Monday, 15 December 2014

Andy James: Diary Of Hells Guitar - Lesson Part 1 of 9

Andy James [New FREE Video] - Diary Of Hells Guitar - Lesson Part 1 - of 9

Check out Part 1 of the HUGE 70 minute, 9 part DOHG lesson which comes with the DOHG 'KILLER Pack', AND is available to ALL Academy members...

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- 70 minute 9-part DOHG HD video lesson with AJ
- PDF Booklet with DOHG Photo Library
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- Behind The Scenes In The Studio 'Spy-Cam' footage (over 5 hours!!!)

Andy James [New FREE Video] - Diary Of Hells Guitar - Lesson Part 1 (of 9)

Derek Taylor, Brett Stine: The Whiskey Jam - oh the insanity - Christmas came early!

Empire Sound Studio Jam
Derek Taylor Guitar
Brett Stine Guitar
Bryan Geddie Bass
Alex Gerst Drums

Derek Taylor & Brett Stine The Whiskey Jam

John Kiefer: Tallis' Canon - 1561 Thomas Tallis

all praise to thee, my god, this night
ca. 1561 thomas tallis

tallis' canon

Lorenzo Venza: Tech 21 Fly Rig 5 sansamp video demo

Demo with flyrig5 the SansAmp.
With many amps I like a lot, definitely I will use it in the contexts of his competence, live it seems a bit 'too "fuzzoso" and knead enough bass style "distorter Live" (but there who likes all this, so it's not necessarily a bad thing, I love you too much to blow the final)
The stamp is in any case very hot, there's a great dynamic and the delay is not too bad: honestly, the value for money; is definitely great.
Sorry fairly hasty executions, but the sound is heard: here I used two I would use normally, a crunch and a lead not too fired, basically.

Tech 21 Fly Rig 5 sansamp video demo

Andre Tonelli: Scale Sequence - breaking out of the Groups of Four

Scale sequences are a great way to improve your scale knowledge. technique, and musicality, all at the same time! There are several ways to do this, and throughout the more than 200 videos of this series, Andre will teach you a few, but feel free to explore further!


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14. Scale Sequence (Groups of Four) - Explanation

Lucas Zembrzuski: hybrid jam over ubiqitous funky backing track

Lucas Zembrzuski: hybrid jam over ubiqitous funky backing track

Funktrack #1

Rob Balducci: Band - Live Bowery Electric Japan

Here is few snippet from Last night show!! 12/14/14 at The Bowery Electric for the Japan Charity show.. Kenji Tajima - Drums and Andrew Golba - Bass

The Rob Balducci Band - Live Bowery Electric - Japan Summit Charity Event

Martin Andres,Matt Shaheen: Pomegranate Tiger - New Breed.

LIVE music video for the song New Breed.
This video is a compilation of shots from Aug 4-10, 2014 while on tour with Protest the Hero.

POMEGRANATE TIGER - New Breed **LIVE** Aug 4-10 2014

Laura Klinkert: endorses Jim Dunlop Guitar Products

Jim Dunlop Guitar Products

Watch Dunlop strings and picks artist Laura Klinkert rock her version of Guthrie Govan (Official) Blues Mutations 2 here:

Blues Mutations 2 - Guthrie Govan - cover by Laura Klinkert

Laura Klinkert: fusion improvisations

João Luzio, Gonçalo Pereira: P.A.T.CH great track from Genuine & Odd Distractions

João Luzio Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone is fine. It gives me great Joy to share with You this track because I had the chance of sharing Music with some amazing Musicians (João Colaço - Drums; Seth Govan - Bass) but I also had the opportunity of sharing some Solos and Harmonies with a someone who I Musically admire for all the work he has done so far. And he is Portuguese. Gonçalo Pereira, Thank You for your time and work!!

CD Baby:

João Luzio, Gonçalo Pereira: Genuine & Odd Distractions
1. Revive
2. Genuine Days 05:53
3. Symbiotic Interaction
4. Odd Rock
5. Blind Thoughts
6. Saudades de Casa (Missing Home)
7. Seventh Thirteen
8. David Levou o Martelo (Na Sua Viagem Espacial)
9. Debating in Sanity
10. 6776 04:35
11. P.A.T.CH 05:18

João Luzio - Genuine & Odd Distractions (2014)


Seth Govan - Bass (UK) - Tracks 1, 2 ,4, 7, 10 and 11
João Colaço - Drums (Portugal) - Tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 10 and 11
Massimo Cavalli - Bass (Italy) - Tracks 5 and 8
Goncalo Pereira - Guitar (Portugal) - Track 11
Fabio Ramos - Drums (Portugal) - Track 8

João Luzio - P.A.T.CH (Genuine & Odd Distractions)

Michael Angelo Batio, Courtney Cox: Heads up for the 8th Annual NAMM Metal Jam!

The 8th Annual NAMM Metal Jam will include current/former members of Anthrax, Dio, Savatage, Great White, Lizzy Borden, and more. The 2015 event benefits the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up And Shout Cancer Fund and Dick Wagner's Rockers For St. Jude.

December 15, 2014 - ANAHEIM, CA. -- Von Badsville & Neil Turbin Presents NAMM Metal Jam 2015 to benefit the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund and Dick Wagner’s Rockers for St. Jude. The 8th annual event will feature current/former members of Anthrax, Dio, DeathRiders, Alcatrazz, Arthemis, Great White, Exciter, Hurricane, Jon Oliva's Pain, Femme Fatale, Leatherwolf, Lizzy Borden, London, Lynch Mob, Nitro, Bleed The Hunger, Obituary, Savatage, Snow, Steel Prophet, Deicide, Talisman, Sabbath Judas Sabbath, The Iron Maidens and more. .NAMM Metal Jam 2015 will be held on January 21, 2015, at The Slidebar Fullerton, only 5 miles from Anaheim Convention Center. Advance tickets are available for $15 at Tickets can be purchased at the door for $20. A NAMM badge is not required for admission. For more information, visit

NAMM Metal Jam 2015 will feature an outstanding roster of 40+ NAMM Metal All Stars performing classics by Monsters Of Metal. This is the 8th annual event, which started in 2008 as Neil and Michael’s Metal Jam. Very special guest artists will be announced closer to the event date.

NAMM Metal Allstars Jam to include:

Michael Angelo Batio of Nitro, Holland - Guitar
Andy Martongelli of Arthemis - Guitar
Howie Simon of Alcatrazz, Talisman - Guitar
Thane Farace of Ghost Of War - Guitar
Xander Demos of XDB, Sabbath Judas Sabbath - Guitar
Mike Hansen of Hurricane, Bouilliet - Drums
Michael Olivieri of Leatherwolf - Vocals, Guitar
Tony Cavazo of Hurricane, Snow, Dubrow, Aeromyth - Bass
Courtney Cox of The Iron Maidens, Femme Fatale - Guitar
Jerry Best of Lion, Dio, Freak Of Nature - Bass
Robby Lochner of Jack Russell's Great White, Fight - Guitar
Eric Ragno of London, Graham Bonnet, Joe Lynn Turner, White Sister - Keyboards
Carlos Zema of Immortal Guardian, Outworld - Vocals
Bill Hudson of Westfield Massacre, Jon Oliva's Pain, Cellador, Vital Remains, Circle II Circle - Guitar
Neil Turbin of DeathRiders, Bleed The Hunger, x-Anthrax, x-Onslaught - Vocals
Marten Andersson of Lizzy Borden, Lynch Mob – Bass Gabriel Guardian of Immortal Guardian - Guitar, Keyboards
Steve Kachinsky of Steel Prophet - Guitar
Ralph Santolla of Obituary, Deicide - Guitar
Dean Roberts of Leatherwolf - Drums
Jyro Alejo of Immortal Guardian - Guitar
Ronnie Peterson of Ghost Of War - Vocals
Dan Lauzon of Entropy - Guitar
Jack Frost of Seven Witches, Savatage - Guitar
Greg Walls of x-Anthrax - Guitar
Gary Daniels of Ghost Of War - Bass
Clammy Cohen of x-Exciter - Bass
Ronny North of Ronny North Band - Guitar
Doug Readmond of Ghost Of War - Drums
Greg Erba of Leatherwolf - Guitars
Rob Math of Leatherwolf - Guitars
Pat Guyton of Leatherwolf Bass
Cody Gilliand of Immortal Guardian - Drums
Thad Stevens of Immortal Guardian - Bass
Rik Charron of x-Exciter - Drums
Neal Shelton of Pyromania, Aeromyth, Painkiller - Guitar
Michael Warren of RockAstra, Michael Warren Band - Guitar
Kleber Mandrake of Axehammer - Vocals
Dave Keckhut of Made N America, Big Swede - Vocals
Mike Kerr of Mike Kerr Band - Guitar

More NAMM Metal Allstars to be announced soon!!

Antonello Giliberto, Dino Fiorenza: First day light a the Monastery - crazy bass for the new album

Antonello Giliberto
My great friend and supershred bassist Dino Fiorenza is currently completing his recordings for my new album Journey Through My Memory!
Here's a brutal extract!

One extract by Antonello Giliberto's Album

First day light a the Monastery _ Journey through my menory

Waiting to release a full album
Get power

First day light a the Monastery

Millisa Henderson: Vince Guaraldi's Christmas Time Is Here - as arranged by Steve Vai

12-14-14 - Christmas guitar recital, John Michael's Music Academy, held at The Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame, Muskogee, OK (first try at performing this live--had a week to learn this for the recital--have to play it a few more times, so will keep working on it!)

Millisa Henderson--Vince Guaraldi's "Christmas Time Is Here" (Steve Vai arr.)

Scott Gailor: Technicolor/Monochrome - Kickstarter fundraiser for instrumental album

Scott Gailor: Technicolor/Monochrome - Kickstarter fundraiser for instrumental album

In 2005 I wanted to record my first all instrumental cd. I had just come off a very strong showing in Guitarmageddon in 2004 and felt it was finally time! Well fate stepped up and a few great things started to happen. My band KIDD HAVOK was picked up by SunCity's Records for a 2 album deal. We played a ton of great shows with Cinderella, Ratt, John Corabi, Poison, Yngwie Malmsteen, Sebastian Bach, Kings X, Extreme, Dokken and more. The first cd Roll The Dice did great (The best seller in SunCity's Catalog) . When we turned in the second cd “Dirty Money” the label folded. We went with an all digital release which did very well. But I decided to put the band on hold so I could finally start my CD.

Check out the list of goodies:

Scott Gailor - G Body Shuffle - Technicolor/MonoChrome

Marga Abejo, Jenny de Vera, Angelica Vinculado: Triple Fret - 3 Girls, 6 Hands, 1 Guitar

Triple Fret's Marga Abejo, Jenny De Vera and Iqui Vinculado play the Jamaican classic "Calypso" in this awesome video filmed at the Radio Republic studio. It sure was fun watching 3 girls use all their 6 hands to play one guitar, that's something we've never seen before!

After having come from a successful European tour and winning the Tarrega Guitar Fest in Malaysia, we had the girls come over for an interview, when we asked them if they'd be willing to play, they said sure, and came up with this piece. Thanks girls, this was awesome!

Check out more of Triple Fret by clicking here:

3 Girls, 6 Hands, 1 Guitar - Triple Fret's Calypso