Saturday, 15 August 2015

Keston Barker: Forest Gump Feather Theme -Very tastefully executed

Keston Barker with his version of the Forest Gump Feather Theme. Very tastefully executed

Forest Gump Feather Theme Cover

Tom Quayle: with Suhr Tele Black Beauty - Spanish Noodle Soup

So, I got a very very long video of Tom playing my guitar. I guess u got more than enough with this 8 minutes haha ... I could hear this guy play all day !!! Enjoy

Tom Quayle with Suhr Tele Black Beauty

Pete Jones: Parisienne Walkways - piano guitar style playing - very impressive

Pete Jones plays the guitar solo from the classic track Parisienne Walkways.

Parisienne Walkways by Pete Jones

Sergey Golovin: Fokin Pickups "Classic S" AMT Pangaea

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Tom Quayle, Dan Smith, David Beebee - The Guitar Hour - 13/8/15

Tom Quayle

I wanted to let any of my Facebook friends/fans that might not have seenThe Guitar Hour know what we're up to on our live streaming show. Here's a quick clip of Dan Smith, David Beebee and myself talking about fretboard knowledge and improvisation in the last show from a couple of days ago. If you want to catch the show live, go to and click the follow button under the stream to be informed by email every time we go live. You can also catch the show afterwards on my youtube channel. It's all about geeking out about guitars, improvisation, gear and being a working musician with interactive chat and a great community. Hope you enjoy this short clip - check out the full 1hr 20min show at don't forget to follow the stream!!

Claudio Pietronik: Colors of Love - Guitar solo composed over the original trac

Thomas Bergersen - Colors of Love - Guitar solo composed over the o...
Claudio Pietronik

I really love Thomas Bergersen's cd "Sun" so i decided to create a guitar solo over the final section of its track, my favourite one, called "Colors of Love" .

Hope you like it!

I don't own the right to this song.

Milan Polak: tracking lead guitars for "No Turning Back" feat. Thomas Lang

Milan Polak - guitars & bass; Thomas Lang - drums

Music Man Axis Supersport with DiMarzio Norton & Air Norton pickups, Blackstar HT-Metal into Cubase Pro 8

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tracking lead guitars for "No Turning Back" feat. Thomas Lang

Tony Asta, Hiran Deraniyagala: Battlecross "Rise to Power" behind the scenes #6 - Guitars Part 2

Battlecross "Rise to Power" behind the scenes #6 - Guitars Part 2
Metal Blade Records
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Battlecross guitarists Tony Asta and Hiran Deraniyagala track guitars for "Rise to Power"! Battlecross records "Rise to Power" with producer Jason Suecof at Audiohammer Studios in Florida.

Andreas Haukenes: time for a tasteful noodle whilst recording using only camera mic

Attempt at recording using only camera mic

What it says in the description.

Atanas Shishkov: "Bird`s Eye View" (by Greg Howe)

Atanas Shishkov - "Bird`s Eye View" (by Greg Howe)

Atanas Shishkov


Special thanks to my friend Vincy Bluesky for the awesome backing track!

Carl Mörner Ringström: Majestic 12 - high energy modern jazz

Carl Mörner Ringström: Majestic 12

1. In Case Of Emergency, Press Here09:39
2. 47 Ronin 07:47
3. Europe Was Created By History, America By Philosophy part I: Moderlandet 02:35
4. I Do Believe The Internal Revenue Service Would Strongly Disagree 07:45
5. Europe Was Created By History, America By Philosophy part II: Mayflower In Stormy Weather 02:33
6. Last Summer With You 04:43
7. Alamitos Ave. 05:29
8. Europe Was Created By History, America By Philosophy part III: Colonizing 07:20
9. Valley Of Light [Fjællbrænn] 08:41

An album of high energy modern jazz from the pen of Carl Mörner Ringström, featuring some of the most talented young musicians in Scandinavia.
released 09 August 2015

Carl Mörner Ringström's Majestic 12:

Carl Mörner Ringström: guitars
Marius Neset: tenor saxophone
Oscar Johansson: piano
Paul Hinz: double bass
Snorre Kirk: drums

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Bjørn Gjessing
Cover concept and design by Carl Mörner Ringström
All songs written by Carl Mörner Ringström
Recorded May 2010 in Copenhagen, Denmark

Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart: Rush - 'Signals' on Blu-Ray 5.1 surround sound Pure Audio

Keyboards, sequencers, electric violins; it's all there in Rush's iconic ninth studio album, Signals, and all that greatness is now available in high quality Blu-Ray Pure Audio with 5.1 surround sound.

This is Rush's first proper foray into synth technology and includes a feast of great tracks such as 'Subdivisions', 'New World Man', and 'Countdown'.

It's an album we play over and over, and in our opinion doesn't contain one weak track.

+ BUY NOW*/*/Signals-Blu-ray-Audio/4T0W0000000

Chowy Fernandez: Pronoia "El Ciego" - Mayones Regius 7

Pronoia "El Ciego"

Preproduccion Guitar Playthrough de "El Ciego" por Chowy Fernandez, con su Mayones Regius 7, track del nuevo album de Pronoia proximo a finalizar.

Mayones guitars tube:

PRONOIA " EL CIEGO " - Guitar playthrough - Chowy Fernandez

Tom Hess: The Biggest Reason That Most Guitar Players Fail To Achieve Greatness

Tom Hess

The Biggest Reason That Most Guitar Players Fail To Achieve Greatness
by Tom Hess
So many guitar players are frustrated constantly because, no matter how hard they try, the simply aren’t achieving their musical goals or getting better at guitar. Fact is, no amount of practice will get you where you want to go. The reason why you aren’t achieving the musical greatness you hope to is actually much simpler than you ever thought:

The Biggest Secret To Becoming An Awesome Guitarist
It is common knowledge that in order to become an incredible guitar player you need to know how to effectively practice guitar and have access to great practice materials. This is one of the biggest reasons why students who are actively studying with a great guitar teacher who provides them with specific lessons are so much more likely to reach their musical goals. While these resources will help you, they aren’t enough by themselves because:
  1. Most guitar students simply don’t believe that they CAN become a great guitar player (this is SO important - I talk more about this below)

  2. Many guitar teachers aren’t even qualified to be teaching. They will say anything just to get you to sign up but the reality is that many guitar teachers just don’t care about helping their students reach their goals.

  3. Most students assume that lessons are only meant to teach them new things. This leads to frustration when the students aren’t constantly receiving new information. What they are overlooking is that, while learning new things is certainly important, a critically important yet often overlooked aspect of guitar lessons is to strengthen the student’s belief that they CAN become the guitar player that they want to be. A great guitar teacher is always aware of this and focuses on helping their students in this area…while average teachers do not.
Many of my most successful guitar students shared the belief that they would become great guitar players as a result of studying with me. All of these students got the biggest results even though they had no idea when or how they would achieve their goals. This is because they put their trust in my ability to help them become the guitar players they’ve always wanted to become.
These students are not any more talented than the average student. They have just adjusted their mindset and as a result, achieved big results.

The reason I am sharing these ideas with you is because I want YOU to be successful. When my new students have this kind of success mindset, helping them reach their goals becomes incredibly easy. As a combined result of this mindset, and how easy it becomes for me to help them, their chances of success reach almost 100%.

How Learning Guitar Is Like Working In A Garden
Many guitar students don’t believe in themselves if they don’t experience immediate results. By adopting a “results are king” mindset your guitar playing progress will hit a wall. This is because your guitar playing develops similar to how fruit grows on a tree. If you want to harvest great fruit, you must put the work into getting the roots and other elements of your “tree” ready to bear your fruits. Most people aren’t afraid to do the work in advance when tending to a fruit tree because they know (or are at least reasonably sure) that they WILL harvest fruit from that tree…but many guitar players do not believe that they will get results from their practicing. Don’t worry about seeing tangible results in your guitar playing right away. You first need to trust in your guitar teacher and believe that the process will help you reach all of your musical goals.

How To Kill All Progress In Your Guitar Playing
There are 2 big reasons why most guitar players don’t reach their goals:
  1. They don’t see the real progress they are making because it isn’t immediately tangible. By only focusing on the tangible results you are ignoring a critical component to your guitar playing progress - the intangible results (training your mind to develop certainty that you can and WILL become a great guitar player with the right guidance). This is so important because they form the foundation that allows your tangible results to grow bigger and stronger. If you lose your faith because you don’t see tangible results you will have a much harder time reaching your goals as a guitar player..

  2. They are skeptical and don’t have faith in themselves or in the process of reaching their goals. Many of my students who have achieved success did so because they had absolute faith in the process and possessed the right mindset. This is why I consider it one of my biggest responsibilities as a guitar teacher to first change the mindset of my students so that they are completely confident in their ability to experience big results. Once the student adopts this mindset, the student experiences results much more easily.
Some guitar players will read this article and think that this is all just abstract theory or just plain nonsense and that’s ok. However, after teaching literally thousands of guitar students I can say with certainty that this is the single most important reason why great guitar players are truly great. You can get there by implementing this mindset and studying with a great guitar teacher who can help you reach all of your musical goals.

About The Author: Tom Hess is a successful guitar teacher. He teaches students from all over the world in his electric guitar online lessons. Get more guitar playing tips and free guitar resources at his website.