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Joe Stump: limited edition signed copies of the new release The Dark Lord Rises available

Joe Stump

Currently selling limited edition signed copies of the new release The Dark Lord Rises (cds , jewel case/booklet) for $20.00 (includes shipping) . Payment can be made via paypal to, please include name and shipping info .

Christian Clemente: Melodic Minor Super Locrian - Modal Improvisation

Christian Clemente - Melodic Minor Super Locrian - Modal Improvisation

Guitar Modal Improvisation

t-cophony: October Sky "The 10th anniversary" - still one of the most inventive two handed acoustic tappers

It's been ten years since I composed this song.
It was included in my 1st album "Experimental album" and Collection album "2009-2002".
"How to play" video and guitar tab
Guitar TAB
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iTunes (All albums)
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Official website
Contact to T-cophony Team

October Sky - T-cophony "The 10th anniversary" demo play

Ronny Heimdal, Ray Riendeau, Alex Argento: Everything's Fine by Ronny Heimdal new album to order

Everything's Fine by Ronny Heimdal

1. Everything’s Fine 5:43
2. Dance of Disbelief 5:27
3. Austerity Shuffle 5:30
4. Synkope-Helvete 5:03
5. Waltz 4:33
6. Aa Faen, No Blir Det Ballade 4:42

Ronny Heimdal : Guitar, Keyboards.
Danny Handler : Drums.
Ray Riendeau : Bass
Alex Argento : Synth solos on songs 2, 3 and 5.

Compositions and arrangements by Ronny Heimdal
Mixed and mastered by Alex Argento.
Cover design : Ronny Tertnes.

Shoko Nagasaki, Ai Onuma: Neo-Zonk 1st Album - Luminous

Shoko Nagasaki | Ai Onuma

It was a lot the last minute, but safely! I received a CD-chan!(Laughs) Neo-Zonk 1st Album [Luminous]! ! 7 songs and a solo Lots 2,5
It has become a 00 yen (≧ ∇ ≦) like this jacketSuch THE girls ✨✨✨ will be helluva When asked to imagine the (laughs) inSeen rolled attack! ! First 10 /The pre-sale starts at the venue than 30! And 12 /Because one is than expected to begin the general circulation, and ~Tsu to everyone Enjoy(≧ ∇ ≦) dr. Full-length Kamata Hiroshi 輔氏! Also music from the previousWe will deliver in New version! ! Well ~ Tsu Ureshii~tsu!Arigatougozaimasu~tsu 😭😭✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

Neo-Zonk digest

Tom Quayle: 4 Free Guitar Lessons

Suspended Chords | Free Guitar Lesson 3

Tom Quayle brings you an excellent Free Guitar Lesson series. In this lesson Tom teaches how to use suspended chords to add a new flavour to your minor pentatonics. This lesson will help with you fretboard freedom combining sus chords from the parent minor pentatonic scale to help add colour to your playing.

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All the lessons you will ever need in once place

A Minor Arpeggios Lick | Free Guitar Lesson 5

Suspended Chords | Free Guitar Lesson 3

Modal Interchange | Free Guitar Lesson 2

Awsome Am7 Arpeggios | Free Guitar Lesson 1

Joop Wolters: Caparison c2 hss ,kemper profiler

Joop Wolters: Caparison c2 hss ,kemper profiler

Caparison c2 hss ,kemper profiler

Reb Beach: Suhr Gear Spotlight

Reb Beach, guitarist for Whitesnake, takes us through his Gear Spotlight on location in Beverly Hills at the Saban Theatre.

For more information on Reb Beach and Suhr:


Eric Calderone: Halloween Meets Metal

Hi guys!

So I've been avoiding this one for a good 4 years haha. The reason being is it's a perfect horror tune. I didn't want to lose the vibe of the classic-ness and eerie-ness of it. Probably why this one sounds a little different than my usual takes. One thing I was certain on though, I HAD to keep the piano in there. John Carpenter had always been in my tops. Scorer, writer, and director? C'mon, one badass dude. As always, thank you all so much for everything. It means the world. Big ups for always rocking my casbah!

Best to ya


Eric Calderone: Halloween Meets Metal

Walter Trout: Battle Scars OUT NOW!

Walter Trout's 2015 album Battle Scars, released on Provogue / Mascot Label Group is OUT NOW worldwide!.

Order Battle Scars!

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Directed by: Tommy Antonini

Walter Trout - Battle Scars OUT NOW!

Al Di Meola: "Blackdog" – "Midnight Tango"

Al Di Meola "Blackdog" – "Midnight Tango"

Welcome to the Led Zeppelin Show! Our version of "Blackdog" rehearsed at the soundcheck in Dallas Oct 22. Check out Evan as Robert Plant !

Kirk Fletcher: Hot of the press - Hal Leonard/Guitar instructional video and book pack

Kirk Fletcher

Hot of the press. My Hal Leonard/Guitar instructional video and book pack is out now. Very important moment for me!! Blessed. Thank you!

#halleonard, #kirkfletcher, #blessed, #learntheblues,#keepingthebluesalive

More info here:

David T Chastain: Chastain - We Bleed Metal - preorder

CHASTAIN's "We Bleed Metal" is the follow up to the band's 2013 reunion Cd "Surrender To No One." That release marked the return of original vocalist Leather Leone. She has long been considered one of the originators of the female power metal vocal style. Leather was the vocalist on the classic CHASTAIN albums: Mystery of Illusion, Ruler of the Wasteland, The 7th of Never, The Voice of the Cult and For Those Who Dare. 

Also returning to the band is original bassist Mike Skimmerhorn. The drums are now being handled by Stian Kristoffersen (Pagan's Mind, Firewind). 

Guitarist David T. Chastain states, "This new album is a continuation of the sound we created on Surrender To No One. We still have a foot in the past but we are also embracing the future. I have my style of writing metal and it isn't ever going to change to any major degree. I tried to write on some subjects that are important to me: The financial systems inevitable downfall, religious insanity, mankind's self-destructive nature, our own self-preservation and few other esoteric topics. Leather proves on the new CD she hasn't lost anything from her glory days. Stian's kicks the band to the next level, as he is the youngest member with the most modern influences. I think this is my most 'shredtastic' CHASTAIN guitar work since 'The 7th of Never' era. I think all in all this is one of the best CHASTAIN releases in the catalog. Of course it is hard for me to be objective about a Cd until about 10 years after it comes out." 

Leather adds, "After our absence through the years, the response has been fantastic! I find much of it to be classic CHASTAIN. There are undeniably some modern concepts involved!! But I guarantee it will not disappoint, it is 100% a CHASTAIN Cd!" 
The title track "WE BLEED METAL" should be a battle cry for all who live and love Metal! The song is about the comradery between Metal lovers and overcoming the struggle, barriers and stigmas society places on the music. "We will sacrifice and we will pay the price cause WE BLEED METAL!" 

CHASTAIN - We Bleed Metal

release date: Nov 6, 2015

Availability: Pre-Order

Sam Whiting: 20 Licks: LA Grooves |

LA Grooves

Learn these 20 Tasteful, highly accessible licks by Sam whiting one at a time, then piece them all together to create a fantastically groovy LA inspired funk/rock track!

Sam's playing is always very complete with great attention to dynamics, creative melodies, textures and infectious guitar lines. This package has all that, and more!

Featuring lines inspired by the work of Derek Trucks, Brad Paisley and Chuck Berry combined with Sam's own blend of creativity and uniqueness these 20 inspirational licks are suitable for players of all abilities and all flow into each other to create the final full track performance.

Inside the 20 awesome licks you can expect to find plenty of Minor Pentatonic, Major Pentatonic, Blues, Dorian and Mixolydian inspired licks full of Country/Rock and Bluesy inflections. You'll find call and response style licks, hybrid picking, fast alternate picking, legato runs, double stops, chromaticisms, chord tone soling and plenty more!

As ever, we have included everything you need to practise and perfect the material in this package. There are video and audio tracks for you to watch/listen and study, accurately transcribed TAB/notation for you to analyse and master as well as backing tracks for you to practise every lick to, and jam out your own solos! We've even included some text notes to help you really get these parts down!

Download right now, or Premium Members hit the +MyTracks button and get instant streaming access!


As a little something special for this package, we thought we'd give you a chance to win a FREE copy of Sam Whiting's incredible licks package '20 Upbeat Funky Blues Licks', PLUS be in for a chance to be featured on JamTrackCentrals Facebook page!

Stuart Hamm, Alex Skolnick, Joel Taylor: Stu Hamm and Stu Hamm Band Winter Tour dates - Supporting His New Solo Album - “The Book of Lies”


Supporting His New Solo Album - “The Book of Lies”

Having stunned audiences across the world with his innovative playing, STU HAMM has made a name as the go-to bass player for the world’s great musicians. Time spent playing with Steve Vai and Joe Satriani has cemented his place among the greats and gaveHAMM the platform to display his pioneering bass techniques to adoring crowds worldwide. Now, promoting the release of his newest solo album, The Book Of Lies, HAMM takes to the road with new music and will also debut his petite suite for solo bass.

A gut rumbling mix of new and old hits, mixed with HAMM’s trademark humor, make for a unique show like no other. Before he joins his band, HAMM will perform four solo dates in Utah, Colorado and Missouri. The Band Tour will begin on December 4th in Dayton, OH; winding its way east through Indiana, Chicago and Cleveland before hitting the west coast with shows in Seattle, Oregon and several Northern & Southern California shows, ending at the infamous Baked Potato in LA. Joining Stu in The Stu Hamm Band are Alex Skolnick (Testament) on guitar and Joel Taylor (Allan Holdsworth, Al DiMeola) on drums.

The breadth of HAMM’s range is legendary and is what is at the heart of The Book Of Lies. The title track introduces a fine style, complete with a subtle blues bass-line, later evolving into a funk jam with horns and guitar. “Back To Shabalalla” owes a debt to the loping, infectious rhythms of Afrobeat, while “Etude” is a classical piece of the type that made HAMM famous. The amazing final piece, a seven-minute epic titled “L.S.D.” ranges from a Beatles homage to a fully-leaded bass shredfest.


Book of Lies Solo Tour
Nov. 27, 2015 Spanish Fork, UT Boothe Brothers Performing Arts Center
Nov. 29, 2015 Littleton, CO The Toad Tavern
Dec. 01, 2015 Springfield, MO School of Rock
Dec. 02, 2015 St. Louis, MO School of Rock

STU HAMM BAND – Book of Life Tour

Featuring Alex Skolnick (guitar) and Joel Taylor (drums)
December 4, 2015 Dayton, OH Oddbody´s Music Room
December 5, 2015 Kokomo, IN Rhum Academy of Music
December 6, 2015 Chicago, IL Reggies
December 7, 2015 Cleveland, OH Nighttown
January 12, 2016 Seattle, WA Triple Door
January 13, 2016 Portland, OR Aladdin Theater
January 14, 2016 Eugene, OR Wow Hall
January 15, 2015 Redding, CA TBC
January 16, 2016 Sacramento, CA Harlow´s
January 18, 2016 Oakland, CA Yoshi´s
January 19, 2016 Los Angeles, CA Baked Potato


Alexandra Zerner: Morning Star - Vinnie Moore

Alexandra Zerner: Morning Star - Vinnie Moore

Morning Star (Vinnie Moore) - cover by Alexandra Zerner