Friday, 3 July 2015

Vinnie Moore: UFO announced for Judas Priest Euro Tour dates!

Coming up...
4th July - Norway - Skånevik - Skanevik Blues Festival
18th July - Germany - Jüterbog - Motorcycle Jamboree
21st July - Germany - Bremen - Meisenfrei
23rd July - England - Workington - The Carnegie Theatre
24th July - England - Holmfirth - The Picturedrome
25th July - Wales - Ebbw Vale - Steelhouse Festival
23rd October - Germany - Bensheim - Musiktheater Rex
27th October - Germany - Nuremberg - Hirsch
28th October - Germany - Paderborn - Schloss Neuhaus
30th October - Austria - Kufstein - Kulturfabrik
31st October - Switzerland - Pratteln - Z7
1st November - Italy - Milan - Legend Club
3rd November - France - Lyon - Ninkasi Kao
5th November - Spain - Santander - Escenario Santander
6th November - Spain - Santiago de la Compostela - Sala Capitol
7th November - Spain - Madrid - Sala But
8th November - Spain - Barcelona - Razzmatazz 2
10th November - France - Toulouse - Metronum
11th November - France - Vaureal (near Paris) - Le Forum
13th November - Wales - Hard Rock Hell
15th November - England - Southampton - The Brook
followed by:
4th December - Sweden - Karlstad - Lofbergs Arena (with Judas Priest)
5th December - Sweden - Stockholm - Ericsson Globe (with Judas Priest)
7th December - Estonia - Tallinn - Saku Arena (with Judas Priest)
8th December - Lithuania - Vilnius - Siemens Arena (with Judas Priest)
10th December - Poland - Gdansk - Ergo Arena (with Judas Priest)
12th December - Czech Republic - Breno - Rondo Arena (with Judas Priest)
14th December - Germany - Stuttgart - Schleyerhalle (with Judas Priest)
16th December - Belgium - Brussels - Forest National (with Judas Priest)
17th December - Germany - Oberhausen - Turbinenhalle (with Judas Priest)

Bartek Beben: Demia Doberman - ripping version of Iron Maiden - Wasting Love

Cover of Wasting Love from the Fear Of The Dark album.

Arrangement, instruments & mix - Bartek Beben
Vocals - Demia Doberman

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Iron Maiden - Wasting Love cover Bartek Beben & Demia

News: LightLead™ Launch Kick Starter Campaign

London, 3rd July 2015 – Following on from the successful debut of LightLead at the Winter NAMM show, inventors Iconic Sound Ltd, have just started their sixty-day Kickstarter campaign.

LightLead™ is the world’s first optical analogue, jack to jack, musical instrument cable. Its fully patented technology offers musicians a lead with zero capacitance and loading, resulting in a more precise, perfect, dynamic and crystal clear sound. LightLead™ is ideal for guitarists, bass players, and violinists, in fact any electric stringed instrument where a lead is required. Here are just a few of the comments from industry experts:

“Iconic Sound’s LightLead™ may be the first substantial innovation on instrument cable technology since, well, the cable was invented.”

‘There is not a guitar player out there who won’t want one of these.’ Mike Chapman, record producer and songwriter

 ‘I have never had a better signal from a guitar, this lead is nothing short of a paradigm shift in cable technology.’ Producer Liam Howe (Lana Del Rey, Elle Goulding, Adele)

‘It definitely makes your guitar sound clearer and fuller. It’s a clever bit of kit.’ Grammy award winning producer Rik Simpson, currently recording the forthcoming Coldplay album, using prototype LightLeads™

The sixty-day Kickstarter campaign has been launched to raise funds to start manufacturing this revolutionary product. The funds raised will be used to acquire the production tooling needed to start manufacturing LightLead™ and to set up distribution of the product.

Using traditional copper guitar cables has always come with a significant risk of grounding problems. Over the years many musicians have been badly shocked, electrocuted, and there have even been some cases of death.  A well-known example of this is Keith Relf of The Yardbirds (later becoming Led Zeppelin).  Relf was electrocuted and subsequently died on May 14th 1976 as he was playing electric guitar with a badly grounded cable in his basement studio.  Being made from non-conductive fibre optics LightLead™ completely eliminates this risk of an electric shock through the cable.

There is a strong team behind this product. David Holmes is a sound engineer, programmer and keyboard player and Danielle Barnett is a professional musician, businesswoman and entrepreneur with more than twenty years experience in the music industry.  The new member of the team, Damon Waller, is the ex Managing Director of Orange Amplification and guitar player who brings with him nearly thirty years music industry experience.

It is now time for the next generation of musical instrument cables and your contribution will help launch a new revolution in the pro audio arena. The Limited Edition LightLead™ model that is available on Kickstarter is exclusively for our backers, and will not be on general release. Please spread the word and tell your friends.

The future is light!

To find out more about the Kickstarter campaign please go to

To find out more about Iconic Sound Ltd please visit their website,,, To contact Iconic Sound please email Danielle Barnett at, cell +44 (0) 7802 841652.

Marco Sfogli: added to the Vivaldi Metal Project

Marco Sfogli (guitar) |
Marco Sfogli is credited as one of the most influential and followed progressive rock and metal guitar player of the last years. Marco has played and performed both on stage and in studio with many artists including James LaBrie, Jordan Rudess, Virgil Donati...

Richie Allan: Heavy Metal Ninjas Kiwi's finest have landed in UK

One of the best exports from the land of the Kiwi has landed in UK ready for Tech Fest and UK tour dates

From the album "Interstellar Abduction" get it now

Heavy Metal Ninjas - Design (Official Video)

Heavy Metal Ninjas - Melodyk (Official Video)

Sam Birchall: 2 note combinations within a few octaves to help with ear training

Sam Birchall

Any ear training nerds out there? What do you practice? I got bored yesterday and made a pack of audio files that give every 2 note combination within a few octaves, and a voice telling you the answer. The idea is that you have a jam track on in the background, and put this playlist on random, and try and hear the notes relative to the key of the jam track.

It won't be very useful unless you can hear one note over a jam track and name it, but hopefully some of you will get something out of this. Heres the dropbox link for anyone interested :

Silvio Gazquez: reveals cover and release date of new album

Silvio Gazquez

Cover of the album night sky, which they will be able to listen and download from this Saturday, July 4, 2015!

Tapa del disco Night Sky, el cual se podrá escuchar y descargar desde este Sábado 4 de julio, 2015!

Joe Satriani: Shockwave Supernova Album Packaging Reveal

Joe Satriani

Check out this special reveal of the album packaging that art director Todd Gallopo from meat and potatoes gives to Joe that shows off all of the cool aspects of the design.

Pre-order the album today in exclusive bundles at SATRIANI.COM or at iTunes at or Amazon at

Joe Satriani: Shockwave Supernova Album Packaging Reveal

Steve Rothery: The Ghosts Of Pripyat (Gatefold clear 2LP+CD)

Artist: Steve Rothery
Format: LP + CD
Label: InsideOut Music
Release Date: 31.07.2015

LP 1 Side A
01. Morpheus (07:56)
02. Kendris (06:09)
LP 1 Side B
01. Old Man Of The Sea (11:43)
LP 2 Side A
01. White Pass (07:52)
02. Yesterday's Hero (07:21)
LP 2 Side B
01. Summer's End (08:47)
02. The Ghosts Of Pripyat (05:33)
01. Morpheus (07:56)
02. Kendris (06:09)
03. Old Man Of The Sea (11:43)
04. White Pass (07:52)
05. Yesterday's Hero (07:21)
06. Summer's End (08:47)
07. The Ghosts Of Pripyat (05:33)

Title The Ghosts Of Pripyat (Gatefold clear 2LP+CD)
Artist Steve Rothery
Format LP + CD
Label InsideOut Music
Release Date 31.07.2015
Packaging Group II
Item number 0IO01441
Pre-orders will be shipped during the week before 31.07.2015 with the intention of street date arrival (which is in Germany, Austria and Switzerland Fridays, in any other country the following Monday) , but this is not guaranteed. Any items added to the pre-ordered products will be held until this item is ready for dispatch.

Item is NOT available in
Argentina Bolivia Brazil Chile Colombia Greece French Guiana Japan Mexico Peru Uruguay Venezuela

Rick Graham: new Q and A - Technique vs Composition

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Rick Graham's Q&A: Technique vs Composition

Sergey Golovin: Sergey Golovin20 Cutting Edge Rock Licks

Step Into The Forefront of Rock Guitar!
Sergey is right on the forefront of intense rock guitar with these 20 impressively melodic Rock shred licks! Along with a highly jammable backing track (we know, we've tried it!), you'll get a collection of 20 blazing, all out Rock licks that will help you ramp up your technique, gain fresh new Rock ideas and push your playing through boundaries and onto the next level.

On the technique front you can expect to encounter alternate picking, tapping, wide-interval and arpeggio based lines, string skipping, sweep picking, tremolo picking, country style pedal tone/bends and interesting ideas that will help you incorporate open strings into your Rock playing.

If all out technique isn't within your reach (yet), then we have provided full TAB/notation for you to study and learn, along with slow versions of each lick so that you can practise before jamming with the backing tracks.

Theory-wise, Sergey makes use of mainly Pentatonics, Blues and Aeolian scales, with chromatic passing tones and odd note groupings. He also creatively outlines the underlying harmony to really make his lines sound melodic and part of the track. You'll find a few interesting licks that are reminiscent of John Petrucci, an organ style lick reminiscent of Jimmy Smith and a few classic Chuck Berry bends! This pack really does have it all!

So if you want to develop and expand your Rock vocabulary, and incorporate Sergey’s cutting edge style into your playing, download these licks now, start learning and get jamming!