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Steven Wilson, Guthrie Govan: Hand. Cannot. Erase CD, DVD Blu Ray Pre Order

Steven Wilson, Guthrie Govan: Hand. Cannot. Erase

Hand. Cannot. Erase.' is the highly anticipated fourth studio album from Steven Wilson - four-time Grammy nominee and founder member of cult legends, Porcupine Tree.

The album is presented in an elaborately designed 96 page case-bound book, with several additional inserts - including a diary, a sketchbook, newspaper cutting, a letter etc - featuring artwork by long-term SW collaborators Lasse Hoile (photography), Hajo Mueller (illustrations) and Carl Glover (design).

Contents include:

- Hand. Cannot. Erase. album CD
- Original demos CD (exclusive to this edition and including music that did not make the final album)
- Blu-Ray containing hi resolution stereo & 5.1 audio (96/24 5.1 LPCM & DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1), seven additional alternative versions, mixes & radio edits, half-hour studio documentary, studio sessions photo gallery
- DVD-V containing stereo & 5.1 audio (DTS 96/24 5.1 & 96/24 Stereo LPCM)
The album follows the critical and commercial success of 2013's 'The Raven That Refused To Sing' (Germany #3, UK# 28) and an international run of sold-out shows, including London's prestigious Royal Albert Hall.

Joined by Guthrie Govan (guitar), Adam Holzman (keyboards), Nick Beggs (bass / stick), and Marco Minneman (drums) - all part of the world-class band that graced The Raven and the 2013/2014 world tours - Wilson recorded 'Hand. Cannot. Erase.' at the renowned Air Studios in London.

Pre-order for 2nd March 2015 release. Limited to one per customer

Please note that a limited number of copies of the Deluxe Edition will be available from selected mail order companies in the USA, Netherlands and Germany.
preorder (£49.99 GBP)


CD 1:

1 First Regret (2:01)
2 3 Years Older (10:18)
3 Hand Cannot Erase (4:13)
4 Perfect Life (4:43)
5 Routine (8:58)
6 Home Invasion (6:24)
7 Regret #9 (5:01)
8 Transience (2:45)
9 Ancestral (13:30)
10 Happy Returns (6:00)
11 Ascendant Here On... (1:54)

CD 2 - Extras:

1 First Regret (Demo) (2:28)
2 3 Years Older (Demo) (11:47)
3 Hand Cannot Erase (Demo) (4:52)
4 Routine (Demo) (10:06)
5 Key Of Skeleton (Demo) (4:06)
6 Ancestral (Demo) (13:42)
7 Happy Returns (Demo) (5:42)
8 Last Regret (Demo) (3:08)


1 First Regret (2:01)
2 3 Years Older (10:18)
3 Hand Cannot Erase (4:13)
4 Perfect Life (4:43)
5 Routine (8:58)
6 Home Invasion (6:24)
7 Regret #9 (5:01)
8 Transience (2:45)
9 Ancestral (13:30)
10 Happy Returns (6:00)
11 Ascendant Here On... (1:54)

Bonus Material:

Instrumental Versions of all album tracks (96/24 Stereo LPCM)
Studio Documentary filmed and edited by Lasse Hoile - 29 minutes
Photo Gallery - 36 photos from the studio sessions
First Regret (Alternate Mix) (2:05)
Hand Cannot Erase (Radio Edit) (3:25)
Perfect Life (Grand Union Mix) (7:43)
Routine (Ninet Solo Vocal Version) (8:58)
Regret #9 (Alternate Take) (4:17)
Happy Returns (Radio Edit) (3:53)
Piano Themes From Hand Cannot Erase


5.1 + Hi-Res stereo mix of each track (DTS 96/24 5.1 & 96/24 Stereo LPCM)


Studio Documentary - 29 Minutes
(Filmed and Edited by Lasse Hoile)
Photo Gallery
(36 photos from the studio sessions)

Nicolas Meier: Mr. MoonJune Recommends - new album available

Nicolas Meier: Mr. MoonJune Recommends
1. The Wind (Part III The Lightness Of The Wind) 04:58
2. Nicolas Meier Trio+ - October In Ankara06:00
3. Nicolas Meier Trios - Senses 06:59
4. Marble Dance 05:10
5. Sunset 01:51
6. Adiguzel 06:18
7. Déjà Vu 06:45
8. Pete Oxley & Nicolas Meier - Breeze07:57
9. Yemin 07:24
10.Eclectica - Flight Of The Bumblebee (Adagio) 05:04
11.Nicolas Meier: Modern Guitar Orchestra (feat. John Etheridge) - Guidance 05:02

In just a few short years UK-based Swiss guitarist Nicolas Meier has carved a reputation out as one of the UK’s most original guitarists. Drawing on a love of Turkish, Eastern music, Flamenco, Tango all mix with jazz, Meier has developed his own unique sound with his regular group (latest release was his eight album with his full band.) See Media page for more details.

London based Swiss guitarist Nicolas Meier is one of the stars of a vibrant British jazz scene, his trademark sound, as heard on his Naim albums, a mixture of Methenyesque jazz and spicy Turkish and world music rhythms.

While in 2006 Meier and his band won the prestigious Grand Prize Of The Jury and 1st Prize Jazz Guitar at Jazz a Juan Revelations 2006: A competition open to the finest new jazz musicians and bands in Europe and run by the legendary Jazz A Juan Festival. He has become increasingly well known in his adopted country where his Nicolas Meier Group featuring some incredible musicians (listed below) has toured extensively for the last 8 years.

Meier draws on a multitude of influences: Jazz, Flamenco, Latin and middle-eastern music are all passionately explored in a series of heartfelt acoustic modern jazz originals and all represent part of Meier’s musical and personal world. His wife Songul is Turkish and he has spent time there and in Spain and ‘Orient’ draws on the melodies and rhythms of both countries. Writing in the Guardian, John Fordham described Meier as” elegant in tone and bubbling with ideas… his originality as a writer, a player and a team leader dispatches any doubts” and described his debut album Orient as ‘a seductive balance of strong themes, inventive improvising and dynamic variety’.

Meier who was born in 73 first picked up the guitar when he was 12. His parents, both art lovers, had wide-ranging musical tastes and he was exposed to classical, jazz, Latin, flamenco, rock and pop. And it was an early gift from his father of Joe Satriani’s legendary ‘Surfing with the Aliens’ and Tony MacAlpine’s Maximum Security (major intelligent rock guitar-god albums) that first really convinced a young Meier to get practicing. Perhaps his old man was worried because he was subsequently taken on a family outing to the Montreux Jazz festival (in what would become an annual pilgrimage) where he heard Carlos Santana with special guest Wayne Shorter. And later that summer Meier was blown away when he saw John McLaughlin’s trio in Antibes (Trilok Gurtu and Jeff Berlin). In fact Mclaughlin’s album Live at the Royal Festival Hall would be a major influence on Meier with its mix of many styles.

Interestingly Meier’s passion for both rock and jazz persists to this day. Something he partly credits to his teacher Francis Coletta (at the Conservatoire Fribourg) who while inspiring a profound love of jazz and world music encouraged the young man to transcribe rock solos as well! In fact Meier is one of the rare musicians who plays both metal and jazz and has written books on both : ‘Heavy Metal part I: Rhythm Guitar’ and ‘Jazz part I: Chord Tones’. Both published by « ». Meier states of his two seemingly divergent loves :“I deeply love both styles. There is magic in each style that the other one doesn’t have. I just love metal’s power and energy and at the same time I love jazz’s deep emotion. Both styles can give high energy but in different directions or different worlds”.

Meier studied arranging with Max Jendly and Francis Boland before earning a scholarship to Berklee in Boston, USA and immersing himself in classic Amercian jazz (Parker, Coltrane, Miles etc) and playing acoustic jazz and fusion. He graduated and returned to Switzerland in 98 and formed the « Meier Group » who became festival regulars and he jammed in Montreux with the likes of Rachelle Ferrel, George Duke, Macy Gray and Will Calhoun. But Meier missed the vibe of Boston, the energy of America and looking around for somewhere that combined European culture and American ‘drive’ he settled on London as the perfect synthesis. Arriving in London Meier met drummer Asaf Sirkis who he credits with helping open his ears to Middle-Eastern music as well as helping him find his feet in London. “He is such a passionate player that I just had to keep playing with him whenever I could and I met Gilad Atzmon through him and many other great players”.

Meier’s Turkish wife Songul is a major influence on his music with the composition Last Rose on his debut album Orient a passionate tribute to her and his new album Silence Talks closes with A Rose In The Pyrenees remembering a happy holiday together. And they have travelled together in her home land. “I fell in love with Turkish rhythms, their instruments, their traditional songs and even their pop music which is very different to western pop drawing on eastern influences’ Other influences include pianist Chick Corea (who moves effortlessly between fusion and acoustic contexts) and of course Pat Metheny (who isn’t? asks Meier) but also the classic guitar album “Friday Night in San Francisco” by Al Di Meola, Paco de Lucia and John McLaughlin.“I loved all the styles they were playing, Latin and tango with Al, Flamenco with Paco, and Indian music with John. Which is one of the reasons that I love all these styles of music and wanted to explore them on this album.”He also cites the great Flamenco guitarist Tomatito as an influence from time spent in Sevilla and Barcelona with his friend and piano player Jose Reinoso.

Meier’s sound is rooted in his love of playing jazz on acoustic guitar, especially his Godin nylon string guitar. It’s a sound that lends itself especially to flamenco and middle-eastern music and it’s all these influences and more that Meier has so brilliantly fused together in his music. He also plays fretless acoustic guitar, which sounds something like a cross between an acoustic guitar and the oud (an Arabic stringed instrument) and the Saz, a traditional Turkish instrument. While his new album also features fretted and steel guitars, Godin glissentar (11 stringed insturment) and a baglama.

As well as leading his own band, Meier has worked with the likes of Harry Beckett, Dave O’Higgins, John Etheridge, Gilad Aztmon, Renato D’Aielo and Deidre Cartwright. He has also recorded “Guidance” featuring Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons with a guitar orchestra (acoustic, electric & synth guitars) for American Classical label Centaur and he continues to lead “Seven7” his nu-metal band as after two full length albums which have had outstanding reviews, will be back performing this summer

Meier is a guitar tutor at Goldsmiths University and at the “Academy of Contemporary Music” in Guildford.

Currently Nicolas Meier is touring worldwide with Jeff Beck.
released 04 August 2014

Mark Wingfield: Ten Shades Of Light - compilation album available

Mark Wingfield: Ten Shades Of Light
1. Mark Wingfield Group - That Time Again (from Liguid Maps) 07:19
2. Eight Shades Of Green (from Sleeper Street) 08:17
3. The Row (from Cinema Obscura) 06:40
4. Quadrants (from Guitar Encryption)04:54
5. Train Into The Reeds (from Fallen Cities) 15:51
6. Mark Wingfield, Jane Chapman, Iain Ballamy - Shufhah (from Three Windows) 05:16
7. Kevin Kastning / Mark Wingfield - From The Passing Of Summer (from In Stories) 04:57
8. Mark Wingfield / Kevin Kastning - Air Distance Transform (from I Walked Into The Silver Darkness) 05:43
9. Mark Wingfield / Kevin Kastning - The Hours Of Gesture (from Illustrated Silence) 03:26
10. Kevin Kastning / Mark Wingfield - Langsam Velata (from Dark Sonatas)04:53

Ten Shades Of Light by Mark WIngfield
(promo compilation by Leonardo Pavkovic, MoonJune Records)

Compiled from 10 albums (one tune from each album) of Mark WIngfield's solo albums and his collaborations with Kevin Kastning and René Von Grünig.


With Alex Machacek, possibly the greatest electric guitarist that has emerged in XXI century. Excited to release his new album "Proof Of Light" in February 2015, featuring Yaron Stavi on upright bass and Asaf Sirkis on drums. It's not often an album is released that is so daring in its approach and revolutionary in its delivery that it actually changes one's perspective of how music can be expressed and expands their vision of a genre. It is the great privilege and honor for MoonJune Records to present just such an album, with the MJR debut of the otherworldly guitar stylings of critically-acclaimed guitarist, Mark Wingfield, on his transcendent new album, "Proof of Light."
- Leonardo Pavkovic, MoonJune Records

For British electric guitarist Mark Wingfield, the words “organic” and “electronic” are not mutually exclusive. He explores highly-imaginative tones and colors via his instrument and it’s done without reliance on conventional effects, amps or pickups. His unique take on the guitar has served as the basis for an impressively diverse discography and dozens of compositions that showcase how he extends the guitar’s boundaries, as well as the many genres and influences he chooses to integrate into his work. A handful of the forms Wingfield’s output encompasses include jazz, rock, classical, and global sounds from Africa, India, Japan, and Turkey.
- Anil Prasad, Innerviews

Consistently brilliant and forward-thinking…unique and sophisticated....… Wingfield’s forward-thinking exploration of smart, swinging, and highly melodic globally informed jazz.
- Barry Cleveland, Guitar Player Magazine

Mark Wingfield shifts from Eno-esque ambient ripping rock-tinged abandon... to cinematic guitar-synth. … Dramatic, intriguing.
- Bill Milkowski, JazzTimes

Guitar innovator … Cinematic eloquence... command of electronic textures... and swooping-bird evocations.
- The Guardian

Literally scaling new heights sonically.
- Mark Tucker, FAME

Wingfield is proving to be a key proponent of adventurous, swinging and modern instrumental jazz-rock fusion in the 21st century.
- Robert Silverstein, MWE3
released 07 December 2014

Janek Gwizdala,Gary Husband: Motion Picture - bass maven back with new album pre order

Janek Gwizdala: Motion Picture
1. Motion Picture
2. Beachwood Canyon
3. Jimmy V 04:10
4. In Search Of The End
5. Bicycles
6. Jamestown
7. Minor Blues
8. Boström Bagatelle
9. Inside In
10. Taken


Recorded on September 22nd at The Bunker Studios Brooklyn NY by John Davis. Mixed on October 24th at The Bunker Studios Brooklyn by John Davis. Mastered on November 20th at the Vault Mastering Studios AZ by Nathan James. All compositions by Janek Gwizdala. Produced by Janek Gwizdala.


releases 23 December 2014

Janek Gwizdala - Bass/all compositions/Producer, Nir Felder - Guitar, Gary Husband - drums Jeff Babko Keys (Tracks 2, 3, 4, and 5)

Artwork and photography by Jonas Boström

Christian Muenzner, Tom Geldschläger: Beyond The Wall Of Sleep live in Düsseldorf, Germany. December 5th, 2014

Christian Muenzner. Beyond The Wall Of Sleep live in Düsseldorf, Germany. December 5th, 2014.

Christian Muenzner. Beyond The Wall Of Sleep live in Düsseldorf, Germany. December 5th, 2014.

Christian Muenzner Beyond The Wall Of Sleep live. The Tell-Tale Heart

News: Timbre Cases - Kickstarter Next Generation Instrument Protection - the end of broken guitars?

Timbre Cases // A Kickstarter for Next Generation Instrument Protection

Pete and the team at Timbre Cases ( are a great new face entering the guitar gear community!

Timbre Cases have launched a next generation guitar case on Kickstarter that aims to change the way guitarists travel with their most valued instrument. The first edition case is the DNone (for the Dreadnought acoustic) and they have just released their OMone (fit for the Orchestra Model)

The cases include first-of-its-kind features: recessed latches, torqued hinges, wheels for easy glide, and two-way humidity control.

AND to show the guitar community just how solid these cases are, the guys put together a little video ;)

The SLEDGEHAMMER vs. Guitar Case Test:

We’d love your support! We would really appreciate any way you can help spread the word for the final stretch of their Kickstarter campaign (ending Midnight EST, December 17, 2014).

News: National Learn To Play Day 2015 – The Biggest Ever

National Learn To Play Day 2015 – The Biggest Ever

"The fourth National Learn To Play Day will take place on Saturday 21st March 2015 (with some venues participating on Sunday 22nd as well!) and it promises to be the biggest one ever. There will be more venues taking part, more events being held, more celebrities supporting the day and even more FREE music taster lessons. The National Learn To Play Day is the ideal way to start, or get back into, playing a musical instrument, whatever you would like to play.

The UK musical instrument industry charity, Music For All, has once again been working hard with its partners:  The Musicians’ Union, the Take it away scheme, Rockschool and, instrument manufacturers, music shops and venues to create and deliver a day that inspires everyone, young and old, to join in an amazing musical learning experience and opportunity.

Jools Holland, Patron for the charity, commented, ""Whether you used to play or whether you have always wanted to play… this is the day for you. I am delighted to help Music for All in their quest to inspire more people to participate in music making, either for the first time or to return to playing after having lapsed. I hope that my involvement will help the charity reach more people and get more people ""having a go"".

Whatever musical instrument you’ve wanted to play, the National Learn To Play Day is the perfect opportunity to get a free lesson in one of the many venues all over the UK. There will be over 10,000 FREE lessons delivered by fully qualified music teachers on a range of instruments including guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, violin, piano, trumpet, oboe, percussion and many others including DJ mixing and singing. The aim is to ensure everyone taking part will have the opportunity to play something before they leave and afterwards, there will be promotions to get money off buying equipment and special offers on further music lessons.

There will be a host of fun events around the day with many celebrities taking part. Previous years have seen the cast of hit west end show ‘Once’, Al Murray, Harry Hill, Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason all giving free music lessons as well as bands such as Lawson and Lower Than Atlantis visiting and showing members of the public how to play. To add to the carnival atmosphere, venues have put on Caribbean steel bands, buskers and invited local celebrities to take part.

Remember… Saturday 21st March 2015 is National Learn To Play Day – make it a date!

Full details of the event and all participating venues can be found at

Bartek Beben: TH2 Overloud - Metal Heads - download preset pack,

TH2 Overloud - Metal Heads,
Sound You hear is 100% preset, no other plugins or software used.

00:01 US 5150
00:14 Solid State Metal
00:20 JCM 900
00:26 US Rectifier
00:32 Slo100

Song: Cowboys Legacy - new album:

Before installing TH2 get ASIO4ALL drivers and set the lowest ASIO buffer size possible.

What I used to make this happen:

Godin Redline 2, Mackie Onyx Blackjack, TH2.

Find me on Facebook and Twitter.

© 2014 by Bartek Beben

Truth In Shredding: Gets a new Album Page and Submission Form

Truth In Shredding Amazon powered Guitar Albums and More Shop

Also, I'm trying to improve the overall operation of getting new album details from those who want to promote their work. To that end I have added a new form specifically for albums that should enable me to assist you more easily.

Submit your album for inclusion

I have also changed the album page to a Google Sheets document to enable A to Z sorting of artists and easier management of the page.

New A to Z of Albums of Sale 

Let me know what you think