Sunday, 11 January 2015

Justasssu: Tom Quayle and George Marios transcriptions and licking - impressive implementation!

Impressive implementation!... hey I can even forgive the portrait guitar because this is so good!

Couple of lines I've transcribed from Tom Quayle. The beginning part of the last lick uses phrases that I transcribed from George Marios. Rest of it just uses 2 notes per string ascending pentatonics sequenced in different ways, and descending 3 notes per string pentatonics sequenced in groups of fives.

Tom Quayle transcriptions and licking

Caio Fabio: Bass got wunderkind too - killer stuff!

Thanks to Ms Bass Marie Takahashi

Hey FB world! Meet the newest wunderkind, Caio Fabio from São Paulo Brasil. Only a sophomore in high-school, yet he exhibits musicality and maturity I rarely see in many older bassists. And this vid PROVES that you DON'T need a $5000 bass or $4000 setup or a $200/hr recording studio and hours of mixing/mastering to SOUND GREAT!!! Completely self-taught and playing strictly BY EAR AND FEEL, Caio plays his version of a bassline to the song "Yellow" by Cleverson Silva and Fernando Rosa. Please take the 5 minutes to watch though his video, you will NOT be disappointed. (And for any frequent trolls, please think about how good YOU were when you were 15 before making any smartass comments. Thanks

"Yellow" Cleverson Silva e Fernando Rosa cover