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Davide Pagano: The broken bottle - new album with classy rock fusion

Davide Pagano: The broken bottle

The album is called "The broken bottle" and contains 9 instrumental songs, ranging from jazz/fusion to progressive/rock. It will be available on the major platforms (iTunes, Amazon, etc...) in the next days, BUT you can already buy it on CD Baby:


Uncompressed 44.1 kHz - 24 bit audio files will be also available for purchasing on Nimbit in a couple of days:


More news will follow on:

Track list:

- The bottomless pit
- Watching the moon
- Nepal Winter Breeze
- The broken bottle
- 24 hours in Paris
- Encrypted message
- Equilibrium
- Welcome to my dreams
- Black rain

Nita Strauss, Courtney Cox, Nikki Stringfield: The Iron Maidens Paladino's 12-20-14 Jack Lue Series plus tour dates and more

Nita Strauss, Courtney Cox, Nikki Stringfield:The Iron Maidens Paladino's 12-20-14 Jack Lue Series

Since their inception in 2001, The Iron Maidens have become not only the World's Only Female Tribute to Iron Maiden, but one of the most popular tribute bands ever to perform on stage. Co-founded by drummer Linda McDonald (formerly of Phantom Blue)

Currently consisting of bassist Wanda Ortiz, guitarists Courtney Cox and Nikki Stringfield, and vocalist Kirsten Rosenberg, The Iron Maidens dazzle fans with sheer talent with a feminine touch.

The Iron Maidens cover Iron Maiden material from all eras of the band’s career, encompassing the band’s biggest hits as well as fan favorites. The stage show includes appearances by Maiden mascot Eddie, the Grim Reaper, the Devil and more.

The Iron Maidens are endorsed by the following companies:

Paiste Cymbals
Vic Firth drum sticks
Drum Workshop drums, pedals and hardware
Digitech Effect Processors
GHS guitar strings
G&L guitars and basses
Dunlop Manufacturing
Rotosound Strings
BBE Sound
Coffin Case
Jackson Guitars
Monster Energy Drink
Floyd Upgrades
Affliction Clothing


Euro Tour Details
Attention GERMANY, NETHERLANDS, BELGIUM, SWITZERLAND!! The Iron Maidens are coming to get YOU, and YOU and YOUUUU in March!!! Please visit http://www.theironmaidens.com/tour/shows.html for more details!! Up the Irons, Europe! See you soon!!

Up the Irons, Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo!

Jack Lue Series - Jack Lue is a pro photographer and can be found on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/jack.lue All rights to images remain with Jack Lue and any posting requires appropriate attribution

Nita Strauss, Courtney Cox, Nikki Stringfield: The Iron Maidens Paladino's Full Series

Some live videos from the shows with Nita Strauss, Courtney Cox, Nikki Stringfield: The Iron Maidens Paladino's 12-20-14

Eric Miley,Brett Garsed, Chris Poland: Hardwired II and Hard Wired - smoking rock fusion

Eric Miley,Brett Garsed, Chris Poland: Hardwired II

Eric Miley - Guitars / Bass
Travis Coleman - Drums 1,5,6
Derick Hardwick - Drums 2,3
Francis Patton - Drums 4,7
Michael Murphy - keyboards
Luis Palacios - Saxophone
Karen Jackson - Vocals

Eddie Hidalgo - Bass on 1000 Doors
Brett Garsed - Main solos and slide on OBE
Chris Poland - Main solos on Timelapse Memory

Recorded and mixed by Eric Miley at “The AOS”
Vocals mixed by Scott Whittier
Brett Garsed’s solos recorded by Brett himself
Chris Poland’s solos recorded by Randy Pevler

Eric Miley: Hard Wired
A guitar orientated collection of songs created by Eric Miley featuring multiple drummers. This mostly instrumental music style touches on rock, jazz, metal, experimental and features vocals on one track by singer Karen Jackson. Each of the three drummers brings a distinct chemistry to the project. Released in 2005. Soon to be followed up by a second almost ten years later in 2014.


Guitars, Bass: Eric Miley
Drums: Gary Demonbreun. Derick Hardwick, Travis Coleman
Keyboards and sounds: Carrie Williams
Saxaphone: Greg Sharp
Vocals: Karen Jackson

Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller, Marco Minnemann: Third Studio Album Tracking Report!

Aristocrats fans-

This is Bryan here, poking my head up to give you a little report on how our tracking for the new album went.

In case you didn't know. Guthrie, Marco and I just spent 10 days tracking a new record at the legendary Sunset Sound studio in Hollywood, CA. I am here to tell you that it was by far the most rewarding recording experience we've ever had as a band. Led Zeppelin (parts of II, IV), Van Halen (Fair Warning), Rage Against The Machine (The Battle Of Los Angeles), and a thousand other huge acts have tracked in the room we were in (Studio 2), and every day we were there, we uncovered another layer of its awesomeness and found another reason why the room was so great. The combination of great vintage gear, the famous reverb chambers (the ones that were used for the early Van Halen albums), and the room sound in the main tracking room all contributed to an environment that encouraged maximum creativity and made us sad to leave.

We were all pushing each other to try new things, and we all went for broke in terms of layering the recordings to our heart's content. The result is a totally new direction for the band, while still retaining our true Aristocratic nature. I personally can't believe how good the rough mixes sound...and as for the material, it's like nothing we've ever done. We all feel like giddy schoolchildren right now, and we can't wait to share this record with you. It's going to come out in late June, and a North America tour will immediately follow. Details coming soon.

One of the reasons the sessions went so well is that we played the material live at Alvas Showroom for four nights in a row before we went into the studio. That was a really great experience - thanks so much to the fans who came out to watch us (nervously!) play our new babies for the first time. Thanks also to Alvas for hosting the event. Here's a couple of pix from Alvas and the studio for your amusement.

Meanwhile, our new live CD/DVD Culture Clash Live (and the limited-edition Secret Show: Live In Osaka) is now out and available for immediate ordering. Lots of people have been kind enough to tell us they dig it, but none more elegantly than the website Echoes And Dust, who really got the cheekiness of it all and compared us to a "charging rhino in a pink tutu." That's what we call high praise. Click here to check out previews on our YouTube page, or just click here to order. If you've already got it, thanks so much for your support and hope you like it! Special note: We've only got about 130 units of the full-band-signed Secret Show CD's, and when they're gone, they're gone. Just a heads up there.

Don't forget to follow us on Facebook (we're updating daily there with all sorts of behind-the-scenes content) and Twitter (same thing, just shorter, @acratsband) for the latest Aristocratic real-time news. Thanks again for being interested in what we're up to. Now we need to go finish this record. :-)

Best wishes to all,
The Aristocrats

Ray Suhy: Vigier - interview with East of the Wall guitarist - NAMM 2015

Ray Suhy, our resident longshoreman/shredder was only at NAMM for a day, luckily we got him to answer some questions and shred a little for us.

Ray Suhy (East of the Wall) at NAMM 2015

Allen Hinds: Marriott Hotel, Anaheim NAMM 2015

Allen Hinds w/Kiki Ebsen – 2015 NAMM - Marriott Hotel, Anaheim, CA - showing off his Signature Redplate Amp AH50, as well as his unique and talented playing style reflecting that he can be thrown into any situation and fair very well and sound GREAT at that! Thank you Henry for your excellent sounding amplifiers!

Allen Hinds: Marriott Hotel, Anaheim NAMM 2015

Luca Mantovanelli: Jamming over ''Chameleon'' by Herbie Hancock

Hey folks, here's a little impro over a great tune by Herbie Hancock.
Hope you like it :)

Jamming over ''Chameleon'' by Herbie Hancock

Mattias IA Eklundh: Freak Kitchen - Saving Up For An...

Taken from the album Cooking with Pagans.

Freak Kitchen - (Saving Up For An) Anal Bleach

Enver Izmaylov: ft. Viktor Pavlik Hotel California - classic tapping style

ENVER IZMAYLOV available for intrenational tours, festivals and any commercial events. Please, contact giorgi goderdzishvili: giorgi.god@gmail.

Enver Izmaylov ft. Viktor Pavlik Hotel California

Jojo Alves: 10 Miles to Davis - double neck tapping

original tune performed on the 6 on 7

10 Miles to Davis

Lyle Watt: Number Six Dance - Jaden Rose Glaive

A demo of the new Jaden Rose Guitars "Glaive" model, featuring "The Number Six Dance" from my E.P. 'Low Winter Sun'.

Guitar specs:
Swamp ash body
Bubinga top
Birdseye Maple neck
Oil City Scrapyard Dog pickups
ABM Bridges
Hipshot Tuners

Lyle Watt - Number Six Dance (Jaden Rose Glaive)

Nik Kershaw, Jakko Jakszyk: 30 years of PRS

Featured in Guitarist issue 391
Gear demos playlist: http://goo.gl/30cAf Subscribe for more from Guitarist: http://goo.gl/2PRXE

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30 years of PRS with Nik Kershaw & Jakko Jakszyk

Sam Bell: Guitar Shredding! - the shred must go on!!

Shred for the sake of shred :) Because its fun! Jamming out on my Ibanez UV70P


Guitar Shredding!

I had a request for a Jazz lick... So here is a "Jazz" lick that you can show of to your guitar playing friends or use in posh Cafes where people drink expensive coffee. :

2-5-1 "JAZZ" Tapping Lick - Sam Bell Guitar

News: JTC Solo Contest 2015 Teaser 2 - Meet The Judges!

Meet your Judges!

Here is your next update about this absolutely incredible contest! Keep sharing and spreading the word and we'll be bringing you more information very soon!

- Meet your Judges!
- Preview the 5 Backing tracks
- Find out the launch time!

Contest Page: http://www.jamtrackcentral.com/jtcgui...

*UPDATE* JTC Solo Contest 2015 Teaser 2 - Meet The Judges!

Gord Olson: Schecter KM-7 - The Anthropocene Epoch

Here's a song from a solo album I'm working on, it's called "The Anthropocene Epoch". I recorded all the guitar parts with the Schecter KM-7 guitar. Pickups are Seymour Duncan Nazgûl in the bridge, and a Sentient in the neck position. They can be heard at the following times...

Bridge Pickup (Nazgûl) - 0:16 to 2:02
Neck Pickup (Sentient) - 2:02 to 2:27
Bridge Pickup (Nazgûl) - 2:27 to 2:38
Neck Pickup (Sentient) - 2:38 to 2:50
Bridge Pickup (Nazgûl) - 2:50 to 3:38
Clean tone is middle position (both pickups), coil tapped - 3:38 to 3:58
Bridge Pickup (Nazgûl) - 3:58 to 4:22
Neck Pickup (Sentient) - 4:22 to 4:46

Elsewhere in my signal chain, a Seymour Duncan 805 OD pedal (killer!!!), in front of the Kemper Profiling Amplifier. As usual, the profile used for all tones is of my Peavey 6505 head into a Marshall 1960A 4x12 with an SM57 on a V30 speaker.
Bass was also tracked through the Kemper.

Thanks for watching! Please subscribe, leave comments, share, etc.

Find me on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/gobol

Schecter Guitar Research:

Seymour Duncan:

Kemper Profiling Amplifier

All music © Gord Olson 2014
Gord Olson - The Anthropocene Epoch (Schecter KM-7 demo)

Jim Grandcamp: Live at La Taverne De Cluny - tasteful improvisation

Guitar Lead - Jim Grandcamp
Guitar Rhythm - Mathieu Chatelain
Bass - William Brunard

Live at La Taverne De Cluny 3

Live at La Taverne De Cluny 2

Live at La Taverne De Cluny