in improvised situations, both harmonic (comping) and melodic (soloing), with examples for each sound.

Finally, two etudes, one harmonic and one melodic, are demonstrated and analyzed using the chord changes from the popular standard “Stella By Starlight” in order to give a concrete example of how the sounds from this structure can be used by the jazz guitarist.

This class provides a logical, systematic step-by-step approach for developing fluency with the harmonic major scale and attaining mastery of its melodic and harmonic possibilities.
The Harmonic Major Scale covers:

- basic structure of the scale, including diatonic triads, seventh chords, and upper extensions for each chord/mode
- system for scale fingerings in all areas of the neck, along with an alternate scale fingering that presents a symmetrical, easy-to-remember fretboard shape
- numerous exercises for gaining melodic fluency with the scale including intervallic patterns, rhythmic variations, and triad, seventh chord, and extended arpeggios
- fingerings for close position seventh chords and 4-part-4th chords that can be played as chords or arpeggios
- in-depth exploration of triads diatonic to harmonic major, including diatonic cycles (with an explanation of the cycle concept)
- brief review of the terms "drop 2" and "drop 3" with example chord voicings
- the "chord scale exercise" which is a logical and musical presentation of drop 2 and drop 3 voicings by inversion and string set, using the seventh chords diatonic to the harmonic major scale, with subtitles on the video that match each exercise to the written example
- additional methods for developing mastery of the above voicings including inversions and diatonic cycles
- outline of the uses for each of the seven modes of harmonic major with musical examples
- traditional analysis of the chord progression for “Stella” with the typical scales and modes as a basis for comparison, followed by an analysis that uses harmonic major sounds on every chord of the tune
- two etudes on the “Stella” changes, one single-note and one chordal/comping, demonstrating real world applications of the harmonic major concepts
- running time: 113 minutes
- includes 28 pages of written examples and exercises
- All musical examples from the video are provided in music notation, tablature, and chord grid form.
- Each example performance in the video is titled and numbered for easy navigation.
- MP3 backing tracks for written examples and solos, including full-length track for improvisation

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Harmonic Major Scale **New Class** | Tom Lippincott

The Joy of Practicing **New Class** | Tom Lippincott

Sam Birchall: .strandberg* legato licks - great player to keep an eye on

More impressive playing from Sam Birchall, definitely a player to keep an eye open for.

Some ideas i use for practicing. Its usualy a bit more chaotic than this though!

Some ideas for practicing licks - Sam Birchall

Rodrigo Gozalbez, Gumbi Ortiz, Fran Merante: Flor De Luna /Moonflower - Santana tribute

Rodrigo Gozalbez,Gumbi Ortiz,Fran Merante and Kit Walker join forces to celebrate this Santana tune. Enjoy!
Flor De Luna /Moonflower- Rodrigo Gozalbez, Gumbi Ortiz and Fran Merante- Santana tribute

Gary Hoey: returns for his Ho Ho Hoey Rockin Holiday Tour.

Gary Hoey returns for his Ho Ho Hoey Rockin Holiday Tour.

Gary Hoey The Twelve Days Of Christmas From "Live In Lowell" DVD



Gary Hoey brings his Rockin Holiday Tour to town.

It’s also that time again for Gary Hoey’s 6th Annual Ho Ho Hoey Guitar Give-Away! One lucky winner will be picked on Christmas day to win a Squire Strat by Fender.

Gary Hoey Guitar and Vocals
Matt Scurfield Drums
AJ Pappas Bass

Gary Hoey "Still Got The Blues For Christmas" (full version)

In 1995 the first Gary Ho Ho Hoey album was released. Hoey's idea to put a rock edge on Christmas classics was inspired by his mother’s love for Christmas and growing up in Lowell MA with his 4 sisters. “With the last name, Hoey, I decided one day to record an album called Ho Ho Hoey and re-do some of my favorite Christmas classics with a rock guitar." It was an instant hit at radio and sold over 350,000 copies and has been a staple at most rock stations around the country ever since. "I love doing the Ho Ho Hoey Rockin Holiday Tour every year because I get to give back and help folks with various charities and toy drives. It allows me to help communities and have some fun at the same time. And it’s Hoey’s loyal fan base and his connection with them that keeps him going. “I come out after every show to meet the fans,” says Hoey. “I enjoy the feedback and interaction.”

Gary will also be performing songs from his latest release, “Deja Blues,” available now on Wazoo Music Group. “This is an album of original blues songs I’ve wanted to record for a long time. The Blues has always been near and dear to my heart. I have so much respect for it. When I’m recording a blues song, it’s a 5 minute journey and you can’t take a breath, you can’t keep punching in the recording button to fix stuff or it loses the vibe.”

At sixteen, Hoey often lingered outside Boston's renowned Berklee College of Music making friends and offering to pay for lessons. To devote more of his time to music, the prodigy would cut high school classes so that he could hone his guitar playing skills all the while playing Boston's local clubs and teaching guitar to avoid a day job and keep the guitar in his hand.

Hoey’s first break came in 1987 when Ozzy Osbourne showed up in Boston looking for a guitarist. Osborne liked Hoey’s tape enough to fly him to LA for an audition. The gig went to Zakk Wylde but Ozzy suggested Hoey move to LA seeing his talent. He took Ozzy's advice and with $17,000 he saved from teaching Hoey loaded the U-Haul and drove across country to LA. In 1992 Hoey released "Heavy Bones" on Waner Bros. a rock vocal album with Frankie Banali on drums from Quiet Riot. Heavy Bones got caught in the grunge backlash and the album went unnoticed with a million dollar debt after album cost, promotion and video the band got dropped. 1993 Hoey asked Warner Bros. if he could record a low budget album for fun of instrumental rock. He recorded the successful "Animal Instinct" album ($15,000 budget) which included a cover of the Focus hit, "Hocus Pocus". Not only did the hit rocket into the Billboard Top 5, outpacing all other singles as the most frequently played rock song of the year, but the album went on to reach classic rock notoriety. With a collection of 19 albums it's no wonder Gary Hoey is listed as one of the top 100 guitarists of all time.

1994 Hoey scored the successful “Endless Summer II” soundtrack and had another radio hit with War's "Low Rider." Other film clients have included Walt Disney films, ESPN, New Line Cinema, scoring the music to "California Screaming" (Disney Roller Coaster), as well as songs placed in movies such as "Office
Space," "Deck the Halls” (Danny Devito), and Beethoven III.

Recently, Hoey produced and co-wrote The Queen Of Metal Lita Ford’s latest release “Living Like Runaway” for SPV records to rave reviews. “It was a thrill to work with Lita… She is a true rocker and a pioneer for woman in rock. And lastly, she’s a kick ass guitar player”. To this day the guitar aficionado continues to tour extensively, endorsing Fender guitars and Amp, Monster cable, GHS Strings, Rocktron to name a few. He has been involved with the Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp as music director to include his stint at “Campalooza 2013 in NYC jammin' with legends like shred-maestro Yngwie Malmsteen, blues icon Johnny Winter, Robben Ford, the time-honored rocker Leslie West of Mountain and co-founding member of KISS Peter Criss. Hoey has toured and traded licks with the likes of Jeff Beck, Brian May of Queen, Joe Bonamassa, Ted Nugent, Joe Satriani, The Doobie Brothers, Foreigner, Styx, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, Peter Frampton, and Dick Dale.

Guthrie Govan: The Institute presents an exclusive masterclass

On Wednesday 3rd December, the Institute will welcome Guthrie Govan to give an exclusive masterclass to students of the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, and a limited number of public guests, at the Tricycle Cinema in Kilburn.

Guthrie is arguably the most exciting and significant new guitarist to emerge in the virtuosic rock/fusion guitar scene in many years. He is a brilliant artist who is at home in a variety of musical genres and styles. Guthrie has recorded and toured with acts ranging all the way from melodic rock (Asia) to grime (Dizzee Rascal) and was recently seen onstage at the Hans Zimmer Revealed concerts, sharing guitar duties with Johnny Marr and incorporating instruments ranging from banjo to fretless electric guitar. His guitar and bass work for Replay Heaven (a sample recreation company) has graced hit singles by the likes of Gotye, The Sugababes, Cee Lo Green and Tinie Tempah. He is currently touring and recording extensively with (Porcupine Tree frontman) Steven Wilson and a rock-fusion power trio called The Aristocrats.

The event will be of interest to any guitarist or guitar student, regardless of stylistic preferences, as the content will predominantly be dictated by questions from the audience. Typical topics include improvisation/note choice, efficient playing techniques, ear development
and tone generation. This will be interspersed with some demo performances, to backing tracks from albums by Guthrie and the Aristocrats trio.

Talking about the class Guthrie said: “For me, an event like this essentially entails meeting a room full of guitar playing individuals for the first time ever so... I try to avoid simply demonstrating a series of “circus tricks” or working through a premeditated list of topics. I’ve found that it’s invariably more constructive to open things up to the students, encouraging them to ask questions and thus enabling them to steer the general proceedings in the direction of their choice. With this kind of approach, every workshop/clinic/masterclass can be somewhat unique - it’s more personalised and, dare I say, more fun!”

Whilst the masterclass is primarily a free event for current Institute students, the Institute is also opening the event up for alumni, who can purchase tickets for £5 from the school reception. A limited number of public tickets are available from the Tricycle, online or by calling the Box Office on 020 7328 1000.

For more information on this event or courses at the Institute, contact us directly:
- 0207 328 0222

John Bassett: Arcade Messiah released debut album as a free download

John Bassett: Arcade Messiah

Arcade Messiah released debut album as a free download

"ARCADE MESSIAH have today released their self titled 7 track debut album as a Free (pay what you want) download on bandcamp.

The entire album can now be streamed/downloaded from their bandcamp site at

""ARCADE MESSIAH"" is a new Metal/Stoner/Prog hybrid Instrumental project from John Bassett (the singer, songwriter and producer of UK Progressive Rock Band KingBathmat)

Recent Reviews

""this album fits nicely alongside Russian Circles, Pelican and even Iron Maiden. It’s progressive metal meets post-metal with a ton of riffage. 95/100 powermetal

""this is something you will place on your top 5 albums of the year. It is well crafted, well conceived and meticulously produced. I don’t think there is anything in the genre that sounds quite like it! sphere

""has the potential to interest many, many people out there who can find anything or everything to love in this album"" headbangerreviews

""John Bassett's one-man band puts forth a dark, bleak, and apocalyptic sound"" Antimusic

Arcade Messiah combines elements of Metal, Stoner, Doom, Prog, Math rock, and ambient post rock into a sonic maelstrom of seven instrumental songs."

Robin Boult: Fish - embarks on a nationwide UK tour

Fish embarks on a nationwide UK tour at Exeter Phoenix on Saturday 6th December. The critically acclaimed progressive rock singer/songwriter and former lead singer of Marillion will be performing songs from his new album “A Feast Of Consequences”.

Originally set for May 2014, the tour had to be rescheduled due to guitarist, Robin Boult, contracting chicken-pox. Tickets already purchased are valid for the rescheduled shows.

Tickets for Fish’s concerts are available from the 24 hour box office: 0844 478 0898 or Further info can be found HERE.

Fish – December 2014 UK Tour
Exeter, Phoenix Saturday 6th December
Bristol, Fleece Sunday 7th December
Wolverhampton, The Robin Monday 8th December
Cardiff, Globe Tuesday 9th December
Norwich, Waterfront Thursday 11th December
London, Islington Assembly Hall Friday 12th December
Northampton, Roadmender Saturday 13th December
Reading, Sub 89 (New Show) Monday 15th December
Brighton, Concorde Tuesday 16th December
Holmfirth, Picturedrome Thursday 18th December
Liverpool, O2 Academy Friday 19th December
Sheffield, City Hall Saturday 20th December
Glasgow O2 ABC Monday 21st December

Brian Carroll: Buckethead - Magic Lantern - Pike 94

Brian Carroll: Buckethead -  Magic Lantern

1. Magic Lantern 06:29
2. Chess Roof 04:05
3. First Corridor 09:59
4. Wind From Where 03:44
5. Land of the Lanterns 05:07

released 27 November 2014

Niko Tsonev: Lifesigns near the last 9% of the pledge

Lifesigns are pleased to announce that we are into the last 9% of the pledge.We have 4 days left to take us over the 100% mark and make the DVD a reality. 

Lifesigns are pleased to announce that we are into the last 9% of the pledge.We have 4 days left to take us over the 100% mark and make the DVD a reality.
We've lined up 'Under The Bridge' at Chelsea Football Club as the venue and we hope you can help us with the last 9% we need to get there.
Thanks to all those who have contributed thus far....see you on the other side :-)

Jan Rivera: Advanced Rhythmic Concepts for Guitar - Foreword By Alex Machacek - one for the Christmas list

Jan Rivera - Advanced Rhythmic Concepts for Guitar; Foreword By Alex Machacek: (An in-depth study on Metric Modulation, Polyrhythms and Polymeters) (Book/Audio) (2014)

Advanced Rhythmic Concepts for Guitar is a step by step guide through the process of identifying, dissecting, constructing, practicing and applying: Metric Modulations, Polyrhythms, “Ratio” Polyrhythms, Polyrhythm Divisions/Polyrhythms within Polyrhythms, Intrinsic Polymeters, Extrinsic Polymeters, Polymetric Accompaniment, and Polymetric Improvisation. The book features audio examples and is displayed in both standard notation and guitar tablature.
“"...Some of the exercises here, while smartly explained and harmonically barebones, make Mahavishnu Orchestra seem like ZZ Top…”

- JazzTimes Magazine
“I wish I’d had this book 20 years ago…”

- ALEX MACHACEK (solo artist, "NOW" w/ Gary Husband, "In This Life" w/Virgil Donati, trio w/Terry Bozzio and Jimmy Johnson, "24 Tales" w/ Marco Minnemann)

"Jan Rivera's book is clear, thorough, and methodical, and will be an asset to anyone wishing to improve in the area of rhythm. Having the fluency to freely play with polyrhythms and polymeters is a valuable skill for the modern improvisor, and careful study of this book will provide the student with the tools needed to achieve this."
- BEN MONDER (solo artist, Miguel Zenón)

"Guitarist Jan Rivera has produced a thorough, easy to understand guide to metric modulation that will be very useful to any serious musician. There are hundreds of examples in this book illustrating and breaking down rhythmic concepts in pragmatic ways that will make their applications possible. Highly recommended".

"Rhythm is such an important and under nourished aspect of playing and studying music. Jan Rivera has come up with an informative, challenging and clear concept for understanding and using complex rhythms. The book is called "Advanced Rhythmic Concepts For Guitar", but I really feel that this book will benefit any musician; no matter what instrument they play. Just the Ratio Polyrhythms section is a great help in organizing one's thinking about that difficult subject. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is serious about improving their overall knowledge of how rhythms work and more importantly how to use them effectively."
-DEAN BROWN (Brecker Brothers, DB3 w/ Victor Wooten and Dennis Chambers)

“Jan Rivera’s Advanced Rhythmic Concepts for Guitar” is a very articulate course that takes the reader very deep into the rhythmic possibilities in music. Jan explains each rhythmic situation very clearly and offers plenty of practical musical examples of these rhythms. The examples are complete with guitar tablatures. This book is a very valuable source of information and inspiration for any guitarist at intermediate to advanced level. Highly recommended.”
- ANTTI KOTIKOSKI ("Cave Men" w/ Vinnie Colaiuta and J.K. Kleutgens, "Generator" w/ Richard Hallebeek, Frank Gambale, Scott Henderson, Scott Kinsey and Carl Verheyen)

"Jan Rivera's "Advanced Rhythmic Concepts for Guitar" book will definitely take your rhythm chops to a higher level. The studies are interesting, original, and in-depth. This book is definitely an essential item in any serious guitarist's library. I'm glad I already have my copy!"
- GUSTAVO ASSIS-BRASIL (Author: Hybrid Picking Lines and Licks for Guitar: Foreword by Guthrie Govan)

“Although there are countless of guitar books on the market relating to scales, modes, theory and licks, I can’t recall even one book that covers the topic of rhythm, much less polyrhythms. We guitarists are infamous for our total lack of rhythmic skills, so I definitely suggest this book if you want to set yourself apart from the competition. It is well written and easy to understand. I plan to dedicate part of my practice time to the exercises in the chapters. Thanks for putting this together Jan!”
- CHRIS JUERGENSEN (solo artist, Vice-Principal Tokyo School of Music, Author: The Infinite Guitar)

"A sophisticated rhythmic interplay is expected from the modern improviser. Finally, here is a book for guitarists who want to advance in their approach to rhythm. This book is beautifully laid out visually and very straight forward intellectually, presenting the information in easy to digest morsels. The cover art is inviting; it makes you want to look inside. And it's not just for guitarists."
- SID JACOBS (solo artist, Author: Mel Bay's Complete Book of Jazz Guitar | Modern Jazz Concepts for Guitar [Hal Leonard] )

Akihiko Onji: .strandberg* Boden7 OS - JTwo-Handed Fusion magic

Strandberg - Boden7 OS - Akihiko Onji
Akihiko Onji
Strandberg - Boden7 OS Prototype - Akihiko Onji - Improvisation

Eric Calderone: ESP Erock meets Aussie Metal interview - NAMM 2014

Eric Calderone: Erock meets Aussie Metal interview - NAMM 2014

Eric Erock Caldarone NAMM 2014 Guitar Gods Part 1

Eric Erock Caldarone NAMM 2014 Guitar Gods Part 2

Eric Erock Calderone performs Ghostbusters at Namm 2014

Eric Erock Calderone performs Africa at NAMM 2014

Eric Erock Calderone Hold the line ESP Booth NAMM Guitar Gods

Joe Chawki: Black Friday! super lesson deal!!!

Joe Chawki

Yooooooooooo.....!!!!!!! Check it. Mad free Skype or Google Hangout lessons for Black Friday. I mean, like, ridiculous amount of free lessons. And those who have been my students already here know how much of I give of myself! Most lessons include Guitar pro files as well. Take advantage of this package folks. You can space the lessons out as close together or as far apart as you'd like. Grab em now while the grabbin' is good. Just message me here for further details. *Check the comments section for some examples of my playing.
Book at