Monday, 28 September 2015

Nico Schliemann: Ibanez RG920QM - Drop C

Nico Schliemann - Ibanez RG920QM - Drop C

Pablo Romeu: Strandberg Guitar Competition 2015

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Here is my entry for the Strandberg Guitar Competition 2015. I'm playing a middle part of one of my songs called "The Chain Bridge" that you can watch the full version on this link:

Thanks for watching!

Pablo Romeu - Strandberg Guitar Competition 2015

Thiago Trinsi: Strandberg Guitar Competition

Hi folks
My Thiago Trinsi. I am from Brazil but currently living in Sweden for the past 2 years. This is my entry for Strandberg Guitar Competition 2015.

For my guitar tone in this video I use the Green Crystal by Dr.J pedals, it´s a very nice distortion pedal and it goes to my EVH amp head, from there to the Torpedo Reload by Two-Notes and then into my interface.

For cab simulators I use The Wall of Sounds by Two-Notes.

I also would like to say that I am very excited with all of it, and I am so grateful for having some of the greatest and talented people with me Rocking on this project:

Lucio Manca : Bass

Garry King : Drums

Kyle Gudmundson: Mixing

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If you like this track, here you can download the tab for free:
Strandberg Guitar Competition - Thiago Trinsi

Jason Spell: .strandberg* Competition 2015

Voting is live! Please click here and vote for my entry. The link to vote should be here, starting on September 28:

This is an excerpt from an original piece I wrote entitled "Rama". The tuning is CGCGBE, or open Cmaj7 tuning. It starts off with some Josh Martin-inspired tapping riffs, then goes into single note soloing.

Thanks to Ola Strandberg and all at .strandberg* Guitars, JamTrackCentral, and Uppsala International Guitar Festival for the competition opportunity!

Jason Spell - .strandberg* Competition 2015

Poh Hock: Strandberg Guitar Competition 2015

I am the live guitarist for Metal Blade artist, Native Construct. I love death metal and fusion!

Poh Hock: Strandberg Guitar Competition 2015

John Koutsikas: .Strandberg* Guitar Competition 2015 - Steinberger GR4

Hello everyone my name is John Koutsikas and this is my entry for .Strandberg* "Guitar Competition 2015 "


.The track is a composition of mine especially for the purpose of the competition.My influences are mainly jazz,rock and fusion guitarists like Tom Quayle,Alex Hutchings,Plini and Sam Birchall and i hope that winning a Strandberg would help me create different musical approaches to the lines used to create harmonies!Hope you enjoy and don't forget to subscribe to my channel!

Special thanks to my friend and amazing bass player Villis Kabadais!Check him out!

I use my Steinberger GR4 and the amazing AXE FX II

.Strandberg* Guitar Competition 2015 (ENTRY) - John Koutsikas

Wes Thrailkill: .Strandberg* Uppsala Guitar Competition 2015 Entry

Hi, this is my entry for the 2015 .Strandberg* Uppsala Guitar Competition. It is a solo from my band Mammoth; the song is titled "Repetition in Regression". Thanks for watching.

Wes Thrailkill - .Strandberg* Uppsala Guitar Competition 2015 Entry

Adieu Adyu: Bear God - Strandberg Uppsala Contest Entry

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This is an Original song that I played for the first time at the Tosin Abasi clinic earlier this year in Kuala Lumpur,
I have been working on getting a recorded version done and this is just a small clip of the outro :) hope to release it soon. I met Ola earlier this year in Sweden and just had to join this contest because I couldn't stop playing his guitars! watch in 1080p for best audio/video quality.

Adieu Adyu - Bear God (Strandberg Uppsala Contest Entry)

Alejandra Mesliuk: Strandberg Contest 2015

This is my entry to the Strandberg Contest / JTC/Uppsala Festival

With some tapping stuff from my next album.

This is my youtube channel:

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Strandberg Contest 2015- Alejandra Mesliuk

Cristian Baz: Cosa - Strandberg Uppsala Competition


Hi! I am Cris and I'm 21 years old. I've been playing guitar for 7 years and I really love music, both playing and listening. I had another video prepared for this, playing a song's section from my band UBIN but felt it wasn't enough. Composed specially for this, I tried my best, it's not a superproduction with super legato chops from hell but it's me really wanting a guitar from the best.

I hate that audio glitch at the start and the solo is completely improvised, sorry for the potato quality too :(

Charlie Charpentier: Strandberg Guitar Competition - The User Lives


My entry for the Strandberg guitar competition, and a snippet of a pre-pro for the upcoming "The User Lives" album. There is so much scary competition out there, but i'll feel terrible if I don't enter this.

Strandberg Guitar Competition- Charlie Charpentier (The User Lives)

Keven Eknes: Hemispheres - Strandberg Guitar Competition 2015

Here's an excerpt from a tune I wrote and called "Hemispheres" for Strandbergs Guitarworks Guitar Competition!
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Keven Eknes - Hemispheres - Strandberg Guitar Competition 2015

Vinnie Moore: signature Dean Mind's Eye Guitar

Vinnie Moore
My signature Dean Mind's Eye Guitars are now in stock. Check out the Dean Guitars website.

Top Alder
Body Alder
Neck Maple
Scale Length 25 1/2"
Neck Type Bolt-On
Neck ProfileMoore Spec C
Fingerboard Rosewood
InlaysPearl Dot VM Eye 12th
# of Frets22
Knobs Black Dome
Hardware Color Black
Bridge Floyd Rose 1000
Pickup (Neck) DMT Design Mini Hum
Pickup (Middle) DMT Design Mini Hum
Pickup (Bridge) DMT Design Vinnie Moore
Binding None
Finish Gloss
ColorMind's Eye Graphic
Case Options DHS EG / LL EG

Rob Scallon: The Dial - 8 string metal song

New EP coming soon!
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Extra behind the scenes footage: (will be on my 2nd channel Tuesday)

Mixed by Fluff:
Drum magic by Nick Pierce:

Jeff Linville from the band Westgate helped me film.
Here's Westgate:

This video was made possible because of Patreon support from Michael Christie, Rob Harper, Brian Arsuaga, Michael M. Morgan, Charles Jones, James Bryant, Jedidiah Silvertooth, Lirielle, Syahmi Sadikin, John Hendrix, Amit Kumar, Vaughan Anthony Davies, Andy "VaultsOfExtoth" Wears, Cody Melcher, John Edward Farrago, Simon Johansson, Mitchell Riddell, Robin Tregaskis, niks, Joe Cseko jr, Catfish Ronnie Brooks, Polekhov Yaroslav, Walter Zwinger & many other awesome people on my patreon page
Thank you so much!

keep in touch...
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Vine: @RobScallon

The Dial (8 string metal song)

Milan Polak: Tracking lead guitar for "Distant Memories" feat. Thomas Lang & Fabio Trentini

Milan Polak - guitars; Fabio Trentini - upright bass; Thomas Lang - drums

Music Man Silhouette Special with DiMarzio Norton, True Velvet & Pro Track pickups, Blackstar HT-Metal into Cubase Pro 8

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Tracking lead guitar for "Distant Memories" feat. Thomas Lang & Fabio Trentini

Tom Quayle, Dave Brons, Dan Smith: The Guitar Hour - with special guest 16/9/15

Watch live at

8:20 start this time. ;)

The Guitar Hour - 16/9/15

Jason Richardson: Solo album fundraiser - technical metal

Pre-pro version of my song Left Foot Action(will more than likely change for the album release lol maybe not) This will be one of the couple songs with vocals on it when it is recorded for the album! If you like what you hear plz help me make it 10 times sicker by contributing to my album fund! Lots of cool merch, CD, vinyl, and Tab book all available!

MASSIVE THANKS to all who will be contributing! You guys are making this a reality! ;)

Jason Richardson: Titan Pre-Pro

Davide Pagano: Pigs - playthrough - excellent progressive rock fusion

An original song called "Pigs". If you like it check my solo album too...

- CD baby:

- iTunes:

- Amazon (.com):
- Amazon (.it) :

- Nimbit:
(On Nimbit you can also buy uncompressed 44.1 kHz - 24 bit audio files available)

More news will follow on:

Davide Pagano - Pigs (original song)

Ulisses Miyazawa: Yngwie Malmsteen KRAKATAU - Cracking!

Another tasty solo covering Yngwie Malmsteen KRAKATAU - Ulisses Miyazawa

Yngwie Malmsteen KRAKATAU - Ulisses Miyazawa

Matt Powell: .Strandberg* Guitar Competition 2015 - smoking!!
Hi, here is my entry for the brilliant .Strandberg* guitar competition 2015. Voting starts on Monday and If you like it then it would be great if you could give me your vote by clicking on the thumbs up here Any feedback or sharing welcome, cheers Matt

.Strandberg* Guitar Competition 2015 - Matt Powell

Joe Bonamassa: Live At Radio City Music Hall bumper DVD and CD pre order and UK tour dates

In January 2015, Joe Bonamassa took the iconic Great Stage at Radio City Music Hall for the first time for a sold-out, two-night run that allowed him to fulfill his lifelong dream of performing in one of the world’s most legendary venues. On October 2, 2015, Bonamassa will share this experience with fans and music lovers around the world with Joe Bonamassa – Live At Radio City Music Hall as a DVD + CD set, Blu-Ray + CD set and 2 LP vinyl + MP3 download on Provogue in the UK.

Pre Order Special

The set features over 75 minutes of music, two newly recorded songs, nine unreleased live tracks, over 2.5 hours of live footage, a special 45-minute behind-the-scenes featurette, a 40-page collector’s book with exclusive photos, and a sneak peek into Bonamassa’s childhood home and musical heritage. Everything is presented in a beautifully designed package.


1. I Can't Be Satisfied
2. One Less Cross To Bear
3. Living On The Moon
4. I Gave Up Everything For You, 'Cept The Blues
5. Dust Bowl
6. Trouble Town
7. Still Water
8. Different Shades Of Blue
9. Happier Times
10. Never Give All Your Heart
11. Hidden Charms
12. Love Ain't A Love Song
13. So, What Would I Do?

1. Bite The Big Apple (titles)
2. Dust Bowl
3.Trouble Town
4. Still Water
5. Different Shades Of Blue
6. The Huckleberries - Introducing the acoustic band
7. Black Lung Heartache
8. Happier Times
9. Never Give All Your Heart
10. Hidden Charms
11. Living On The Moon
12. I Can't Be Satisfied
13. Double Trouble
14. One Less Cross To Bear
15. Love Ain't A Love Song
16. Introducing the Electric Band
17. "Happy Birthday Mom!"
18. I Gave Up Everything For You, 'Cept The Blues
19. So, What Would I Do?
Bonus Featurette:

1. Bite The Big Apple - (behind-the-scenes) 45 minutes

Joe Bonamassa on tour in the UK this October. Tickets are on sale from the following venues or can be booked online from,, and

Newcastle Metro Arena Wednesday October 21st
Liverpool Echo Arena Friday October 23rd
Leeds First Direct Arena Saturday October 24th
Nottingham Capital FM Arena Sunday October 25th
Cardiff Motorpoint Arena Tuesday October 27th
Bournemouth BIC Wednesday October 28th
Brighton Centre Friday October 30th
Brighton Centre Saturday October 31st (SOLD OUT)

Richard Fortus: misses The Dead Daisies tour as a result of motorcycle accident

Unfortunately Richard Fortus has had a bit of a motorcycle accident recently and will not be able to make the Australian KISS tour. We wish him a speedy recovery and he will definitely be ‘back on deck’ for The KISS Kruise.

“I was involved in a motorcycle accident recently and as a result, I not be able to make the tour. The doctors say I will make a full recovery. I’m devastated that I will not be able to play to the Australian and New Zealand fans, who have been so supportive and loyal. Thank to everyone for their well-wishes.” – Richard Fortus

Rick Graham: Ibanez JCRG10 - Sounding good and outtake blooper

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Ibanez JCRG10 - Sounding good

The best moments I've had filming reviews

Milan Polak: Tracking lead guitar for "Pacifier" feat. Thomas Lang & Fabio Trentini

Milan Polak - guitars; Fabio Trentini - 12-string bass; Thomas Lang - drums

Music Man Silhouette Special with DiMarzio Norton, True Velvet & Air Norton pickups, Blackstar HT-Metal into Cubase Pro 8

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Tracking lead guitar for "Pacifier" feat. Thomas Lang & Fabio Trentini

Eric Calderone: Airwolf Meets Metal

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Hi guys!!

So the first time I came across Airwolf was thanks to Acclaim. Pretty soon after, 3 seasons of the TV show was also in the books haha. One of those themes that just stick with ya, ALL DAY! Listening to the theme instantly brings me back to the time of MacGyver, Mission: Impossible, Knight Rider etc. The good times, possibly the best times. Thank you all so much for everything. It means the world. Big ups for ALWAYS rockin my casbah!

Best to ya


Airwolf Meets Metal

Nick Andrew: Fishman Triple play masterclass with Synth and Brass

Here's my Trumpetings!
I'm using the triple play with Mainstage, playing either the Apple Logic EXS sounds or Kontakt/Sampletank.

The tune at the beginning and end is the climax to the Concerto for Electric guitar and orchestra first mvmt. from my solo album, Solo? (available on Itunes, CD Baby, Amazon etc)
The brass at the end is from a live recording I did for my website (on my midi guitar page).

Please check out these sites:

Come and see the cover bands in a venue near you.
Zipper Tongue Duo
The Lee Aaron Band

Fishman Triple play brass

Fishman Triple play synths

Fishman Triple play masterclass

Fabrizio Leo: Zaneta -Tales From The Sun - Promo

Tales From The Sun

Zaneta -Tales From The Sun -Promo

Janne Nieminen, Samuli Federley: collab solo with great young Finnish talent Janne Nieminen

I did this little collaboration solo with a great young Finnish talent Janne Nieminen. Check us out also in Facebook and Instagram.
My website:

Janne Nieminen & Samuli Federley collab solo