Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Dave Martone: cool Ideas I will be showing you this summer at Guitar Workshop

One of the cool Ideas I will be showing you this summer at Guitar Workshop Plus. 2015

Locations in
San Diego.

Intervalic Awesomeness~With Dave Martone

Kiko Loureiro: Ibanez Asian Tour - Guangzhou

During my last clinic tour with Ibanez in Asia I made some videos showing the local culture, foods, hotel rooms, public reception and more. Today we're gonna meet Guangzhou and my impressions about it. Audio only in portuguese.

Kiko Loureiro Ibanez Asian Tour - Guangzhou

Russ Parrish: Kramer Guitars: NAMM 2015 inc. STEEL PANTHER Sig Series!

Some really cool new models, including the STEEL PANTHER Satchel Signature Series Guitar! Also shown is the Pacer Classic, 1984, Assault Plus, Baretta Vintage, Nite V Plus, etc. Check it out!

Kramer Guitars : NAMM 2015 inc. STEEL PANTHER Sig Series!

Misha Mansoor: KSR Ares - frying tonight!

Misha stopped by and took the new Ares 50 for a spin. Sounded killer!

Misha Mansoor - KSR Ares

Nita Strauss: 10 essential instrumental guitar albums!

 Photo by Stephanie Cabral Photography 
Nita Strauss
I had an awesome time talking to MusicRadar about my 10 essential instrumental guitar albums! Check out the list here and let me know some of your favorites in the comments too!!

Back in the lo-tech days of the late '90s and early 2000s, then budding guitarist Nita Strauss discovered new axe albums the old-fashioned way, through magazines and – get this – going to record stores. "I was a regular at Tower Records on Sunset," she recalls. "The people who worked there always had great recommendations; they were really plugged in. And I read Mike Varney's Spotlight column in Guitar Player. Every month it seemed as if some amazing new talent was on the scene."

Both the Spotlight column and Tower on Sunset are no more, so Strauss, who last year snagged the enviable position of lead guitarist in Alice Cooper's band, now combs the internet for new guitar music. The easy access of the internet makes things both easier and harder," she observes. "It’s easier because anyone can just put their stuff online; everybody can be kind of equal and have the same shot at reaching an audience. On the other hand, there’s much of it, and nobody’s weeding through it. How can you figure out what to check out? It's kind of daunting."

And so when Strauss does stumble across a bold new talent online, as she did when she discovered Angel Vivaldi on Facebook recently, the experience is especially profound. "Hearing Angel Vivaldi took me right back to how it felt back in the day," Strauss raves. "He makes really exciting, creative, well-thought-out guitar music. It's important when somebody like that comes along. It makes you feel as though not everything’s been done before, that the guitar still has a long way to go.”

See the 10 albums that made a difference for Nita:

Ben Eunson, Sean Wayland: Autumn - dreamy jazz fusion

Ben Eunson - Guitar
Sean Wayland - Piano
Alexander Claffy - Bass
Kush Abadey - Drums

Recorded February 2014
Mixed by Sean Wayland
Mastered by Nate Wood at Kerseboom Studios
(C) Copyright Ben Eunson, 2014

Ben Eunson - Autumn (Preview)

Ben Eunson - The Silence

Ben Eunson - Awakening

Jason Becker: New Numbers Carvin guitar NAMM 2015

A must see for Carvin / Jason Becker fans. The 'Numbers' Guitars! Ash body, Seymour Duncan Perpetual Burn pickups. Check it out!

Jason Becker: New Numbers Carvin guitar NAMM 2015

Jason Becker Guitar : Carvin : NAMM 2015 '15

Jeff Kiesel: gives us a rundown of the new Vader headless axes

Jeff Kiesel gives us a rundown of the new Vader headless axes, available as 6, 7, or 8 strings.
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NAMM 2015 - Carvin/Kiesel VADER Headless Guitars | GEAR GODS

Emil Werstler: shows off the PRS Guitars SE 30th Anniversary Custom 24

NAMM 2015: Emil Werstler from Chimiara shows off the PRS Guitars SE 30th Anniversary Custom 24. This guitar has a laminate quilt maple top, in flight birds, and a tremolo.

NAMM 2015: PRS Guitars SE 30th Anniversary Custom 24 With Emil Werstler

Federico Malaman, Henrik Linder: Bass Bashing Namm 2015

Federico Malaman & Henrik Linder @ Namm 2015


Henrik is playing his Mattison Bass & Federico is playing his Mayones Jabba

Federico Malaman & Henrik Linder @ Namm 2015

Wojciech Hoffmann: the title track from the second solo album

The title track from the second solo album TURBO leader, Wojtek Hoffmann. The premiere will take place on 1 February 2015. Entertainment Kubicki effort.

Wojciech Hoffmann - guitar 
Atma Onur - drums 
Arek Malinowski - bass 
Slawek Belak - keyboards 
Guest starring: Leszek CichoĊ„ski (guitar) 3:08 - 4:43 
Jelonek (violin), 1:24 - 1:50 , 2:15 - 2:40 , 5:37 - 6:03 
Wojciech Hoffmann "Behind The Windows"

Wojciech Hoffmann "Behind The Windows" promo

Giorgio Rovati: Trust Yourself - It's time play through

GIORGIO ROVATI "IT'S TIME" is available on
on iTunes

Trust Yourself - IT'S TIME - Giorgio RovatiTrust Yourself - IT'S TIME - Giorgio Rovati

Brian Carroll: Buckethead - Sideway Streets, Squid Ink Lodge and The Moltrail

Brian Carroll: Buckethead - The Moltrail
 1. The Moltrail part 1 10:21
2. The Moltrail part 2 16:33
3. Woven Wire 03:15
Brian Carroll: Buckethead - Sideway Streets

1. Sideway Streets 06:17
2. Orbits 16:38
3. Pathless Road 06:33
Brian Carroll: Buckethead - Squid Ink Lodge
1. Old Lunch Pale 09:07 

Jack Gardiner: Frying Friedman Amps NAMM 2015

Jack Gardiner killing some licks at NAMM 2015 ... tryin all the friedman amps !!!! what a tone !!!

Jack Gardiner playing Friedman Amps NAMM 2015

Richard Hallebeek: TrueFire Instructional DVD - 'Scale Creativity'

This is a loose try out for my first-ever instructional video for TrueFire, out 2015. It will be called ‘Scale Creativity’ and this was filmed in Haarlem with Dutch TrueFire talent scout Matthieu Brandt. Instead of doing too many different subjects half way, we decided to first dedicate a whole dvd to my concepts of breaking up scales.

Richard Hallebeek - TrueFire Instructional DVD - 'Scale Creativity'

Mono Neon: Phil Jones Bass - insane bass NAMM 2015

Mono Neon: Phil Jones Bass - insane bass NAMM 2015

MONONEON -- NAMM 2015 (Phil Jones Bass)

This time with Boby Lewis

NAMM 2015 Boby Lewis and Mono Neon Part 2

Nili Brosh: "Silence of Saturday" Live in Corona, CA 12/11/14

Nili Brosh Band - "Silence of Saturday" Live in Corona, CA 12/11/14
The Nili Brosh band playing "Silence of Saturday" at M15 in Corona, CA on December 11th, 2014. Opening for Greg Howe's Maragold.


PunKy Balfour - drums
Jon Reshard - bass
Alon Mei-Tal - guitar
Nili Brosh - guitar

Follow Nili at:
Twitter: @NiliBrosh
Instagram: @nilibrosh