Monday, 27 April 2015

Marc Guillermont: "LIVE" DRUMS on keyboard

Marc Guillermont demos his skill for producing great live drum tones on a keyboard

"LIVE" DRUMS on keyboard

Sam Coulson: Figaro Mozart - TSO cover

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra's arrangment of Wolfgang Mozart's Figaro.

A Great alternate picking work out.

I used my Chavel so Cal into a Yamaha THR10X

Figaro Mozart - TSO cover - Sam Coulson

Daniele Gottardo, Francesco Congia: Jamming on "All blues"

Francesco Congia e Daniele Gottardo Jamming on all blues

Francesco Congia e Daniele Gottardo Jamming on "All blues"

Francesco Congia e Daniele Gottardo jamming on sunny

Ian Crichton: Saga "Don't be late" and "You're not alone" Spirit of 66 Verviers 2014

Saga performed live at Spirit of 66 in Verviers, Belgium on Monday, 5 May 2014.

Saga is a rock quintet, formed in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Jim Crichton (bass) and Welsh-born vocalist Michael Sadler have been the principal songwriters for Saga. Ian Crichton is the band's guitarist. The band's keyboardist, Jim "Daryl" Gilmour, joined Saga in December 1979. The current drummer Mike Thorne joined the band in 2012. Saga has been awarded gold and platinum albums worldwide and has sold more than 8 million albums.

The song is "Don't be late (Chapter Two)", a track from their 3rd studio album "Silent knight", released in 1980. It also features on the live album "In transit", which went platinum in Canada and gold in Germany.

Saga (live) - "Don't be late" Spirit of 66 Verviers BE 05-05-2014

Saga (live) - "You're not alone" Spirit of 66 Verviers BE 05-05-2014

Tom Hess: Learn How To Play Guitar Super Fast & Clean Using Perfect Two-Hand Synchronization - Part 1

Learn How To Play Guitar Super Fast & Clean Using Perfect Two-Hand Synchronization - Part 1
By Tom Hess

Do you ever struggle to play guitar both fast and clean once you reach your top speed? Tons of guitar players have this same issue and attempt to resolve it by “moving their hands faster”. However, this will not help you play guitar fast and accurate. To do this, you must solve the fundamental cause of your problem. This takes more than simply practicing various speed exercises.

There are 2 fundamental elements all guitarists need to master in order to play cleanly:

-First, you must get rid of all undesired guitar string noise (learn more about this by reading this article on how to mute guitar string noise).

-Second, you must play with excellent two-hand synchronization. Two hand synchronization refers to your ability to fret and pick each note at exactly the same time. After mastering this, you’ll be able to play guitar at faster speeds without hearing muffled, inarticulate notes or making sloppy noises (that occur while picking the string too early/late).

Before you learn how to develop excellent two-hand synchronization, check out this video demonstration so you can see the MASSIVE difference it makes in the quality of your guitar playing:
Once you’ve watched the video above, perform the following (easy) adjustments in your playing in order to play faster, more accurately, and more precise while gaining greater synchronization in both hands.

Adjustment #1: Stop Holding The Guitar Pick Close To The Tip
One of the most common guitar playing problems guitarists experience occurs when they play guitar fast and hold the pick extremely close to the tip. This causes their guitar playing sound extremely weak - PARTICULARLY if you are playing without distortion. Rather than doing this, hold the pick closer to the middle.

How This Adjustment Will Improve Your Two-Hand Synchronization:
When you hold the pick further away from the end, it ensures that the pick is the only thing to come into contact with the string (instead of your thumb or the picking hand fingers). This will eliminate any unintentional harmonics that could occur and keep you playing with great 2 hand synchronization. Plus, it will make it a lot easier to feel when both of your hands contact the string at the same time. Developing this feeling should be your main objective while mastering two hand synchronization.
Even though it may feel “unnatural” to hold the pick like this, keep holding it this way for a couple of weeks straight. This tiny adjustment will make a BIG difference in the quality of your guitar playing. Go back and watch the video above and notice how big of a difference this makes for helping you to greatly improve your guitar technique.

Adjustment #2: Put The Pick Deeper Into The Strings
Place the pick deeper down into the strings (closer to the actual guitar body) as you are playing rather than merely brushing the very tip over them. This will instantly add more volume and clarity to the notes (using no additional effort). This is a very easy and natural adjustment to make whenever you become accustomed to holding the pick closer to the middle.
See the picture below:

Note: Don’t overdo this by sticking the pick too far down in between the strings. To locate the ideal medium, angle the pick at 45 degrees pointing at the head of the guitar as shown in the picture above.

How This Adjustment Will Improve Your Two-Hand Synchronization:
When you hold the pick away from the tip and place it deep into the strings it will force you to play with excellent, loud articulation. This will make it simple to feel whenever your hands are in perfect sync (unlike when you barely graze the top of the strings with the pick). It’s just not possible to articulate notes clearly whenever your hands are out of sync, so mastering articulation also forces your two hand synchronization to develop at the same time.
To quickly gain the benefits of this in your guitar playing, apply the next adjustment below:

Adjustment #3: Pick With A Lot More Force
Many people make the mistake not using much force in their picking attack whenever they play fast. Unlike fretting hand technique, which should generally involve as little energy as needed to fret the notes, your picking hand requires the use of MORE force (in contrast) to articulate every note you play. This will cause your playing to sound more clear and keep it from turning into a big mess when you play guitar at very fast speeds.

How To Put These 3 Ideas Together To Improve Your Two-Hand Synchronization:
Step 1:Choose any short and repeating exercise (like the one below) and practice it by implementing all the adjustments described in this article. It’s important to use something that is very easy to play, so you can put all your focus into the technical aspects of what you are practicing.
Step 2:Play through the exercise you chose for a whole minute while using TONS of force in your picking attack. After the minute is through, play another minute with very little force. This will cause you to observe the level of precision in your picking hand (and will make it much easier to play in sync).
Step 3: Use only downstrokes to pick every note in the lick for two minutes.
Step 4:Use only upstrokes to pick every note in the lick for two minutes.
When you pick with additional force AND use only downstrokes / upstrokes, you will improve your ability to play articulate and clear notes at fast speeds with excellent two-hand synchronization.
Step 5:Repeat this process (the four steps above) for 15 minutes.
Now that you have a good understanding of the steps you must follow to play guitar fast and clean with great two-hand synchronization, implement the ideas you learned into any lick, phrase or solo you play. Eventually, you will gain tons of results, and the quality of your speed guitar playing will skyrocket.
To learn how to move beyond merely playing guitar faster and start developing your skills in ALL areas of guitar technique, take lessons with a good guitar teacher.

About The Author:
Tom Hess is a professional touring musician, composer and successful rock/metal guitar teacher. He helps guitarists around the world learn to play guitar online. On his website, you can find guitar playing tips, free guitar resources and more guitar articles.

Dan Patlansky – Backbite, Live at Atterbury Theatre 11 March 2015

SHEFFIELD, GREYSTONES Tuesday April 28 (Tickets:
YORK, FIBBERS Thursday April 30 (Tickets:
STOCKTON, MUSIC LOUNGE Friday May 1 (Tickets:
WANDSWORTH, GJ’s Sunday May 3 (Tickets:
PORTSMOUTH, THE CELLARS Monday May 4 (Tickets:
BRISTOL, THUNDERBOLT Wednesday May 6 (Tickets:
POOLE, MR KYPS Thursday May 7 (Tickets:


MANCHESTER O2 APOLLO Sunday November 1
SHEFFIELD CITY HALL Wednesday November 4
CARDIFF ST. DAVID’S HALL Thursday November 5

For more info and pics, visit the online press release here:

Dan Patlansky – Backbite, Live at Atterbury Theatre 11 March 2015

Michael Angelo Batio: Guitar World - Sweep Picking 101

For tabs of this lesson, go to :

Hello again, Guitar World readers. It’s nice to be back! I’d like to begin this new series of columns by talking about getting started with sweep picking, which is a very useful and exciting technique that I often use to perform fast arpeggio-based licks and runs.

Let’s get started with the basic mechanics of sweep picking, and then I’ll move on to more complex applications of the technique.

An arpeggio is the notes of a chord played individually and in succession. In FIGURE 1, I’m fretting a first-position Am chord and, starting on the open A string, picking each note one at a time, moving to the first string and then back down to the fifth string. The idea is that the notes of the chord are played melodically, as opposed to being strummed together.

Sweep picking entails dragging the pick across several adjacent strings in a single stroke, either moving from low to high, or from high to low, which is often called a “reverse sweep.”

The technique allows a guitarist to perform what I think of as keyboard-style runs, as long, extended-range arpeggios played up and down a keyboard are typically featured in classical piano pieces. When I was first learning this technique, I often heard it referred to as raking, as the movement is not unlike pulling a rake along the ground in one unbroken movement and direction.

In FIGURE 2, I fret a fifth-position Am barre chord and initially sound each note in succession from low to high by dragging the pick in a single downward motion across all six strings. After the high E string is sounded, I then reverse the process and drag the pick in a single upward motion across all six strings, moving from the highest to the lowest. Notice also that I’m using a slight amount of palm muting, as this helps shorten the decay of each note after it is picked, making each individual note sound distinct and clear and not part of a strummed chord.

The next step is to expand upon this idea by incorporating hammer-ons and pull-offs into the shape, as demonstrated in FIGURE 3. While still fretting the Am barre chord, I strike the low A note and then hammer-on with my pinkie to C at the eighth fret. At the top of the shape, I use the pinkie again to fret a high C note at the eighth fret on the high E string, then pull-off back to A and descend across the lower five strings.

Now that you understand the concept, let me show you how most sweep-picked licks are typically played. As illustrated in FIGURE 4, I’ve moved the first-position A minor shape up 12 frets, to 12th position, and the idea here is not to barre across any strings but rather to “get off of” each note after it is picked and move quickly from one string to the next, fretting and then releasing the finger pressure so that each note will sound by itself, without the previous note ringing, or “bleeding,” into it. Fret-hand muting is key here.

We can move the idea down to another position, as demonstrated in FIGURES 5–8. FIGURES 5 and 6 present the basic idea, and FIGURE 7 shows how I would play the lick repeatedly in a continuous loop. FIGURE 8 offers a slight twist, in that the lowest and highest notes are sounded twice. Play through all of these shapes slowly and then gradually increase the tempo.
Michael Angelo Batio - Sweep Picking 101

Jose Jaime Araja: - Milk Tea - 8 string - three camera promo video

Song Title : Milk Tea
E.P Titled: Lazy Afternoon
Composed By: Jose Jaime Araja
Audio mix and everything all done by myself

camera: Iphone 6 Plus front camera
drum track,mixing using FL Studio
guitar and bass mix using Sony Vegas Pro 13
guitar and bass line to get wav file direct plugged in using my Line 6 Spider Jam loop recorder
zoom mini recorder to transfer the wav. file

disclaimer: I don't have a bass guitar I just made some improvisation using my 8 string guitar plugged in to my Line 6 Spider Jam using pre-set effects twang and center pickup switching to get at least the closest bass tone.

Steve Hackett: Spectral Mornings 2015 - In Aid of Parkinson's UK

In Aid of Parkinson's UK.

Available from

Produced by Rob Reed
Lyrics by David Longdon

Spectral Mornings 2015

Scott Mishoe: You can Now Purchase Omnidirectional

Scott Mishoe

This Is My Song Mal-Funk-Shon From My Omnidirectional CD. You Can Now Purchase Omnidirectional Directly From Me. For More Info On Lesson Packets Skype Lessons, And CDs Contact Me At Have A Great Day.

Scott Mishoe : Mal-Funk-shen / super amazing shred guitar

Rick Graham: Just me myself and Ibanez - noodle time

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Just me myself and Ibanez

Dhalif Ali: JEM7V SBL - jam time

Dhalif Ali: JEM7V SBL - jam time


Tom Quayle, Dan Smith: The Guitar Hour 26/04/15

The Guitar Hour - Tom Quayle & Dan Smith 26/04/15
Tom Quayle
Dan & Tom's Guitar Hour. In this session we talk about endorsement deals, trade shows and new gear, our recent practice material and give away two copies of Riffstation live on the show. As usual we have the licks section at the end! Hope you enjoy the show guys! -- Watch live at 

NOTE 9:36 for the start of it.

Richard Medel: Tribute to Tuck Andress-Over The Rainbow/Brain

Played live in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Solo Performance - Classical Style

Tribute to Tuck Andress-Over The Rainbow/Brain - Guitarist Richard Medel

Daniele Gottardo: The Nuts - Anthropology - great jazz fusion

The Nuts! New jazz-rock-oriented project: original tunes, standards, rearrangements of old stuff

Daniele Gottardo - Guitar
Giuseppe Risitano - Drums
Matteo Checcoli - Bass

For any booking inquiries, please contact:

Live Recording Audio & Video @ NFRS Studio by Ugo Bolzoni Nuts - Anthropology (Charlie Parker)

Jack Gardiner: No Giants Allowed - The Leslie Johnson Project - smoking fusion

Hey guys,

Here's 'No Giants Allowed' from Leslie Johnson's new album 'The Leslie Johnson Project'. I'm over the moon to be collaborating with these musicians who are seriously, top-notch players. I would highly recommend you go check out the album. It's full of great grooves, beautiful melodies and awesome musicianship. I'm sure there are going to be a few more of these videos coming soon, so stay tuned ;)

I thought I must mention that two of my lesson packages are on sale, so be sure to check them out over at

No Giants Allowed - The Leslie Johnson Project

Hedras Ramos: Got a Match - Chick Corea - maturing like a fine wine!

Hi guys this is an excerpt from my latest collaboration with incredible bassist Leslie Johnson, the full video with full solos/performances from the whole band will appear soon! So happy to be able to play this legendary tune with awesome musicians and impose my style and vision over it, hope you like it! Stayed tuned for the full video very soon!

Hedras Ramos - Got a Match (Chick Corea)

Ai Onuma, Shoko Nagasaki: Neo-Zonk - live digest of super keyboard duo

key. Onuma love, key. length Yamazaki twin keyboard progressive unit [by Sachiko Neo-Zonk]. One-man was held at Roppongi Beehive on April 17, 2015 Part 1 Excerpt from live.

Support dr. To the Kamata Hiroshi輔. ~ Next Live ~ 5月23日年2015 (Saturday) Neo-Zonk one-man! Venue: Takadanobaba music room DX Time: Doors open 18:00 / curtain 19:00 fee: 2,500 yen (Drink & Food another) . Support dr Imai Yoshiyori

Neo-Zonk official web site

Michael Schenker: Temple of Rock announce January 2016 UK Tour


Award-winning, legendary guitarist Michael Schenker will embark on a 2016 nationwide UK tour at the starting at Bilston Robin on Wednesday January 20, 2016.

48-hour ticket pre-sale starts at 9am on Wednesday April 29, 2015 at Tickets are available to the general public on Friday May 1 from the 24-Hour box office on 0844 478 0898 and

Schenker will perform tracks from his current studio album Spirit On A Mission which features the singles Vigilante Man and Live and Let Live plus all the MSGUFO and Scorpions rock classics.

The January 2016 UK tour will feature Schenker’s “Temple of Rock” band, comprising ex-Scorpions Herman Rarebell (drums) and Francis Buchholz (bass), Wayne Findlay (guitar, keyboards), and ex-Rainbow vocalist Doogie White.


BILSTON ROBIN                                WEDNESDAY JANUARY 20
GATESHEAD SAGE                           MONDAY JANUARY 25

To read the official UK press release and download hi res photos, click here:

News: BC Rich Returns to Acoustic Roots

BC Rich Returns to Acoustic Roots

HEBRON, KY - After a long hiatus, B.C. Rich is back in the acoustic guitar market with a brand new acoustic line.  The all-new collection will include five models and a total of eight SKUs. These guitars touch upon and evolve from the classic beginnings of B.C. Rich’s history and will be available through dealers and distributors worldwide. 
The return to B.C. Rich’s acoustic heritage is a nostalgic and romantic story. Despite being known for their creative bodied electric guitars, B.C. Rich started as an acoustic guitar company. Founder Bernardo Chavez Rico started constructing acoustic guitars in the early 1960s in Bernardo’s Guitar Shop in Los Angeles. Former executive Vice President Mal Stich remarks, “When you walked into Bernardo's the first thing you saw was wall to wall guitars hanging from the ceiling like birthday party balloons. There was a glass counter with strings, picks, guitar parts and accessories. Behind the counter was a window and you could watch the guys making guitars. But, the coolest thing was that there were always flamenco and classical players jamming. I remember the Flamenco players firing at each other with riff after riff.  Bernie's father, Bernardo Mason Rico, was always sitting in his chair next to the Coca-Cola machine while friends and neighbors, even the postman, stood spellbound listening to the music.” 
With five new acoustic models, B.C. Rich gives players many options. The line will offer different body styles, colors, and finishes. Specs and hardware will also differ between models to fit any player’s preference. In keeping with the B.C. Rich tradition, all the new acoustics are full of beautiful details to appreciate. 
Select models are shipping now to dealers with more to be available later in the year.
To learn more about these guitars visit

Joe Bonamassa: adds second Brighton date to October UK Tour



Due to popular demand, a second concert at the Brighton Centre on Friday October 30 has been added to Joe Bonamassa’s October 2015 UK tour.

A special pre-sale for the newly added Brighton concert will be available exclusively to members of Joe Bonamassa’s official website from Tuesday April 28 until Thursday April 30.

The October tour follows from the success of Joe’s recent 4-night residency at London’s Hammersmith Eventim Apollo in March 2015, and follows the recent release of his live album and DVD release “Muddy Wolf at Red Rocks” – a homage to Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf.


Newcastle Metro Arena Wednesday Oct 21
Liverpool Echo Arena Friday Oct 23
Leeds First Direct Arena Saturday Oct 24
Nottingham Capital FM Arena Sunday Oct 25
Cardiff Motorpoint Arena Tuesday Oct 27
Bournemouth BIC Wednesday Oct 28
Brighton Centre Friday Oct 30 (NEW SHOW JUST ANNOUNCED)
Brighton Centre Saturday Oct 31

Click here for the official web release page -