Friday, 19 December 2014

Nicolas Waldo: Paganini Caprice No 5 on Guitar - clean tone

Paganini Caprice No 5 on Guitar - Nicolas Waldo // Clean Tone
Music by Niccoló Paganini - Interpreted by Nicolas Waldo

Paganini Caprice No 5 on Guitar - Nicolas Waldo (Clean Tone)

Rick Graham: The Guitar Gym: Legato Workout

Hi guys, this is a clip from a brand new lesson I have just released. Learn it y'all! Get the full download here:

The Guitar Gym: Legato Workout - Rick Graham

Dave Locke: Throwing It All Away - Genesis

I was lucky to hear a bit of the new album that Dave is working on... sounding awesome... meantime another impeccable cover.

First video in months, hope you enjoy. I've used my Fret-King Corona 60 Stvdio through a Laboga Alligator Profile on the Kemper.

Throwing It All Away - Genesis - David Locke

Roberto Restuccia: with Coffee Break Grooves | Soul guitar jam

Guitar jam with a Soul backing track from Coffee Break Grooves

Coffee Break Grooves brings you an inspiring collection of instrumental backing tracks for both professionals and novices.

Recorded by top session players in a wide range of keys and tempos. Coffee Break Grooves backing tracks are all 15 minutes long giving you plenty of time to develop your creative ideas or simply nail those licks you’ve been working on.

All of our backing tracks are the highest quality 320 kbps MP3 files rendered from 24-bit master recordings and are available for purchase as instant downloads.

Our backing tracks come in a wide variety of styles including, Smooth Jazz, Blues, Rock, Jazz Fusion, Soul, Chill, Acid Jazz, Smooth R&B, Funk, Latin Jazz and Reggae.

Roberto Restuccia with Coffee Break Grooves | Soul guitar jam

Fayeed Tan: Diet Coke Milky Way by FT

Hope you guys dig my new song. Support the channel click like & subscribe if you want more.

Pedals by Apax Pinoy Pedals (Philippine brand) check them out through the links below. Thanks!

Diet Coke Milky Way by FT (original)

Andre Nieri, Virgil Donati, Artyom Manukyan: REHEARSAL in Los Angeles, Dec 2014

Cello, guitar,drums - running the bridge line from 'Paradise Lost'.
Guitar - Andre Nieri
Drums - Virgil Donati
Cello - Artyom Manukyan.

Andre Nieri, Virgil Donati, Artyom Manukyan REHEARSAL (Los Angeles, Dec 2014)

Giorgio Rovati: It's Time - announces third album available

Giorgio Rovati: It's Time

"It's Time", the new soloist album of Giorgio Rovati, it's available on Amazon and iTunes:

Giorgio Rovati - It's Time - NEW ALBUM

Marty Friedman: 日本語字幕 interview at the 2014 PRS Experience Tokyo


この動画は、2014 PRS Experience in Tokyoのマーティーのバックステージの映像です。

〜石橋楽器English YouTube Channel製作〜

This is very exciting. An exclusive backstage interview with Marty Friedman. This version has Japanese Subtitles. If you want to watch it without go to this link:

Marty Friedman 日本語字幕 interview at the 2014 PRS Experience Tokyo

Lee Wrathe: Gibson Traditional 2015 "Hope" playthrough

During the demo for the Gibson Traditional 2015, I played through a version of one of my tunes called "Hope" From my album 'Ninja Guitar' from a few years ago. If you have a copy of the album, I hope you enjoy this version and if you don't have a copy you can pick it up for FREE here (along with a more recent album 'Singularity')
You can also see the full review of this guitar here.
Gibson Traditional 2015 "Hope" playthrough - Lee Wrathe

Jakub Żyteck: Debut Album Teaser - looking forward to this one!

This is the first little snippet of what I've been working on for a past 8 months.
Artwork was made by my brother Michal Zytecki who's gonna make much more colorful stuff for the whole LP. :D
His FB page:

Thank you for watching! I really hope you enjoyed this little minute of music, because in March 2015, you're gonna have 59 minutes more hehe. :)

My FB page:
My SoundCloud page:

Much loooooove

Jakub Zytecki - Debut Album Teaser #1

Jani J Szentkiralyi, Atma Anur: work in progress" recording sessions for the CD

atma anur
A few clips from our "work in progress" recording sessions. CD release in Spring 2015... Jonnie White, "O", Pio, Tee and Liv... Rawk!

Brian Carroll: Buckethead - Pilot - Pike 98!!

Brian Carroll: Buckethead - Pilot!
Brian Carroll: Buckethead - Pilot - Pike 98!!

1. Pilot 1 02:51
2. Pilot 2 02:59
3. Pilot 3 03:25
4. Pilot 4 03:21
5. Pilot 5 05:06
6. Pilot 6 03:42
7. Pilot 7 03:07
8. Pilot 8 02:00
9. Pilot 9 02:43

Al Joseph: Djent Style Grooves

Al Joseph: Djent Style Grooves

Al Joseph is back, and this time he's not being djentle with you; he means business!

Al fuses many metal guitar styles with his own brand of creativity and technique to produce a melodic and rhythmic roller coaster ride that you won't forget!

Were looking at a classic 5 track pack here with each track bringing something new and fresh to the table. Al shows you exactly how to tackle challenging time signatures such as 7/4, 5/4 and the sometimes tricky 6/4, and GROOVE while doing so! For the theory buffs there are plenty of interesting melodic choices being made from Phrygian Dominant ideas, outside playing with the Whole/half Diminished scale, harmonic minor, pentatonic and plenty of Mixolydian!

For those of you looking to get some gains in the technique department, Al is overflowing with challenging picking patterns, string skipping licks and what metal tracks would be complete without an abundance of tapping? It's not all shred though, Al has some really great moments playing more sparse melodic lines and is an absolute spot on example of how to blend in and interact with your band/backing track. One of the most important parts of being a musician is to listen to the music around you and this guy know EXACTLY how to do just that.

The backing tracks in this pack are a real treat. From driving Djent grooves to 'out there' measures in odd time signatures combined with unusual accent, these tracks will push you to your limits and back and encourage you to think creatively.

As ever, we have accurately transcribed every note and included the TAB/notation in the download, full backing tracks, audio solos and track notes.

Download right now, or Premium Members hit the +MyTracks button and get instant streaming access!

5 solo tracks
5 backing tracks
5 video performances
Tab/Notation (PDF/Powertab)
Bonus track notes

Michael Angelo Batio: Brand new web site

Michael Angelo Batio Official

My BRAND NEW website is on line now! I have 2 new DVDs available! Also, all 11 of my solo albums are now available for digital downloads - complete with bonus tracks and audio samples of every song!

Isao Fujita: ESP Guitars: E-II HRF NT-8B Demonstration

ISAO(Spark7,Cube-Ray,Trimurti.)による、E-II HRF NT-8Bを使用してのデモンストレーションです。

music : HEL / TRIMURTI

ISAO Twitter

ESP Guitars Official Website (JP)

ESP Guitars: E-II HRF NT-8B Demonstration featuring ISAO

Ai Onuma,Nagasaki Shoko : Flow of time = live perfromance at the Silver Elephant - JFusion

Sasaki played by the show yet (gt) Ai Onuma (key) Nagasaki Shoko (key) Iwanaga Chennai (ba) Star Mountain Tetsuya ( dr)
Music by Onuma thou I 2014.1.7 @ silver elephant

flow of time