Monday, 26 January 2015

Nita Strauss, Courtney Cox: feature in the Shreddelicious group guitar meeting NAMM 2015

This shot from 2014

I have just flown back across the Atlantic after a hectic few days at the annual NAMM show.  As part of the visit Shreddelicious organised a mass get together of female guitar players from across the globe for a quick photo shoot.   I have to thank all those that could attend for being there to make this special occasion a reality. 

Extra special thanks go to both Nita Strauss and Courtney Cox who managed to find the time from their hectic schedules to be in the photo. 

Plus an extra special thanks to Jack Lue , our photographer, whose sterling work behind the scenes to get this shot and to get other NAMM photos that will be posted soon.

So without further ado.... Check out the latest photo NAMM 2015

Rusty Cooley: signature Dean Guitars - NAMM 2015 - Click 4 Details!

View the entire 2015 line-up here

BUY NOW and pre-order options available for select Deans! Click the link(s) above for purchase details.

Dean Guitars 2015 N.A.M.M. Highlights - Rusty Cooley Series Electric Guitars

John Huldt: Cristoph Kemper talks about Kemper Profiling Amp With 3.0 Firmware NAMM 2015

NAMM 2015: Kemper Profiling Amp With 3.0 Firmware Cristoph Kemper talks us through the new updates

NAMM 2015: Kemper Profiling Amp With 3.0 Firmware

Andy Wood: Frying a Friedman amp NAMM 2015

Andy Wood: Frying a Friedman amp NAMM 2015

Friedman Andy Wood NAMM 2015

Martin Miller, Tom Quayle: secret gig Port City Amps

Martin Miller, Tom Quayle: secret gig Port City Amps

MM TQ Super 8 - 4

MM TQ Super 8 - 3

MM TQ Super 8 - 2

MM TQ Super 8 - 1

Luis Kalil: ESP booth NAMM 2015

Yes, only 14 year old I know would ever attempt to play Speed Metal Symphony at NAMM booth! Little guy has got great touch and tone.

Luis kalil - Perpetual Burn

Chris Letchford: Lightbox - Piedra Falls

Chris Letchford: Lightbox
Track Listing:
1. The Star Boys
2. Earthen
3. Sign Of Four
4. Zodiac
5. Rayless
6. In Force
7. Piedra Falls
8. Pearl
9. Ghost Orchid
10. The Gentlemen

The line-up:
Guitar: Chris Letchford
Bass: Evan Brewer (4 songs)
Bass: Mark Michell (6 songs)
Drums: Steven Padin (The Reign Of Kindo)
Piano: Danny Pizarro (The Reign Of Kindo)(6 songs)
Piano: Steven Padin (The Reign Of Kindo) (4 songs)

Includes unlimited streaming of LIGHTBOX via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
Around 15 years ago, I was vacationing with my family in Pagosa Springs, CO. We would go to Piedra Falls every time we would come to visit. The rock walls seen behind me in this video have "climb me" written all over them, and I was never allowed as a kid to climb them for good reason. This year ended up being a trip I would never forget. I was fly fishing from one of the giant boulders watching a girl attempt to climb the rocks on the left side of the waterfall. She made it near the top and then fell. I heard her scream and turned around to see her fall around 100 feet to her death. She was then pushed down and under the waterfall. It took almost 3 hours for a scuba team to arrive and retrieve her body, it's likely that she died on impact. While working on this song its sad vibe constantly reminded me of witnessing this girl lose her life. It has stuck with every since and I'll never forget it. I decided to hike back up to these falls with my fiance to film the play through of this song in her honor. I have searched everywhere for the article to get her name so I could dedicate the song and video to her, but was unsuccessful.

Hope you guys enjoy the song and the video." -Chris

Download the record over at
Or get it on Itunes:

Limited edition vinyl, cds, guitar tab books, shirts, and guitar picks available

"LIGHTBOX" features
Steve Padin - Drums & Piano (The Reign Of Kindo)
Daniel Pizarrio - Piano (The Reign Of Kindo)
Evan Brewer - Bass (Solo, The Faceless)
Mark Michell - Bass (Scale The Summit)

Guitar used in this video is Chris' signature Strandberg Boden CL7 in Chocolate,
EMG Pickups (57/66) metal works set in brushed gold.

Chris Letchford • "Piedra Falls" • Guitar Play Through

Alex Hutchings: Roland Eric Johnson Blues Cube Tone Capsule

So what is the Blues Cube amp that Eric heard that day? The reinvented Blues Cube series launches the classic 1x12 combo amp into a new era, combining genuine tube sound and response with modern reliability and easy portability. Going far beyond modeling, Roland’s Tube Logic design philosophy starts with carefully reproducing the inner workings of the revered tweed-era tube amp in every way, from guitar input to speaker output. Versatile clean and crunch channels can be used independently or combined for a complex range of tones, while variable output power modes let you dial in burning, full-throttle sound at any volume. Road-tested and fine-tuned with feedback from top players, the gig-ready Blues Cube delivers the sweet, magical tone and satisfying feel that makes a great guitar amp a highly expressive musical instrument.

The plan was set. Blues Cube amplifiers would ship with a sweet vintage tone right out of the box. Eric’s custom Blues Cube tone, however, would be made available in a new and exciting product: the Eric Johnson Tone Capsule. The Tone Capsule is a modification circuit unit that changes the tube circuit characteristic of the original Blues Cube and attaches under the amp chassis. Once connected, the circuit modification on the Tone Capsule changes the tuning of the amp giving you custom tones and responses. The Tube Logic design physically amplifies the analog discrete circuit with characteristics produced by DSP circuits. Blues Cube’s basic sound quality is built upon the physical preamp and power amp. The analog discrete circuit and DSP circuit working together produce a very advanced path to tone.

NAMM '15 - Roland Eric Johnson Blues Cube Tone Capsule Demo

Jason Becker: Carvin Guitars Kiesel Guitars Namm 2015

Namm 2015 Carvin Guitar Kiesel Guitars Jason Becker Namm 2015.
Jason Becker Carvin Guitars Kiesel Guitars Namm 2015

NAMM: Tone King 2015 Schecter Guitar line-up.

NAMM: Tone King 2015 Schecter Guitar line-up.

Enjoy this walk-thru of the 2015 Schecter Guitar line-up. Rock ON!

Russ Parrish: Satchel from Steel Panther takes over Guitar World at NAMM 2015!

Russ Parrish: Satchel from Steel Panther takes over Guitar World at NAMM 2015!

Steel Panther NAMM Takeover 2015

Steel Panther NAMM Takeover 2015 Pt 2

Steel Panther NAMM Takeover 2015 Pt 3

Eric Calderone: ERock331 performs at NAMM 2015

Small snippet from Eric Calderone's ESP appearance at NAMM

Eric Calderone (ERock331) performs at NAMM 2015

Hedras Ramos, Pritesh Walia: Cort MUSE's Matt Bellamy Sig Series Winter NAMM 2015

An amazing LIVE jam at the Cort booth. Also, electric guitar walk-thru, and close-ups & demo of the Matthew Bellamy MBC-1 Signature Series guitar.

CORT : Amazing JAM, Walk-Thru & MUSE's Matt Bellamy Sig Series Winter NAMM 2015 '15

John Kiernan: Astraeus - Official Music Video

I finally caught up with John Kiernan at NAMM. Hopefully some video to come. Mean time here's a track from his latest album.

John Kiernan's official video for the song "Astraeus" off of "Of Oceans"!

John Kiernan's "Of Oceans" ALBUM OUT NOW!
• iTunes:
• Bandcamp:
• Spotify:

Watch this and other of John's videos at:

Check out more music here!
• Website:
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• Soundcloud:

Filmed and produced by Rob Acocella/DIGImmortal Phot0

Recorded/Programmed by John Kiernan at The Grind Studios
Mixed/Mastered by Tre Watson

John is endorsed with:

• Ernie Ball Music Man (EBMM):
• Gravity Guitar Picks:
• Pro Tone Pedals:

Ernie Ball Music Man JP 12-7, Line 6 POD HD 500

John Kiernan - Astraeus (Official Music Video)

Richard Hallebeek, Ric Fierabracci, Shane Gaalaas, Peter Fernandes: Hot Shelter - Sonic Adventure DX

Tracking guitars for the music from a video game called ‘Sonic Adventure DX’ and this track appears in the ‘Hot Shelter’ level.
There’s a very, very special guest for a guitar solo that is revealed.. right here in this video…!

Richard Hallebeek/Ric Fierabracci/Shane Gaalaas/Peter Fernandes - Hot Shelter (Sonic Adventure DX)

Tony Levin: Vintage Rock's Shawn Perry talks with the bassist

2015 NAMM Show: Tony Levin
vintagerockdotcom . - Vintage Rock's Shawn Perry talks with bassist Tony Levin (King Crimson, Peter Gabriel) at NS Design booth at the 2015 NAMM Show on Saturday, January 24, 2015 in Anaheim, CA. Captured and edited by Tom Riehl - Unriehl Productions (http://www.unriehlproductio­