Saturday, 25 July 2015

Yvette Young: Covet Interview - Gear Gods

We interviewed Yvette Young and Covet about recording their debut EP, their plans for touring, and why Yvette uses such wacky tunings.
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Texas Sendoff Shows

7/28 - Fort Worth, TX @ 1919 Hemphill W/ Cleanup, Vasudeva & Biscuit Head

7/29 - Denton, TX @ Dan's Silver Leaf W/ Vasudeva

Europe Shows

7/31 - Dublin, IR @ The Workman's Club, Dublin

8/1 - Belfast, IR - Need Help!

8/2 - Glasgow, UK @ The Hug and Pint

8/3 - Manchester, UK @ Kraak

8/4 - Newport, Wales @ Le Pub

8/5 - London, UK @ The Unicorn *

8/6 - London, UK @ TBA *

8/7 - Guildford, UK @ Star *

8/9 - Worthington, UK @ Bar 42

8/10 - Brighton, UK @ The Green Door Store

* - W/ Maxi Curnow

Chris Brooks: Picking Systems and Sequences

Chris A. Brooks

Just wanted to give another mention to my first instructional product which is still available from It's a package about picking systems. I chose Pentatonics as the examples because they're such a universal subject, but there are a ton of Speedy lines to be had here, so check it out, jump in, and watch your progress skyrocket!

David Locke: Space Between Us - awesome tones from Vintage guitars, check out the new album!

David Locke: Transitions
David Locke's new album Transitions is available via bandcamp

1. Foundation 04:48
2. Structures 04:52
3. States Of Mind 07:20
4. Symmetry 03:41
5. Star 04:23
6. Transitions 07:39
7. Displacement 04:12
8. Closing In 05:02
9. Space Between Us 09:00
10. Time Shift 07:22

This album has certainly taken a long time to put together, and has even seen some stylistic changes over the past year of writing and recording. I've tried to create music that can be challenging at times, but always retaining a strong melody. With the addition now of Orchestral parts, I think this album has a much bigger sound than my debut.
released 18 May 2015

Thank you to my endorsers and the people who have supported me throughout. Thank you Gavin at Fret-King for supplying me some fantastic guitars and also thank you to Andy at The Amp Factory for providing me some excellent profiles for my trusty Kemper. Thank you also to Laboga for providing me with some great amps and killer tones!

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A very quick video to showcase the newest additions to the 'Vintage' guitar range.

Space Between Us - David Locke - Vintage Guitars

Tomo Fujita: Grinning Dog Funkmaster ST pickups - Vintage tone!!!

Grinning Dog Funkmaster ST pickups - Vintage TONE!!! I played each setting of these pickups. You can each from, Front, Middle, Rear, Middle & Rear, Front & Middle. Enjoy!

Playing Kanji (Kawabata) Strat, Two-Rock TF Signature 50 watts in String Driver combo cab with Eminence TF-1250. D'Addario NYXL 10-46 set, Pickboy vintage classic 1mm. Ace Strap. Thanks for watching my YT videos. I will post more for you!

Grinning Dog Funkmaster ST pickups - Vintage TONE!!!

Aaron Marshall: PVRIS - Fire - Solo Interpretation

PVRIS x Aaron Marshall // "Fire" Solo Interpretation
* I do not own the rights to this material, this is an original interpretation of the song "Fire" by PVRIS*

I've been hooked on this band since one of my tour managers, Donnie, showed me them last fall. Every song on "White Noise" is brilliant and I've been jamming to a few tunes for fun in my spare time.

As some of you guys already know, I'm definitely a sucker for a strong hook, and in a scenario like this, its so fun to play off of the vocal at times, as I have in the "A" and "C" sections. The "B" section is of course, the solo, so I had a little fun with that, but I really enjoyed playing around with the vocal melody before and after.

The guitar is my Suhr Classic Antique and I'm playing through a Fractal Audio Axe FX II into an Apogee Duet, going to a pair of KRK Rockit 5's and you're hearing them in the room via my GoPro. Thanks for watching!

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Joe Satriani: artwork in progress during the Reddit AMA

Joe Satriani Here is an artwork in progress during the Reddit AMA for today's release of Shockwave Supernova!

There's still time to get your questions in at

i finished my Reddit AMA drawing .. i call it "my green guitar made me yellow".

Jason Becker: birthday thanks... great interview with his Original Carvin Guitars and Demo

Jason Becker  Thank you all for your sweet birthday wishes. You are the best!
Take a close look at Jason Becker's original late 80's Carvin guitars.
Jason's father, Gary Becker speaks on his behalf of Jason with his prepared words about these Carvin Guitars.

For more information on the Jason Becker tribute guitars:

Or call one of our experts @ 858 GUITARS (484-8277)
To keep up with the latest at Carvin Guitars:

All guitar playing was recorded through the IK Multimedia iRig HD into a laptop running Amplitube 3 and the Carvin V3M amp found in the IK Multimedia online Custom Shop.
Jason Becker interview with his Original Carvin Guitars and Demo

Lari Basílio,Andre Nieri: The Sound Of My Room - new album available for pre order

BUY NOW / Out Now: Pre-Sale Ticket + Film Promotion (Launch Event in São Paulo). Read Regulation: http: // ... CD / DVD The Sound Of My Room - Live - Lari Basilio (2015) Special Participation: Jean Carllos (Oficina G3) André Nieri (Virgil Donati / Guitar Idol 2014). All rights reserved. Payment by paypal available.

Product in digipack, containing 1 CD and 1 DVD -

01 Esperanza;
02 Moving on;
03 Fullness;
04 Revolution (feat Andre Nieri.);
05 Two-Trick (feat Joe Basilio.);
06 Hey Charlie! (Feat Jean Carllos.);
07 Dance with me;
08 New Time;
09 Walking by faith (acoustic);
10 The Sound Of My Room. -

DVD: Contains mini documentary, 10 live songs that compose the audio and CD recording scenes.

CD/DVD The Sound Of My Room - Live - Lari Basilio