Monday, 9 March 2015

James Norbert Ivanyi: Flower - guitar tracking.

James Norbert Ivanyi 'FLOWER' guitar tracking.
Quick excerpt from the recording of 'FLOWER' with Mike Avenaim and Beau Golden. Signal chain: Diamond Pedals, Suhr Antique Classic-T, Fractal Audio AXE-FXII.

Tom Quayle: Wampler Plexidrive Deluxe Demo

Wampler Plexidrive Deluxe Demo - Tom Quayle
Tom Quayle
More info and purchase directly from­m/heritage/plexi-drive-deluxe/

The Plexi-Drive Deluxe, is an updated and upgraded version of the Plexi-Drive Standard. Like the original, the Plexi-Drive Deluxe's unique gain structure can cover an array of tones from Vintage '68 style Plexi tones to the massive rock tones of a JTM-45® cranked to ten, or even eleven...

Wampler have now included an active 3 band Bass/Mids/Treble EQ stack giving you even more tonal control and versatility. With the bass boost switch, you can easily produce the feeling of the low-end thump of a 4x12” cabinet (or two) at the flick of a switch. The bass boost makes it simple to dial in your low end at lower volume gigs or at bedroom volume levels. Wampler have also added a bright switch to add the perfect amount of highs giving you the control you need when switching between darker and brighter guitars. 

Fabrizio Milo: Blue Sun - Pocket Size Universe - Playthrough

First song from our debut EP "Still Life".

High Quality Digital Download:

Music composed by:
Fabrizio Milo - Guitars, Orchestra and Ambients
Gabriele Russello - Drums

Guest Musicians:
Anton Davidyants - Bass
Gianni Vancini - Alto Sax
Mattia Rubizzi - Pianos

Mixed and Mastered by Wavemotion Recordings:
Artwork by Equity Artwork:


Pocket Size Universe - "BLUE SUN" | Playthrough

Fabrizio Milo, Anton Davidyants: Pocket Size Universe -  Still Life

Takayoshi Ohmura: live guitar solo compilation 2014

Takayoshi Ohmura: live guitar solo compilation 2014

Takayoshi Ohmura Gt Solo 2014/9/6

Bub Zulu: JTC competition - Countryfried, banjo rollin, chicken picken entry

Bub Zulu: JTC competition - Countryfried, banjo rollin, chicken picken entry

jtc movie 2

Gus G: guest solo for Jeff Scott Soto - Crazy Train

Jeff Scott Soto and Henning Basse in vocal action.

GUS G - special guest JEFF SCOTT SOTO - Crazy Train (Sticky Fingers, Göteborg, 7.3.2015)

Hedras Ramos: Modal Fusion Shred - super soloing!

Hi guys this is a solo I recorded for fusion bass player Leslie Johnson who is a friend of mine too, Hope you like it! I'm available for recordings and Lessons on skype feel free to contact me

For more info please visit:

Hedras Ramos: Modal Fusion Shred

Leonardo Guzman: Original Song by Camila - sensational playing

Original Song by Camila.

Watch in HD!!
Hey guys! after a long break of uploading videos to this channel, I'm back! and i really hope you like this one! lots of work involved, and definitely more videos to come!

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Home Page:
Jellybeard Management:

{Gear Used}
Guitar - Stephallen "Borneo":
Strings/Picks - Dunlop Strings 10-46, Ultex Sharp 2.0 Picks:
Pedals - Mooer "Pure Boost" & "Yellow Comp":
Gruvgear Fretwrap:
Software - SonyVegas 13 & ProTools 10

| Besame - Camila | Leonardo Guzman |

John Huldt: JTC Solo Contest 2015 - great hybrid soloing

Here's my submission for the JTC contest. Hope you like it.

JTC Solo Contest 2015 John Huldt

Andy Wood: 2015 Suhr Factory Party LIVE- “A Lie"

Suhr Artist Andy Wood performing “A Lie” from his 2014 recording Caught Between The Truth And A Lie at the 2015 Suhr Factory Party.

Andy Wood - Guitar
Andy Campbell - Drums
Ben Eller - Guitar
Matt Rodriguez - Bass

For more information on Andy and Suhr:

Andy Wood’s Signal Path:
Custom 24 Fret Classic T - Koji Comp - Shiba Drive Reloaded - Riot Reloaded - Jack Rabbit - Bella w/Celestion V-Type Speaker - Hedgehog 50 - CAA 412 Cabinet w/Celestion Greenback Speakers

2015 Suhr Factory Party LIVE- Andy Wood “A Lie"

James Norbert Ivanyi: 2015 Suhr Factory Party LIVE- "Reawakened"

Suhr Artist James Norbert Ivanyi performing “Reawakened” live at the 2015 Suhr Factory Party.

James Norbert Ivanyi - Guitar
Kyle Rector - Drums
Matt Rodriguez - Bass

For more information on James and Suhr:

James Ivanyi’s Signal Path:
Classic Antique - Koji Comp - Shiba Drive Reloaded - Riot Reloaded - SE-100 Hand Wired - CAA 412 Cabinet w/Celestion Greenback Speakers

2015 Suhr Factory Party LIVE- James Norbert Ivanyi "Reawakened"

Stel Andre: Will it Djent? - JP7 Jam

Hey people! This is a nice Djent Jam I did using my new Ernie Ball Music Man JP7 Blue Dawn, 2007 Limited Edition and my sweet Axe-Fx 2. I hope you like it! Feel free to Subscribe for more! :) Cheers!

Tuning is in Drop G, rest in E standard.

Will it Djent? - Stel Andre JP7 Jam

Krisztian Lovrek: rocking his JTC Solo Contest 2015

Used Gear:

Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci Signature
Elixir Strings
Vox JamVox
GoPro 3+ black/JVC GZ-GX1BE
JTC Solo Contest 2015 - Krisztian Lovrek

Lari Basílio: Myself and I jamming - I don't need no beat, I can sing it with my guitar ;)

Myself and I jamming some pop music.
I don't need no beat, I can sing it with my guitar ;)

MHA 2000 by Meteoro Amplifiers
NIG Strings 010.
T-505 by Tagima
Santo Angelo cables
Microphone Shure SM 57.
Timeline by Strymon
Myself and I jamming.

Tony Levin, Markus Reuter, Pat Mastelotto: Stick Men World tour dates

MoonJune Music & Management announces  STICK MEN 2015 WORLD TOUR

Drear Friends in Music
MoonJune Music in association with our European associate Swex Booking & Productions,

is pleased to announce the STICK MEN 2015 WORLD TOUR.

TONY LEVIN - stick
MARKUS REUTER - U8 touch guitar
PAT MASTELOTTO - acoustic and electronic drums & percussion

Tony, Markus & Pat are working on the new studio album of STICK MEN
Stay tuned for more exciting news!
Confirmed 2015 STICK MEN dates (more to come):


with special guest DAVID CROSS (violin)

April 9 - Osaka, Japan (Billboard Live Osaka) - 2 shows
April 10 - Tokyo, Japan (Billboard Live Tokyo) - 2 shows

(MoonJune Music)

May 14 - San José, Costa Rica (venue TBA)
May 15 - San José, Costa Rica (venue TBA)
May 16 - San Salvador, El Salvador (venue TBA)
May 18 - city and country TBC
May 20 - Santiago, Chile (Teatro Nescafé de las Artes)
May 22 - Mendoza, Argentina (Nave Cultural)
May 24 - Mar del Plata, Argentina (Centro de Arte Radio City)
May 26 - Bahia Blanca, Argentina (Teatro Municipal)
May 27 - Santa Rosa, Argentina (Teatro Español de Coronel Pringles)
May 29 - Buenos Aires, Argentina (ND Teatro)
May 30 - Montevideo, Uruguay (Las Trastienda)

June 1 - Buenos Aires, Argentina (Instituto Tamaba - workshop)
June 3 - Cordoba, Argentina (Teatro San Martín)
June 5 - city and country TBA
June 6 - city and country TBA
June 7 - city and country TBA
(MoonJune Music)

(August 1-14: possible dates for STICK MEN)
(MoonJune Music)

September 29 - Lugagnano, Verona, Italy (Il Giardino)
October 2 - Delemont, Switzerland (Festival, venue TBA)
October 13 - Reichenbach, Germany (Bergkeller)
October 15 - Bonn, Germany (Harmonie)
October 16 - Zoetermeer, The Netherlans (Cultuurpodium Boerderij)
October 17 - Muenster, Germany (Hot Jazz Club)
October 18 - Hertogenbosh, The Netherlands (W2 Poppodium)
October 20 - Verviers, Belgium (Spirit Of 66)
October 21 - Karlsruhe, Germany (Substage)
October 22 - Reutlingen, Germany (Kulturzentrum Franz.K)

more dates to be announced soon

(Swex Booking & Productions)

February/March 2016

Accepting inquiries from USA, Canada, Mexico, The Caribbean.
Stay Tuned For More Info

(MoonJune Music)

2016 - Dates are still Work-In-Progress
Stay Tuned For More Info

(Swex Booking & Productions)

Exclusive worldwide booking (except Europe) by MoonJune Music.

For inquiries: Leonardo Pavkovic noanoamusic (at) moonjune (dot) com

Exclusive European booking by Swex Booking & Productions
For inquiries: Francesco Grieco livetdv (at) gmail (dot) com