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Richard Daudé: Massive Dynamik project recording the solo

"Massive Dynamik" Project (recording solo)
Richard Daudé

Jeff Hughell: Creating Chaos within the Labyrinth By Daniel Gonzalez

Creating Chaos within the Labyrinth:
The Jeff Hughell Interview
By Daniel Gonzalez
For 20 years, Jeff Hughell has quietly been gaining recognition as one of today’s most innovative bass players.  Equipped with his custom made 7-string bass guitar, Hughell’s arsenal of technique and chops can cover a range of genres stretching from death metal to jazz.  Here we sit down with Jeff to discuss his debut LP, Chaos Labyrinth, how it all started, and some future plans.  
What inspired you to start playing bass and what were some of your favorite bands growing up?
The first thing that really made me want to play bass was a video of Cliff Burton playing a bass solo. He made it sound so different and had such a cool presence and style. The bands I listened to before I started playing was Metallica, Slayer, and Pantera. Another band that had great bass presence was Suicidal Tendencies. The album The Art of Rebellion came out right before I started playing and Robert Trujillo’s bass tone cut through the mix so well. It was really interesting and different. 
Why did you choose the bass opposed to other instruments?
I actually started out playing guitar and after a month I tried the bass. I realized I liked the finger style picking and power way more than the guitar. My fingers are also more built for the size of bass strings!
What led you to playing a 7 string bass and how did you find one?
I always had ideas for riffs and techniques that used more than 4 strings and back in 1997 I saw that Conklin made a 7 string bass. It seemed like the perfect amount of strings for me, not to many and not to little. I bought one in 1999 and primarily have played 7 strings ever since. I was lucky enough to start working with Warwick in 2012 and they built me a custom shop 7 string! That was so amazing because Warwick has always been my favorite and I have had a 6 string Corvette for 15 years but they didn't make a 7 string. So when I finally got my hands on it, I knew this is what I would play forever!
How is your new album Chaos Labyrinth different from other Jeff Hughell projects?
Chaos Labyrinth is different because it’s a whole new level of sounds and dynamics from anything I have ever done. It has everything from scorching fast lines to heavy brutality to slow, mood setting melodies. There is also a wide range of guests on the album from my good friends, to some of the musicians who have greatly inspired me over the years. Guests include Alex Webster, Steve Di Giorgio, Kevin Talley, Ola Englund, Alex Bent, Tyler Layne, Marc Gilson, Sean Martinez, Matt Sotelo, Brian Wood, and Nick Avlonitis.
Did you have any specific inspirations while writing Chaos Labyrinth? 
I wanted to write something that was like a story, that took you through emotions and peaks and valleys when listening from start to finish. I can't name one thing in particular as an inspiration because it was just me writing what I wanted with no rules and no guidelines. I’m very happy with the outcome!
What is your favorite song from Chaos Labyrinth and why?
It’s hard to pick one song as a favorite because I feel like the whole album is one song.  The listener needs to experience it as a whole. But the one song that has a melody that just sticks in my head so much is "Grout Polygraph". When I heard what Marc Gilson did on the Keys and the amazing feel of Alex Bent's drumming on it, I was addicted.
Can you walk us through the gear you used while recording Chaos Labyrinth?
I recorded the bulk of the bass for the album at home on my Mac Book direct with my Warwick 7-String Streamer. All the bass lines were then reamped at Castle Ultimate Studios by Zack Ohren. We used my Gallien-Krueger 1001RB head with the Neo 412 cabinet for the clean bass and then we actually used a Marshall JCM 900 for the distorted tracks which almost sounds like a guitar. My bass not only is a custom shop, German made Warwick but it also has custom Seymour Duncan blackout pickups. I always record with a fresh set of Dean Markley SR2000 strings which they actually made custom gauges for me. These things I think really come through with the clarity of all the bass tracks. When Steve Di Giorgio (Sadus, Death, Testament) first heard it, he told me it was the most clear sounding bass tones he had ever heard! Zack Ohren just does an amazing job. He has also worked with Fallujah, Suffocation, Immolation, All Shall Perish and Decrepit Birth to name a few.
How long did it take you to write Chaos Labyrinth?
The majority of the album was written in about six months. The song "Let It Go" was written about a year and a half earlier. During the six months of writing, my work as a tile contractor was slow, so I would literally work on songs, tracks, and ideas almost everyday.
Do you still practice bass every day? What is your practice routine?
I don't currently practice everyday. I went through a time when I was younger where I would play many hours a day. I feel that sometimes not playing for a few days gives you a fresh perspective when you get back to it. However before a tour or a solo show, I will practice through the set once a day. I also think not over doing it with practice saves me from having serious wrist and hand problems. I know people who have been playing less than half the time that I have and they have problems. One important thing is to start out slow when you practice and work your way to faster speeds.
Do you get nervous before playing in front of people?
I don't get nervous in front of large crowds at all. The smaller crowds, when you can feel individuals judging you, is what feels much more nerve racking. But the more I do it the easier it gets.
What was the first song you learned to play?
“Thunder Kiss 65” by White Zombie.
What advice do you have for musicians picking up an instrument for the first time?
Keep an open mind and absorb as many different styles as possible. Make sure it is fun because that is what will keep you doing it.
What is your favorite movie of all time and why?
Casino would have to be my favorite movie! It is such a good story with great acting and plenty of craziness, especially Joe Pesci's character.
What is your favorite album of all time and why?
If I had to choose one it would be Pink Floyd The Wall or Pantera The Great Southern Trendkill. The Wall is such a great piece of art that goes through so many emotions and changes. I have listened to it probably thousands of times. The Great Southern Trendkill is such an aggressive real album, completely unapologetic. You can feel the anger when you listen to it.
What are your plans for the rest of 2015?
I will be working on lots of new material. Some solo stuff and some collaborations for an awesome new project with some of my Warwick brothers that will probably come out in 2016. I will also be doing some killer festivals and club shows with Six Feet Under this summer and enjoying my son who will be born at the beginning of April!
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Timo Somers: Leah CD trio available for pre order

from LEAH

+++ AVAILABLE For Pre-Order and releasing APRIL 14th!

All three LEAH albums, including the newly re-issued and updated "Of Earth & Angels" which features brand new artwork and layout. Comes in jewel cases with full artwork and lyrics!

Comes with an immediate download of Kings & Queens!

++++ Orders will be mailed after April 14th at the release of the new version of OE&A

Includes unlimited streaming of Kings & Queens via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

Thobbe Englund: Sabaton guitarist announces - From the Wilderness

May 22 : Thobbe Englund (Sabaton) - From the Wilderness

Available as CD and Download.

Thobbe Englund, lead guitarist of Sweden's SABATON releases his second solo album filled with super intense high quality guitar playing and a fantastic tone. The album was composed and recorded while touring the world with SABATON.Thobbe (Thorbjörn) Englund has previously released five albums with his first band WINTERLONG , two albums with STAR QUEEN and his first solo album INFLUENCES on Lion Music before joining the mega successful SABATON and is now touring the world playing for huge crowds every night. We, at Lion Music are super happy for Thobbe's success and we are very proud to offer you his new outstanding solo album with ten tracks of outstanding quality.

1. Wildborn
2. Stormy Nights
3. A Lonely Hunter
4. Life from Death
5. Justice of Nature
6. Hunting Under a Blood Red Moon
7. Surviving
8. Eternal Struggle
9. Vargen Öde
10. Fingerspitzengefühl (Bonus Track)

Thobbe Englund plays Yngwie Malmsteen @ Sabaton

Alan Morse, Ted Leonard: Spock's Beard new album and tour dates

Legendary progressive-rockers Spock's Beard are pleased to announce that they will return with their brand new 12th studio album 'The Oblivion Particle', to be released at the end of August 2015.  
Spock's Beard's forthcoming new studio album 'The Oblivion Particle' is the follow-up to 2013's Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep. Find some press reactions to that record below and look out for more info in the coming weeks:

"arguably the best album of their 20-year career to date" - Classic Rock

"An entrancing work, their best sounding record to date." - Prog Magazine

"If you like classy prog with amazing musicianship and big hooks, then look no further." - Powerplay

"Classic Spock's Beard prog moments in a band that is both respectful of its past but also clearly looking forward to the future." - Classic Rock Society


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Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller, Marco Minnemann: Tres Caballeros revealed - Plus Updated North American Tour Dates!

The album is off getting manufactured right now! It's due for an early summer release (exact date TBA). The album will be released in a Standard Edition (CD) and Deluxe Edition (CD/DVD), which will include a 30-minute documentary featuring live and in-studio footage, outtakes, demos, and more.
The “8-bit” artwork represents a new spin on our tradition of animated covers, and was created by Tom Colbie, who designed the cover art for the band’s previous two releases, Culture Clash and Culture Clash Live.
Tres Caballeros was tracked over ten days in February at world-famous Sunset Sound studios, where Van Halen (1), Led Zeppelin IV, and Rage Against The Machine’s The Battle Of Los Angeles were tracked, among hundreds of others. The result: Nine new compositions of greater sonic depth and breadth than ever before, with unique textures and lush layering augmenting the usual trio firepower.
We can also now reveal that the track listing for Tres Caballeros is as follows:
  1. Stupid 7
  2. Jack’s Back
  3. Texas Crazypants
  4. ZZ Top
  5. Pig’s Day Off
  6. Smuggler’s Corridor
  7. Pressure Relief
  8. The Kentucky Meat Shower
  9. Through The Flower
And now, for the up-to-the-minute tour dates (several updates since the last listing)
Tres Caballeros North America Tour - Summer 2015
with special guests The Travis Larson Band
Date                   City/State                       Venue
Mon 6-Jul            Sacramento, CA               Harlow's
Tues 7-Jul            San Francisco, CA            Slim's
Wed 8-Jul            Santa Cruz, CA                 Don Quixote's
Fri 10-Jul             Portland, OR                     Star Theater
Sat 11-Jul             Seattle, WA                        Studio Seven
Sun 12-Jul           Vancouver, BC, CANADA     Rickshaw Theatre
Tues 14-Jul          Boise, ID                            Reef
Wed 15-Jul           Salt Lake City, UT           Club X
Fri 17-Jul              Denver, CO                       Quixote's True Blue
Sat 19-Jul             Omaha, NE                        Slowdown
Mon 20-Jul          Des Moines, IA                 The Gaslamp
Tues 21-Jul           St. Paul, MN                     The Amsterdam Bar And Hall
Fri 24-Jul              Chicago, IL                       Reggie's
Sat 25-Jul              Indianapolis, IN              Birdy's
Sun 26-Jul            Cincinnati, OH                 The Mad Frog
Tues 28-Jul          Cleveland, OH                  Beachland Ballroom
Wed 29-Jul           Pittsburgh, PA                 Hard Rock Café
Thur 30-Jul          Columbus, OH                 Skully's
Fri 31-Jul               Detroit, MI                        Token Lounge
Sat 1-Aug               Toronto, ON, CANADA   Mod Club
Sun 2-Aug             Ottawa, ON, CANADA     The Rainbow Bistro
Tues 4-Aug            Montreal, QC, CANADA  Café Campus
Wed 5-Aug            Woodstock, NY                  Bearsville Theater
Fri 7-Aug               Boston, MA                        The Middle East
Sat 8-Aug              New York City, NY            Irving Plaza
Sun 9-Aug             Philadelphia, PA               North Star Bar
Mon 10-Aug          Washington, DC               Jammin' Java
Tues 11-Aug           Raleigh, NC                       Pour House
Thur 13-Aug          Charlotte, NC                    Tremont Music Hall
Fri 14-Aug              Atlanta, GA                       Aisle 5
Sat 15-Aug              Nashville, TN                   The High Watt
Sun 16-Aug             St. Louis, MO                  Old Rock House
Mon 17-Aug            Kansas City, MO            The Scene
Tues 18-Aug            Tulsa, OK                        The Vanguard
Thur 20-Aug           Houston, TX                   Fitzgerald's
Fri 21-Aug                Austin, TX                       The Roost
Sat 22-Aug               Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX    The Sanctuary
Mon 24-Aug            Albuquerque, NM          Launchpad
Wed 26-Aug            Phoenix, AZ                     Club Red
Thur 27-Aug            Mexicali, MEXICO        Teatro De Estado
Fri 28-Aug                San Diego, CA                Price Center Ballroom East, UCSD
Sat 29-Aug               Riverside, CA                  Romano’s Concert Lounge
Sun 30-Aug              Los Angeles, CA             King King
As always, you can go to the TOURS page and find complete ticket links for each show.
We'll have more news in a couple of weeks: Preview videos and audio, the official release date, and more. :-)
-The Aristocrats

Júlio Stotz: new EP teaser #2

All right so here's another teaser from my upcoming EP. This time there's more band action in comparison with the first teaser. Camcorder audio, so not the best quality obviously. It is not mixed or mastered, I just adjusted a little bit the volumes so one can at least understand what is going on :)
Release date is I don't know yet. It will be released any time this year for sure anyway. More to come!
Júlio Stotz - new EP teaser #2

Isao Fujita, Gianluca Ferro: Quick Tour at the Battle Cry Sound In Tokyo

Soundtrack Song : "Solaris" from my Solo album "Unheimlich".
If you want to purchase the CD write here:
This is just a collection of videos and pics taken during the session at Battle Cry Sound Studio In Tokyo while I was recording with Isao Fujita. I did it very quickly so sorry for the poor quality !

The song we recorded will be available soon along with an extended footage of the studio sessions and an interview with Isao and me ! We are currently working on an album together, stay tuned for more details !

Quick Tour at the Battle Cry Sound In Tokyo