Sunday, 31 May 2015

Per Nilsson: Preparatory Dorian Noodlings

Preparatory Dorian Noodlings
Per Nilsson
As I was prepping for recording a guest solo tonight, I whipped out my smartphone and filmed some of my preparatory noodlings! Including some unnecessary bonus footage, as usual

Snowy White: ‘new’ Gibson Les Paul Goldtop - tribute to Thin Lizzy

Snowy White played his ‘new’ Gibson Les Paul Goldtop on stage for the first time, through a Fender amp, and performed a wonderful set of music, together with his good friends, for a delighted, full house audience, at Gaste Garage, Hasbergen, near Osnabruck Germany, on Saturday May 30th, 2015. Snowy stepped back to his Thin Lizzy times, with Ruud Weber doing a fine take on bass and vocals (the Phil Lynott combination).

Snowy White - guitar
Ruud Weber - vocals bass (guest)
Max Middleton – keyboard
Juan van Emmerloot – drums and percussion
Thomas White – percussion

Also present (not on this clip):
Walter Latupeirissa – bass
Peppino D’Agostino - guitar


Extract from the Gaste Garage website: I sold my lovely old Les Paul because I wanted to clear my mind from the past, (not because I need the money!) There comes a time when it feels right to change things, and I felt that this was the right time to move on. I'm not sentimental about these things, I just follow my instincts. It's a guitar, that's all. It was a great guitar for sure, and I loved it. I hope the buyer enjoys it as much as I did. He got a good bargain! I shall miss it in some ways, but I've already moved on from this situation. I actually feel refreshed and happy about it, and I'm already recording new material. I have had trouble with my 'strumming arm' for sure, which has been very frustrating, but I'm slowly getting on top of that. Thanks to everyone for your kind and thoughtful messages. I'm sorry some people thought I was going through a bad time, but I can assure you that selling my guitar has been a positive thing for me, something I wanted to do. I have another guitar that I really like, and I hope I can still make some good music with all the great musicians that I play with. The new guitar will be in action for the first time on the 30th May, as I am playing a one-off show at Gaste Garage in Osnabruck, Germany.
It will be my first live show since October 2013. It will be just one set, probably about 70 minutes long. I'm looking forward to it! Snowy White

Among Snowy's achievements, guitarist with Thin Lizzy, Pink Floyd, toured with Roger Waters. From Snowy's website: In 1974 he toured the east coast of America, getting as far south as New Orleans and discovering that he thoroughly enjoyed being on the road. He had by then become friendly with the now legendary English blues guitarist Peter Green and they spent a lot of time jamming together. In 1979 Peter Green decided to head for the studio once more and invited Snowy along to jam. The result was the album entitled 'In the Skies', now something of a collectors item.


Panos Arvanitis: Zakk meet Yngwie Gibson Les Paul '59 Handmade by John Drimaropoulos

Zakk meet Yngwie Gibson Les Paul '59 Handmade by John Drimaropoulos
Panos Arvanitis ╬čFFICIAL Youtube Channel
Here is a Gibson Les Paul 1959 Replica handmade by my long time buddy John Drimaropoulos.(
Zakk meet Yngwie.I hope you like it.

Tom Quayle, Dan Smith: The Guitar Hour - 30/5/15

The Guitar Hour - 30/5/15
Tom Quayle
Hey guys - Tom and Dan return for another Guitar Hour. Hope you enjoy the show! -- Watch live at

Starts at 3:20. Unless you want to hear some indiscriminate playing in which case start at 2:48

Marc Guillermont: a new track posted on soundcloud - great tones

NEW 2015 track posted on soundcloud - great tones

James Nobert Ivinayi, Bruno Monello, Jack Gardiner, Fabian Ratsak, Luca Mantovanelli: International guitar jam

this is the first international video jam of this channel
- rock/fusion style with awesome guitarists:

James Nrobert Ivinayi
Bruno monello
Jack Gardiner
Fabian Ratsak
Luca Mantovanelli

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International guitar jam Ivinayi-Monello-Gardiner-Ratsak-Mantovanelli

Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller, Marco Minnemann: The Aristocrats - "Tres Caballeros" - Full Album Preview Montage

The Aristocrats - "Tres Caballeros" - Full Album Preview Montage
A 5-minute preview montage of The Aristocrats' 3rd studio album "Tres Caballeros".

Order (pre-order before 6/23/15) at http://thearistocrats.spins­

Guthrie Govan - guitar
Bryan Beller - bass
Marco Minnemann - drums

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