Thursday, 19 March 2015

Kirk Fletcher, Josh Smith: Keeping the Blues alive at sea 2015

Keeping the Blues alive at sea, day 4
Kirk Fletcher - guitar & vocals
Josh Smith - guitar
Travis Carlton - bass
Lemar Carter - drums

Kirk Fletcher & Josh Smith - Ain't No Way (20.02.2015, Norwegian Pearl)

Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart: Rush Is The 2015 Allan Waters Humanitarian Award Recipient

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Rush Is The 2015 Allan Waters Humanitarian Award Recipient

Rick Graham: More Hybrid/Hammers From Nowhere Goodness

By request for MingeNosher. Hope you enjoy and be sure to follow me on instagram for daily clips (or as close to daily as I can!)
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6) Rick's Quick Instagraham Licks - More Hybrid/Hammers From Nowhere Goodness

Morgan Reid: classy .strandberg* solo for JTC Solo Contest 2015

Here is my entry to this awesome competition, I have honestly learned so much from JTC in the past and couldn't resist with so many of my biggest influences on the panel.

I want to which everyone good luck. it took guts to post a solo after having seen all the amazing entries out so far! :D

PS. after Guitar Idol I secretly told myself I wouldn't do any.. or at least many more guitar competitions, but I couldn't help myself and spent weeks writing this. haha! Thank you to anyone watching this and your continued support means a hell of a lot. cheers!

JTC Solo Contest 2015 - Morgan Reid

The Commander-In-Chief: Dragon Age, Guitar + Piano version with W. Hagen

The Commander In Chief´s album "2 Guitars - The Classical Crossover Album" - a cooperation with leading classical guitarist Craig Ogden, is available on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby , etc.
Acclaimed guitarist "The Commander In Chief" playing the theme music from Dragon Age Inquisition, by Trevor Morris, together with her brother William. (Arrangements for piano and guitar by The Commander In Chief and W. Hagen. )
William started to play piano a year ago and is self taught. This is his first music video.
The Commander In Chief is frequently featured in major magazines, with several videos premiering on world leading Guitar World Magazine.
In 2013 and 2014 she had videos on their "top 10 viral videos of the year" lists - both videos were classical pieces of music, normally played by violin virtuosos.
She has been featured as "one of ten modern guitar gods" (Metal Hammer, UK) and "the new queen of shred" (Total Guitar Magazine).

The Commander-In-Chief officially endorses Ibanez Guitars, Laney amps, DR Strings, EMG Pickups, Jim Dunlop guitar picks, Audix Microphones, PreSonus home recording equipment.

Dragon Age, Guitar / Piano version - The Commander In Chief & her brother W. Hagen

Brunno Henrique: public Ltd shredding for JTC Solo Contest 2015

This is my entry for "JTC Solo Contest 2015".

Please vote for me on this contest -
"JTC Solo Contest 2015" - Brunno Henrique

Apernit Singh: Suhr is funky jtc solo contest 2015

hi friends,i have chosen the funk backing track to present my solo entry for this contest,i hope u like it,thanks.

jtc solo contest 2015-apernit

Vladimir Krylov: funking up some red shred for JTC Solo Contest 2015

I had lots of fun soloing for JTC entry and its a great pleasure for me to share it with you. Music = Love. Cheerzzz!

Vote for me:

JTC Solo contest:
JTC Solo Contest 2015 - Vladimir Krylov (Funk)

Davide Rinaldi: woah - ESP mega rippage for JTC Solo Contest 2015

This is my entry for "JTC Solo Contest 2015".
Hope you enjoy this video and support my channel!!!

Toontrack Andy Sneap EZMix2 Pack, Preset-Teutonic Terror

"JTC Solo Contest 2015"- Davide Rinaldi

Emil Axelsson: suhr is time to turn on the Tele for JTC Solo Contest 2015

Want to give me a thumbs up?
Alright guys, this is my entry for the JamTrackCentral solo contest. If you like what i just did, hit the like button here on YouTube and on Jamtrackcentrals page!
Feel free to share on all social medias!

JTC Solo Contest 2015 - Emil Axelsson

Nodario Mashurov: Suhr is cool fuion for JTC Solo Contest 2015

JTC Solo Contest 2015,fusion improvisation by Nodario,guitarist from Kazakhstan.

"JTC Solo Contest 2015"- NODARIO

Scott Jones: Remember - powered by Carvin HH2

I've gone back and re-tracked ALL of my guitar parts on several previously released compositions of mine, "Give it Time", "Remember", "Beast of Burton", "One", "Mulder's Search", "From Nothing", "S'Corea" and "Tito's Time" with my new Carvin HH2! I primarily did it for my buddy Cirque du Soleil drummer, Andre Boyd​ to use in his drum clinics. PLUS I wanted to feature my new Carvin HH2.

ALL RIGHTS SECURED. Copyright 2015 Scott Jones Music
"Remember" BONUS TRACKS w CARVIN HH2 - Scott Jones

Luis Kalil: 15 year old shrednaut rips it up for JTC Solo Contest 2015

My name is Luís Kalil, I'm from Brazil and I'm 15. That's my entry for the JTC Contest.

"JTC Solo Contest 2015" - Luís Kalil

George Marios: Intervallic Approach to Lead Guitar

Intervallic Approach to Lead Guitar
Guitar Control
This is another sample from the upcoming DVD from George Marios
"Guitar Mastery Made Simple". Stay tuned for more samples and info!

Drewsif Stalin: DSME - Languish (Official Stream)

DSME - Languish (Official Stream)
Drewsif Stalin
Featuring the ever talented Eric Hendricks of The Aurora Borealis Project.­ject

This is a song written about a nightmare I had a few years back, sort of a wishmaster kind of thing. I'd struck up a deal to punish someone who'd betrayed me, and the punishment ended up being much worse than I'd imagined. (It was a nightmare, I wish no harm on anyone!)

Dallton Santos: Hot fusion - Guitar Solo Contest 2015

Jam Track Central - Guitar Solo Contest 2015 - Dallton Santos
Dallton Santos - My entry to JTC guitar solo contest - Fusion Style.

guitar: Music Maker - New Custom Pro / amp: Alien Monster / strings: DR

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Instagram @Dallton_Santos

Antonello Giliberto: Journey Through My Memory - details about the new CD

Antonello Giliberto

Antonello Giliberto, Cover and tracklist of “Journey Through My Memory”

01 Demeter
02 Endless Labyrinth
03 Journey Through My Memory
04 Enigma Of Eternal Night
05 First Day Lights At The Monastery
06 Avalon’s Darkness
07 And Won Their Freedom
08 Perfect Dream
09 Flying With The Dragon
10 The Art Of Ending

For more info please visit

Tom Quayle, Martin Miller: An End in Itself

Here it is folks - Tom Quayle and Martin Miller performing a special arrangement for two guitars of Martin’s superb tune ‘An End in Itself’ from his album - The Other End. These are completely live performances with no edits, miming or overdubs and we really hope you enjoy what we’ve put together here for you. We are actively looking to put another TQ/MM Duo masterclass/gig tour together this year and are looking for bookings anywhere in the world for 2015 so, if you like what you hear or can help in any way, please contact us at either or Enjoy the music and please share with all your friends. wink emoticon
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You can purchase Tom’s lessons and products at: -
Thanks to all the amazing companies that make such fantastic gear for us to use.
Fractal Audio Fibenare Guitars Co. Wampler Pedals / IndyGuitarist Port City Amplification IQS Strings

Tom Quayle & Martin Miller - An End in Itself

Tony MacAlpine: Concrete Gardens - pre order - promo and live performance

Tony MacAlpine

Check out the title track of my new album "Concrete Gardens" - out April 21. Pre-order the album now and get an instant song download!

The title track of Tony MacAlpine's new solo album, released April 21, 2015. Pre-order the album and get a free song download:

Tony MacAlpine - Guitar & Keyboards
Aquiles Priester - Drums
Sean Delson - Bass

"Concrete Gardens" is available as a digital download (in a variety of high-quality and lossless formats), standard CD, and Special Edion CD+DVD, featuring Tony and band performing the album live at EMGtv. Musicians include Aquiles Priester (drums), Pete Griffin (bass) and special guest guitar solo from Jeff Loomis!

See Tony and the band perform this song live on EMGtv:

"Concrete Gardens" - Tony MacAlpine (2015)

Tony MacAlpine and band perform "Concrete Gardens" live on EMGtv

Sarah Longfield: Woven In Light - The Fine Constant - new album preorder and promo track

Digital preorder available in iTunes: March 25th
Mastering by Anthony DiGiacomo

Sarah Longfield: Woven In Light - The Fine Constant

The Fine Constant Fetal T-shirt

The Fine Constant - Eternal Flight

I was luck enough to catch Sarah Longfield playing this track live at NAMM back in January 2015

Sarah Longfield: The Fine Constant - Eternal Flight .strandberg* NAMM 2015

Eyal Levi, Joey Sturgis: will kick off the next "Unstoppable Recording Machine" audio boot camp workshop

ORLANDO, Fla. - Eyal Levi, critically acclaimed guitarist, composer, producer and engineer, and renowned producer, Joey Sturgis (Asking Alexandria, Of Mice & Men, I See Stars), will kick off the next "Unstoppable Recording Machine" audio boot camp workshop tomorrow at Levi's private studio in Orlando, Fla. Special guests, guitarist/songwriter/producer Keith Merrow and drummer Alex Rüdinger (Conquering Dystopia, ex-The Faceless), will join Levi and Sturgis for 40-plus hours of personalized recording instruction over the next four days. For more information on the Orlando workshop and future "Unstoppable Recording Machine" dates, head over to:

"People who have gone through the boot camp experience have told me that they learned more in four days than in their entire recording school career to date," said Levi. "When I was coming up, I would have given anything to have some of my recording heroes sit me down and tell me 'this is how it's done.'"

"Whether you struggle with recording, production, editing or mixing and mastering, this boot camp is going to help you learn directly from successful people in the field," commented Sturgis. "It's not about tips or tricks. It's about real knowledge that can only come from real experience. Come extract that directly at the source."

Levi describes the "Unstoppable Record Machine" boot camps as "intense, hands-on, comprehensive immersion style experiences that will show people exactly what matters when trying to make pro sounding recordings. In just a few days, we will cover what would take a year or more in traditional school." He has already hosted successful workshops in Cleveland, Ohio, Orlando, Fla. and Portland, Ore., which have featured special guests like Matt Heafy (Trivium) and Anup Sastry (Jeff Loomis, Intervals), as well as returning instructors Joey Sturgis and Keith Merrow.

Born in Atlanta, Ga. into a musical family, Eyal Levi was already playing violin and piano by the age of three, and composed his first symphonic work when he was just 17.

In 2010, Levi moved to Orlando, Fla. where he joined forces with Jason Suecof (August Burns Red, The Black Dahlia Murder) and Mark Lewis (Cannibal Corpse, Whitechapel) at Audiohammer Studios. There he helped to both expand and enrich their facilities by adding a magnificent drum room, two new control rooms and sleeping quarters for the bands.

As a part of the Audiohammer family, Eyal Levi worked with such acts as Job for a Cowboy, August Burns Red, Six Feet Under, Carnifex, Chelsea Grin, Whitechapel, Deicide, Death Angel, I Killed The Prom Queen, The Contortionist, Motionless In White, Arsis, Demon Hunter, Firewind, Charred Walls of the Damned, The Black Dahlia Murder, Battlecross, DevilDriver and Reflections.

Aside from his work behind the glass, Levi has toured the world and released three studio albums with Dååth, while also releasing an instrumental guitar album with Emil Werstler on Magna Carta called Avalanche of Worms. Recently, he has taught several CreativeLive 'Music & Audio' courses on topics ranging from audio engineering, to songwriting and more.

Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller, Marco Minnemann: The Aristocrats reveal the title of their third studio album and US tour dates!

You've waited long's the official announcement!
The Aristocrats reveal the title of their third studio album:
Tres Caballeros
Plus: North America Summer 2015 Tour Dates Announced
“virtuosic, melodic, spontaneous, outrageous and fun” [Guitar World]

(photo by Mike Mesker)
Fresh off their wildly successful 2013-2014 Culture Clash world tour, The Aristocrats – by any measure the hottest new band in instrumental rock/fusion today – rewrote their own rules for their third studio album, Tres Caballeros, which is slated for release in late June.
After two fairly raw trio albums, guitarist Guthrie Govan (Steven Wilson, Asia/GPS), bassist Bryan Beller (Joe Satriani, Dethklok) and drummer Marco Minnemann (Steven Wilson, Joe Satriani) set up camp at legendary Sunset Sound studios in Hollywood, CA, where Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones and Van Halen all recorded landmark albums.
The result: Nine new compositions of greater sonic depth and breadth than ever before, with unique textures and lush layering augmenting the band’s preternatural ability to improvise both individually and as a group at the highest levels possible. But not to worry – it’s all still tempered with a steadfast refusal to take themselves too seriously, and The Aristocrats are still having more fun than a fusion band has any right to have.
“We’ve learned a lot since we started this band – four years, three studio albums, two live DVDs and about a billion notes ago! – and I think our latest offering reflects this in all kinds of ways,” says guitarist Guthrie Govan. “The decision to road-test our new material in front of a live audience before commencing the recording process; the choice to record in a studio which had some thoroughly inspiring rock'n'roll 'mojo'; our sudden urge to become more bold and experimental with overdubs rather than feeling any pressure to record exclusively in a strict 'trio' format… all of this has had some kind of positive effect on the way the new record came out. Plus, I think the material on this album is some of the most interesting stuff we’ve ever written for each other, so… here’s hoping our noble listeners will like the finished product as much as we do!”
The Tres Caballeros tour will bring the band’s new musical vision in trio form to stages across North America in their most ambitious jaunt yet. The Aristocrats will be supported by fellow rock/fusion power trio The Travis Larson Band.

Full details on each date can be found on the Aristocrats website calendar page
The Aristocrats
Tres Caballeros North America Tour - Summer 2015
Date                  City                              Venue
Mon 6-Jul         Sacramento, CA           Harlow's
Tues 7-Jul         San Francisco, CA       Slim's
Wed 8-Jul         Santa Cruz, CA             Don Quixote's
Fri 10-Jul          Portland, OR                 Star Theater
Sat 11-Jul          Seattle, WA                    Studio Seven
Sun 12-Jul        Vancouver, BC, CAN   Rickshaw Theatre
Tues 14-Jul      Boise, ID                         Reef
Wed 15-Jul       Salt Lake City, UT        Club X
Fri 17-Jul          Denver, CO                    Quixote's True Blue
Sat 19-Jul         Omaha, NE                    Slowdown
Mon 20-Jul      Des Moines, IA             The Gaslamp
Tues 21-Jul       St. Paul, MN                 The Amsterdam Bar And Hall
Fri 24-Jul          Chicago, IL                   Reggie's
Sat 25-Jul          Indianapolis, IN          Birdy's
Sun 26-Jul        Cincinnati, OH             The Mad Frog
Tues 28-Jul      Cleveland, OH              Beachland Ballroom
Wed 29-Jul       Pittsburgh, PA              Hard Rock Café
Thur 30-Jul      Columbus, OH              Skully's
Fri 31-Jul          Detroit, MI                     Token Lounge
Sat 1-Aug          Toronto, ON, CAN        Mod Club
Sun 2-Aug       Ottawa, ON, CAN         The Rainbow Bistro
Tues 4-Aug       Montreal, QC, CAN      TBD
Wed 5-Aug       Woodstock, NY              Bearsville Theater
Fri 7-Aug          Boston, MA                     The Middle East
Sat 8-Aug          New York City, NY        Irving Plaza
Sun 9-Aug         Philadelphia, PA           North Star Bar
Mon 10-Aug      Washington, DC           Jammin' Java
Tues 11-Aug       Raleigh, NC                   Pour House
Thur 13-Aug      Charlotte, NC                Tremont Music Hall
Fri 14-Aug          Atlanta, GA                   TBD
Sat 15-Aug         Nashville, TN                The High Watt
Sun 16-Aug        St. Louis, MO                Old Rock House
Mon 17-Aug       Kansas City, MO          The Scene
Tues 18-Aug       Tulsa, OK                      The Vanguard
Thur 20-Aug      Houston, TX                 Fitzgerald's
Fri 21-Aug           Austin, TX                    The Roost
Sat 22-Aug          Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX   The Sanctuary
Mon 24-Aug       Albuquerque, NM        Launchpad
Wed 26-Aug       Phoenix, AZ                   Club Red
Thur 27-Aug       Mexicali, MEXICO      Teatro De Estado
Fri 28-Aug          San Diego, CA               TBD
Sat 29-Aug          Corona/Big Bear, CA  TBD
Sun 30-Aug        Los Angeles, CA            King King
One more thing we'd like to share with you: we still get asked about transcriptions and backing tracks all the time. Do we have them for Culture Clash and the debut eponymous album? For every instrument (on Culture Clash, at least)? Yes we do! Our friends at Jam Track Central have all of this stuff, and they've got a little thing going this month where you'll get 30% off if you use the discount code AR30 before the end of March.

It's that simple. Using the code, that is - as for learning and playing Guthrie's or Bryan's or Marco's parts, you're on your own. ;-)
Stay tuned for more info about the new album and more in the coming weeks...and hope to see you somewhere out on the road this summer!

Best wishes to all,
The Aristocrats

Reb Beach, Joel Hoekstra: Whitesnake - "The Purple Album" details and tour links


Whitesnake return with The Purple Album, the first new studio album in four years, released in the UK on May 18 via Frontiers Music SRL. View and embed The Purple Album official EPK

The Purple Album will be released in Europe on May 15th and in North America on May 19th via Frontiers Music SRL. The Purple Album is a re-imagination of classic songs from David Coverdale’s time as the lead singer for Deep Purple’s Mark 3 and Mark 4 studio albums. The album is currently available for pre-order in various configurations on Amazon: a Standard Edition (, a Deluxe Edition ( featuring 2 bonus tracks, 4 music videos and a Behind The Scenes featurette on the recording of the album and in a double LP vinyl format. Plans are also underway for a special limited box set edition with memorabilia and merchandise. Details will be announced soon.

“It’s a tribute. A homage. It’s a huge thank you from me to Deep Purple for the opportunity I was given over 40 years ago,” state’s Coverdale. “As I said to Ritchie, you guys set me on an incredible journey that continues today and I couldn’t have asked for better teachers. The University of Deep Purple was an extraordinary, amazing school to learn from. We can’t wait to play these songs in concert!”

From the opening notes of the classic track “Burn”, to album closer “Stormbringer”, Whitesnake are back and better than ever. Songs like “Lady Double Dealer”, “Soldier of Fortune” and “Sail Away” are given a new energy in the very capable hands of the current Whitesnake lineup featuring David Coverdale on vocals, Reb Beach and Joel Hoekstra on guitars, Michael Devin on bass andTommy Aldridge on drums.

Pre-order The Purple Album from iTunes and get "Stormbringer" instantly: (Deluxe). Physical formats (CD, CD/DVD, 2xLP) available from (Deluxe), (Regular), (LP)


David Coverdale (vocals)
Joel Hoekstra (guitars)
Reb Beach (guitars)
Michael Devin (bass)
Tommy Aldridge (drums)

The Purple Album Track listing:
1) Burn
2) You Fool No One (interpolating Itchy Fingers)
3) Love Child
4) Sail Away
5) The Gypsy
6) Lady Double Dealer
7) Mistreated
8) Holy Man
9) Might Just Take Your Life
10) You Keep On Moving
11) Soldier Of Fortune
12) Lay Down Stay Down
13) Stormbringer

Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks:
14) Lady Luck
15) Comin’ Home

DVD Content:
Lady Double Dealer - Music Video
Sail Away - Mix Music Video
Stormbringer - Music Video
Soldier Of Fortune - Music Video
Purple Album Behind The Scenes
Purple Album EPK

Whitesnake was formed in England in 1978 by Coverdale. The band has released multi-platinum selling albums throughout the years and are known for hits such as “Slide It In,” “Here I Go Again,” “Still Of The Night” and “Is This Love.” Whitesnake will hit the road this summer on a headlining world tour.

Stay up to date with Whitesnake & David Coverdale:

Official Site -
Facebook -
Twitter -

"The PURPLE Tour" Ticket Link -

Sam Birchall: whilst Sam works on some catchier titles for his videos his some more tab!

Sam Birchall

Got a few requests to post this up from an old video. Theres no articulations but all the notes are there

Quick technique workout

James Muller, Carl Morgan, Peter Koopman:

James Muller, Carl Morgan, Peter Koopman (NZ) playing "Moments Notice" at Sweet Marion (Tim's house). Tim Firth (drums), Alex Boneham (bass). These 3 great guitarists playin together at my house.... i had to film it.

Muller, Morgan and Koopman jamming on Moments Notice