Friday, 12 December 2014

Chris Gordon: plays Yngwie's Guitar from the Rising Force album!

Yngwie's Guitar
Chris Gordon
This amazing guitar is on loan from the great Joe Mass! This guitar once belonged to Yngwie and was used on the Rising Force album!

Joe Bonamassa: Young Man Blues - Live from Beacon Theatre

Joe Bonamassa - Young Man Blues - Live from Beacon Theatre
The song was taken from “Beacon Theatre Live from New York” DVD and is owned by record label J&R Adventures, LLC, the operator of this channel.
The song “Young Man Blues” was originally written by Mose Allison. Publisher: Audre Mae Music Co. (BMI)
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Joe Bonamassa performs "Young Man Blues" live at the Beacon Theatre in New York City. This amazing performance was recorded and released on Joe's "Beacon Theatre Live from New York" DVD.

Dave Brons: We reached the goal £6000 / $9000!

We reached the goal £6000 / $9000!
I can't believe it! We did it! I wouldn't have been possible without you guys on the mailing list. You guys who get my emails are my biggest supporters and very very special to me. So many of you (most of you, in fact) have been SO generous!
Here is a Oscar style thankyou video. I couldn't help myself I was SO overjoyed to reach the goal!

Here is a link to an article in the local newspaper. Dave Brons in TNA

What have I learnt?
Well I have learnt that the word Impossible is starting to disappear from my vocabulary. I have also learnt that some of the most generous supporters have been those who I've shown kindness too, or been generous too, never expecting anything in return. This is challenging because as I get busier it would be easy for me to get too busy to keep investing into others. So its up to you guys to keep me on my toes!
Read on for my first exclusive thankyou for subscribers...

I promised 2GB of goodies for guitarists.
Yep, so if you ARE a GUITARIST, hit reply to this email and I'll send you a link. I need to test the link before I send it to everybody. To be honest it would be good to know who the guitarists/non guitarists are so I can improve my mail outs for you guys. So just let me know either way!

Yeah but what about subscribers who aren't guitarists but are music lovers?
Well hit reply and tell me what you'd like from me. I want everybody on this mailing list to feel like they are appreciated. I'm a guitar player so doing guitarist oriented stuff is easy, but I know that loads of you here don't play guitar....So what would you like from me? TELL ME! ha ha! Just hit reply to the email.

Thanks again
Everytime you open and read these mails, I feel so grateful. Take care!

Dave Brons

Carlo Losavio: Master Funk Trio - guitar synth - brass instruments

Carlo Losavio says: Master Funk Trio - Recording Studio - Jean Pierre ( M.Davis )

Master Funk Trio - Recording Studio - Jean Pierre ( M.Davis )

Ivano Icardi: Remember To Fly - very tasteful - enjoy!

Guitars: Ivano Icardi
Bass: Lorenzo Poli
Drums: Lele Melotti
Mix: Fabrizio Grossi
Mastering: Peter Doell
Publisher: Soundiva

Director: Stefano Rizzo
Camera operators: Stefano Rizzo, Giuliano Tricarico
D.o.p.: Stefano Rizzo
Editing and post production: Stefano Rizzo

A Very Special Thx To:
Bogner Amplification, Tc Electronic, Spaghetti Guitar Tools

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Ivano Icardi - Remember To Fly (Feat. Lele Melotti & Lorenzo Poli)

Yngwie Malmsteen: Spellbound - Live in Orlando [DVD]

1. Rising Force
2. Spellbound
3. Daemon Dry Var
4. Ovu~achua
5. From A Thousand Katz
6. Crown-of-Thorns
7. Concerto # 4
8. Adagio
9. Far Beyond The Sun
10. Acoustic Parafureizu
11. Prelude-to-April
12. Dreaming
13. Gates Of Babylon
14. Into Valhalla
15. Baroque & Roll
16. Red Devil
17. cadenza # 1
18. Trilogy suit
19. cadenza # 2
20. Guitar Solo
21. fugue
22. Drum Solo
23. Heaven Tonight
24. Acoustic cadenza
25. Black Star
26. Isle Sea The Light Tonight