Saturday, 7 March 2015

Plini: Srishti Das interviews the rising star for

Srish: Amongst the bunch of hearts you’ve won and inspiration you have been in the last 2 years, “The End of Everything” still contained a new element of you as it also contains your vocal recording debut. How was the experience like and what more do you think you want to achieve as a musician and life in terms of experience?

Plini: It wasn’t a particularly major event – I was recording acoustic guitar one day and while the microphone was plugged in figured I’d try adding some vocals as an instrument as I’ve always loved the sound of singing with no words. It is definitely something I’ll do again, although I’ll probably get a decent singer next time haha. On that note, I’d love to write some actual ‘songs’, with a singer or two taking care of the vocals and lyrics. Hard to say in terms of life, but in terms of near-future experience I just wanna spend a lot of time playing with real humans, for real humans!

Srish: Quoting you, “these three EPs are little musical snapshots of where I’ve been, what I’ve learnt and who I’ve met over the last 2 or 3 years”. If you had to describe this journey in 3 lines, what would you say? How has this whole journey changed you as a person and a musician.

Plini: Three lines & lessons: Other Things – committing to doing a full-length album while being a full-time student is hard. Sweet Nothings – never let old demos go to waste. The End of Everything – Marco Minnemann makes everything better. I don’t really know if it’s changed me as a person or musician in any significant way, but it has made me think that there is some chance I could turn this into a living (if I don’t run out of ideas) – which is definitely not something I would have thought about when I started!

David Gilmour: added more nights to his Euro tour which is already sold out!

David Gilmour will play total of 5 nights at Albert Hall -adding two London shows to his 2015 schedule.

The new dates are October 2 and 3, following his previously-announced appearances on September 23, 24 and 25. They come after concerts in Croatia, Italy, France and Germany.

Sep 12: Pula Arena, Croatia

Sep 14: Verona Arena, Italy

Sep 15: Florence Teatro le Mulina, Italy

Sep 17: Orange Theatre Antique, France

Sep 19: Oberhausen Konig-Pilsener Arena, Germany

Sep 23: London Royal Albert Hall

Sep 24: London Royal Albert Hall

Sep 25: London Royal Albert Hall

Oct 02: London Royal Albert Hall

Oct 03: London Royal Albert Hall


Camila Simont: Rest In Peace Little Angel

In 2012 the very talented and and very gentle guitar player was murdered along with her mother... it was her birthday. I am still shocked and saddened by the violence of it all... but we remember.

Rest In Peace Little Angel

Camila Simont remembered

Camila plays Jimi Hendrix, Little Wing (Instrumental version)