Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Chris Letchford: "Giants" - at the Echo Ampitheater

New album "V" coming soon!

An oldie but a goodie, from Carving Desert Canyons (2009), decided to relearn and do this one up in an epic location!

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Gear used in this video:
Strandberg CL7 - Chris' signature model.
EMG 57/66 pickups.
Dunlop Strings Strings (10-56)
Dunlop Signature Chris Letchford Jazz III Picks (1mm)

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Fabrizio Chiruzzi: Riding a blue sky - new track

Italian based guitar player, Fabrizio started his music career in the october of 1995 at the age of eighteen. In 2000 he won an electric guitar competition promoted by Hard! magazine and played on stage with Steve Vai during the Ultra Zone World Tour. In 2001 He released his first demo cd called Gates of Doom which obtained enthusiastic reviews by the music media. In 2008 He released a b-side project called Revangel. It was an instrumental industrial shred metal and the title was: the awakening.

During the years he was a clinician for music shops as well as an endorser of the Di Marzio pickup company. He also feature in other musicians works as Matt Cafissi, Marita Pauli, Psycophonic compilation and various pop artists.

In 2015 he released the first track of the upcoming digital album called "fire walk with me". Which will be released song by song over the year.
His genre is a rock based sound with influences from new age/chill out music to heavy rock and metal.

Fabrizio Chiruzzi Riding a blue sky

Wataru Nagao: Lalle Larsson's Weaveworld City Of Lost Souls and Frost* Milliontown

Lalle Larsson's Weaveworld City Of Lost Souls solo cover (strandberg cl7)

Frost* Milliontown cover

Yvette Young: polymath "Hydra" delivered on a plate for EMGtv

Guitarist, illustrator, and artist, Yvette Young brings her unique compositions to EMGtv with this live performance of "Hydra". Hear the clarity and response of the EMG 57-7H and EMG 66-7H pickups on her seven string guitar. Yvette's use of finger picking and tapping creates a beautiful array of clean guitar tones which is central to the sound of her band, Covet. Subscribe to EMGtv to get updates on our weekly videos.
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Yvette Young: polymath plays "Hydra" live on EMGtv

Nili Brosh: ripping it up at the recent One Day Fest II 2015

If there were doubts that Rock virtuoso girls existed, hear Nili Brosh.

Nili Brosh: One Day Fest II  2015

Check out Nili's solo on the the album from Aquiles Priester, Gustavo Carmo featuring Greg Howe, Vinnie Moore, Tony MacAlpine, Nili Brosh: Our Lives, 13 Years Later.

The Bucket Is Full

Tony MacAlpine: One Day Fest II

Tony MacAlpine, Aquiles Priester and Bjorn Englen!

One Day Fest II Tony MacAlpine

Aquiles Priester, Gustavo Carmo: Greg Howe, Vinnie Moore, Tony MacAlpine, Nili Brosh: Our Lives, 13 Years Later... CD available


1. Elevator 5:33
2. Dolphin Race (feat. Greg Howe) 4:12
3. Carousel 4:18
4. Our Lives, 13 Years Later... 4:31
5. Titanic: A Night to Remember (feat. Vinnie Moore) 5:40
6. The Old Man and the Sea (feat. Tony MacAlpine) 10:46
7. Cluttered Inbox (feat. Kevin Moore & Seda Baykara) 4:21
8. The Bucket Is Full (feat. Nili Brosh) 9:37
9. Jubilation / Sunburst 5:15
10. Psychoctopus Drum Solo

Aquiles Priester & Gustavo Carmo

In 2001, drummer Aquiles Priester and guitarist Gustavo Carmo met each other while on the same record label. At that time, Aquiles was drumming in Hangar. Gustavo was working with his band Versover, and released "Love, Hate & Everything In Between.” Gustavo and Aquiles hit it off and tampered with the idea of an instrumental album featuring the high level of musicianship between the two. Not long after, Aquiles joined the band Angra and as the story goes so many times, the instrumental album idea ended up in a drawer.

Many milestones happened in the careers of both Aquiles and Gustavo over the next thirteen years. Aquiles spent seven years with Angra and became one of the most respected drummers on the planet. Today Aquiles works with important figures like Tony MacAlpine and Vinnie Moore, also drumming with bands like Primal Fear, and still being active with Hangar.

Gustavo has also remained active. He played with Versover for a few more years and simultaneously launched his career as a classical guitar player. Gustavo went on to play many concerts in Brazil and Europe over the ensuing years. In 2008 he relocated to Seattle (EUA), and promptly joined the band The New Futures. They released its debut album "Radioactive" in 2013, and has a second release on the horizon.

Gustavo and Aquiles remained in touch and followed each-others careers. During one of Gustavo’s visits to Brazil, Gustavo and Aquiles were able to reunite for a concert with Gustavo’s old band Versover. Shortly thereafter, Gustavo established a new band called House of Bones. The reconnection between Gustavo and Aquiles was so electric that Aquiles joined House of Bones as a permanent member.

This reunion brought an old idea back to life... one that had been sitting in a drawer since Aquiles and Gustavo hit it off roughly thirteen years prior. This old idea, becoming new once again, will bear the fruit of something that rarely comes along. A connection between 2 luminaries on a mission to create something that you won’t forget... ever. "Our Lives, 13 Years Later..." As the name suggests, chronicles thirteen years of their lives, showcasing what they’ve accomplished, and how they’ve grown and matured as high caliber musicians in this profession of music.

During the recording process of the albums eight tracks (word on the street is 2 additional bonus tracks, totaling 10), Gustavo and Aquiles wrote via a non orthodox process. For instance, Gustavo and Aquiles never met each other in studio during the entire recording process. The technology that wonderfully brings people afar closer together enabled them to work freely, more than 6000 miles apart. Aquiles recorded all of his drum parts at Mr. Som (assisted by engineering wizards Marcello Pompeu and Heros Trench) and at FX Studios (with Tiago Lorena Dutra), both in São Paulo Brazil. Gustavo registered his parts in Seattle, at AK-47 Studios and Orbit Audio in Seattle, WA USA (with Sammy J. Riddle). In the end, Adair Daufembach (who had worked with Hangar on it’s release "Infallible") mixed the entire album.

Even less orthodox was the way that the songs were crafted. Contrary to a typical workflow, all the songs started with the rhythmic parts. Aquiles would create some drum lines, imagining a structure and a potential theme. Gustavo would review these drum parts, defining these themes and suggesting the concept and direction of the line or statement. On top of that, the guitarist created melodies to complete the song. And that’s not all! The songs were devised with an appreciating tempo. The first track would be in 130 bpm, the second in 140 bpm, up to the eighth track which carries an impressive 200 bpm. If you pay attention to the credits and you will see that explained in detail.

Building up the team on this record, Aquiles and Gustavo joined forces with bass player: Bruno Ladislau, keyboard players: Junior Carelli and Francis Botene, and a highly impressive cast of special guests that include: Tony MacAlpine (guitar and keyboard), Vinnie Moore (guitar), Greg Howe (guitar), Kevin Moore (keyboard), Nili Brosh (guitar), and Seda Baykara (violin).

This piece of art is heavily rooted in progressive rock, but pulls punches from many different genres and styles, creating a style defying, timeless classic. "Our Lives, 13 Years Later..." had one main goal... “to not only create great songs for an instrumental album, but to create an experience that could be repeated many times and bear new fruit upon each new listen... and naturally, to try push every limit that’s ever whispered in our direction.” Aquiles, in turn, guarantees to future listeners that “the album is very progressive and spontaneous because of the unique way it was crafted.” He goes on to say, “I think people will literally be SHOCKED when they hear it!"

Antonio Carlos Monteiro

Ronny Heimdal: Over stokk og stein - 2015 - great fusion

An attempt at a new mix of an older song. Ronny Heimdal : guitar keyboards, Stefano Ruscica : drums, Doug Ross : bass. Mastered by Torbjørn Ericsson.

Andy Gillion: Escape - new Orchestral compostion posted on sound cloud

Andy Gillion

I’m a musician from England, perhaps most notable for my work as guitarist and songwriter for the band, “Mors Principium Est”. Aside from the band, I am a freelance composer and have vast experience writing for video games, film, TV and theatre (really anything visual media which needs musical accompaniment)

Orchestral - Escape

Dean Murphy: test the guitar arsenal and find out if it Djents!

Does It Djent?
Dean Murphy
so this is quite possibly the most annoying 3 words in the world since the creation of Djent, Does It Djent. so i did a video to show what does and what doesnt djent, here we go

Martin Miller: tracking a solo for Levi Clay

Martin Miller - tracking a solo for Levi Clay
Martin Miller
http://www.martinmillerguit­ - recording a solo for Levi Clay's album Hellcat Molly - Out of the Ashes

James Norbert Ivanyi: Resolute Enmity' #1 - chunky riffing on a black Suhr

TMC | SCENES. 'Resolute Enmity' #1.

Tom Quayle: 51 Killer Fusion Licks

51 Killer Fusion Licks - Guitar Lessons By Tom Quayle | Licklibrary...
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51 Killer Fusion Licks By Tom Quayle teaches you how to play 51 different licks covering all technical, genre and harmonic requirements to fusion teaching you from basic Dorian one chord licks to more complex chord changes 4 chords per bar licks & complex picking lick covering lots and lots of legato licks!

This DVD includes 15 Backing Tracks and all lessons have been transcribed therefore come with TAB!

This is a great DVD for anyone looking to become a modern fusion guitar player or someone looking to take there blues and rock playing in a different direction!

George Lynch: Pre-order new Shadow Train CD

Pre-order George Lynch's "Shadow Train" CD on:
iTunes: :

Gus G: details of upcoming album

Brand New Revolution will be released on July 24. He's released a teaser of album opener The Quest

The Quest
Brand New Revolution – featuring Jacob Bunton
Burn – featuring Jacob Bunton
We Are One – featuring Jacob Bunton
What Lies Below – featuring Elize Ryd
Behind Those Eyes – featuring Jacob Bunton
Gone To Stay – featuring Jeff Scott Soto
One More Try – featuring Jacob Bunton
Come Hell Or High Water – featuring Mats Leven
If It Ends Today – featuring Mats Leven
Generation G – featuring Jeff Scott Soto
The Demon Inside – featuring Mats Leven

Tony Iommi: is set to appear as a mentor on an upcoming talent show

Tony Iommi is set to appear as a mentor on an upcoming talent show.

Guitar Star will air on Sky Arts on June 9 at 8pm and Iommi will be joined by Rodrigo y Gabriela, Lee Ritenour and Milos Karadaglic in a search for the most talented guitarist in the UK and Ireland.

Iommi says: “I’d like someone who plays from the soul as opposed to somebody learning every single note and getting everything perfect.

“The idea is to listen and absorb as much as you can and when you play, give it all you’ve got from the heart as opposed to a book or copying or learning. It’s got to come from within and show what you do and what you’re capable of doing.”

Doug Aldrich: joins Glenn Hughes for upcoming European solo tour

Glenn Hughes will be joined on his upcoming European solo tour by ex-Whitesnake guitarist Doug Aldrich.

Full details 


Sep 15: Milan Legend Club , Italy
Sep 17: Salzburg Rockhouse, Austria
Sep 18: Burgieden Riffelhof, Germany
Sep 20: Vienna Szene Wein, Austria
Sep 21: Munich Backstage Halle, Germany
Sep 22: Mannheim Alte Seilerei, Germany
Sep 24: Osnabruck Rosenhof, Germany
Sep 25: Zoetermeer Boerderij, Netherlands
Sep 26: Weert Bosuil, Netherlands
Sep 28: Bochum Zeche, Germany
Sep 30: Rendsburgh Nordmarkhalle, Germany
Oct 01: Hamburg Knust, Germany
Oct 03: Verviers Spirit Of 66, Belgium
Oct 04: Ludwisgsburg Rockfabrik, Germany
Oct 06: Solothurn Kofemehl, Switzerland
Oct 07: Lucerne Schuur, Switzerland
Oct 09: Bilbao Santana 27, Spain
Oct 10: Madrid Arena, Spain
Oct 11: Calella Rock Festival, Spain
Oct 13: Paris Divian Du Monde, France
Oct 14: Riom La Puce A L'Oreille, France
Oct 16: Leffrinckoucke La Poudriere, France

Jimi Hendrix: the Hendrix estate sued Hendrix's ex-brother-in-law for stolen guitar

Jimi Hendrix's estate sued Hendrix's ex-brother-in-law, claiming he tried to sell the legend's Black Widow guitar for $750,000, though it doesn't belong to him.

Experience Hendrix sued Sheldon Reynolds and Brian Patterson on Monday in Superior Court. Experience Hendrix, a Washington LLC, manages and licenses the assets and intellectual property of the master guitarist, who died at 28 in 1970.

Reynolds is the ex-husband of Janie Hendrix, the guitarist's sister and CEO of Experience Hendrix.

Plini, Jakub Żytecki: headed for UK Techfest!


I figured, if i'm travelling half way around the world forUK Tech-Metal Fest, i may as well make it a little bit special...
see you soon!

Plini (Europe Exclusive Debut) - Backing Musicians Announced!
Featuring: Jakub Zytecki - DispersE (Guitar), Mike Malyan - MONUMENTS(Drums), Simon Grove The Helix Nebula (Bass), Luke Martin (Keyboards).

Martin Miller: $75 off Jam Track Box Set

Martin Miller Jam Track Box Set

The ultimate box set for fans of Martin Miller. 1.2GB of notes in one download!! This box set package contains all of the jam track packages that Martin has launched so far at JTC, inlcuding Laid Back Grooves 1 and 2, Vintage Rock Series 1, Rock Revolution, Rock Roots Vol.1 and Fusion Series 1.....which equates to a whopping 46 tracks!