Monday, 10 August 2015

Nozomu Wakai: Anecdote of Queens - new EP featuring Fuki and Yui

LIVE & mini Album / in Japan]
7/29 release new EP "anecdote of the Queens' jackets & Visual Open!
Kings locks IS published in Comments! Http://Kings-rock.Jp/.../Nozomu-wakai-anecdote-of -the-queens- ...

Leah Woodward: Aliases - .strandberg* - awesome math metal!

Guitar playthrough of 'All That Glitters Is Gold' from the Aliases mini-album "Safer Than Reality"


Thanks to
.Strandberg* Guitars,
Elixir Strings
Diezel amplification

Video Directed and Edited by Theo Harvey:

Leah Woodward // ALIASES // Guitar Playthrough #1

Marshall Harrison: Advanced Sweeping Picking - Descending Fours

Use the fret numbers on the neck to learn the ideas presented... don't forget to like and subscribe.

Advanced Sweeping Picking with Marshall Harrison: Descending Fours