Saturday, 26 September 2015

Mattias IA Eklundh: Caparison Guitars & Tunings. Part 2

Mattias IA Eklundh - gentleman, guitar legend, musical genius and guitarist/vocalist from Freak Kitchen, demonstrates and talks us through his collection of signature Caparison "Apple Horn" guitars with their various tunings.

Part 2 features the Caparison Apple Horn Two, Apple Horn Yellow & Apple Horn Sand Stone

Mattias IA Eklundh - Caparison Guitars & Tunings. Part 2

Milan Polak: demos the T-Rex SoulMate

Music Man Silhouette Special with DiMarzio Norton, True Velvet & Pro Track pickups, T-Rex SoulMate (factory settings), transistor combo w/1x12 speaker (EQ flat), AKG C1000 into Cubase Pro 8

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T-Rex SoulMate by Milan Polak

Joe Bonamassa: Oh Beautiful at PinkPop 2014

Join the celebration of the one year anniversary of Joe Bonamassa’s latest studio album, Different Shades of Blue! Watch the incredible video of “Oh Beautiful!” the album’s standout second track, recorded live from the PinkPop Festival. Different Shades of Blue scorched the Billboard charts, topping the blues chart and reaching all the way to #8 on the top 200 albums chart! Different Shades of Blue features a stellar ensemble of musicians including Reese Wynans, formerly of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, on organ and piano, Anton Fig on drums, Carmine Rojas and Michael Rhodes on bass, and Lenny Castro on percussion. The album is chock-full of incredible all-original songs including “Love Ain’t a Love Song,” “Trouble Town,” and “Never Give All Your Heart,” which have become Joe Bonamassa classics and fan favorites.


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"Oh Beautiful" - Joe Bonamassa at PinkPop 2014

Gus G: I Am The Fire + solo Sweden 2015

On tour with Kamelot & Kobra And The Lotus

GUS G - I Am The Fire + solo [25.09.2015 - Trädgår'n, Gothenburg, Sweden]

Kirill Konyaev: Strandberg Guitar Competition 2015

My entry for Strandberg Guitar Competition 2015. I hope you like it!

Strandberg Guitar Competition 2015 - Kirill Konyaev entry

Alex Stornello: Yngwie Malmsteen Lick + Allan Holdsworth = ?

my way of combining these unique styles of playing!!!

Yngwie Malmsteen Lick + Allan Holdsworth

Luay Rifai: Overture 1622

Overture 1622 - Luay Rifai . (A Tribute).

Based on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Symphony No. 25 (Salzburg, October 1773), "Overture 1622" appeared on the 1995 record “Magnum Opus" by Swedish guitar virtuoso Yngwie J. Malmsteen.
Another adaptation is by French musician Hughes de Courson, who’s "Mozart in Egypt" projects take works by Mozart and emphasize the oriental elements in them. The 25th symphony is played with a much-enlarged orchestra. (Mozart l’égyptien, 1997 music album, Ahmed al Maghreby, Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra, Hughes de Courson, Milen Nachev, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart).

Bass, drums and keys arrangement by Gabriel Sucea.

All guitars by Luay Rifai.

Video editing by Yazan Al Assadi

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Luay Rifai: Overture 1622

Max, Sam, : "Sevens" by Guthrie Govan covered by Brotherhood of Grace 12 and 14

Sevens" by Guthrie Govan covered by Brotherhood of Grace's Max (12 years old) on guitar, Sam (14 years old) on bass and Steve on Drums.

"Sevens" by Guthrie Govan covered by Brotherhood of Grace

Scott LePage,Tim Henson: Polyphia - Resurrect EP - 2011

Scott LePage,Tim Henson: Polyphia - Resurrect EP

1. A Voice of Entropy 02:18
2. Resurrect 03:10
3. The Separation Of 03:46
4. An Evaporation 03:02
released 13 November 2011

Ozielzinho: live at the Music Hall of the Music Expo 2015

20/09/2015 - Apresentação do musico Oziel Filho (Ozielzinho) no Music Hall da Expo Music 2015.

0:01 - Introdução
1:30 - Two Hearts
5:45 - Jaspion - Theme
8:38 - Isabella
13:29 - Sonda-me, usa-me
18:49 - Cross
22:08 - Wolverine
26:12 - Resgate
30:29 - Top Gear + Medley
36:52 - Agradecimentos e Créditos
38:24 - Pós-créditos

Ozielzinho - Expomusic 2015 Music Hall