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Greg Mackintosh, Aaron Aedy: Paradise Lost launch live video for "Victim Of The Past"; 'Symphony For The Lost' pre-order available now

Returning with opus number fourteen, The Plague Within, earlier this year, British goth metal pioneers PARADISE LOST celebrated a tremendously successful 2015 achieving top ten positions for the latter in Germany and Finland as well as chart entries in Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Japan, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and their native UK.

Now the band round off a highly successful year with another very special release that will excite the band's global fanbase. Filmed and recorded in September 2014,Symphony For The Lost is a live album/DVD which captures PARADISE LOST performing at the epic Ancient Roman Theatre of Philippopolis in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, featuring the Orchestra of State Opera Plovdiv and Rodna Pesen Choir.

Today, PARADISE LOST launched a live video for the song "Victim Of The Past", which is taken from the Symphony For The Lost DVD.

Symphony For The Lost will be available as Special Edition 2CD+DVD deluxe edition with 48 page booklet and Ltd. Deluxe Gatefold 2LP+DVD with 16 page booklet as well as digital album.

You can pre-order your copy now:

See below for the exact vinyl limitations:
1,600x black vinyl
200x gold vinyl exclusive to
200x orange vinyl exclusive to / sold out!

Digital pre-orders are available at:
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iTunes -

Vocalist Nick Holmes states:"We have recorded elements of orchestration many times in the studio over the last two decades, as many of our songs lend themselves well to classical arrangement. However, we have never before had the chance to play with a real orchestra in a live situation, so it was very exciting to have the opportunity to play with the Plovdiv Philharmonic and doing that in such a prestigious location as the Roman theatre."

From "Gothic" over "Joys Of Emptiness" to "Soul Courageous", "Last Regret" or "Victim Of The Past", "Symphony For The Lost" spans the entire facets of the unique Paradise Lost sound, yet expands their trademark doom 'n' gloom with a classical dimension. Mandatory for any Paradise Lost fan!

Nov 21, 2015 Principal Club Theater, Thessaloniki, Greece
Nov 22, 2015 Fuzz Live Music Club, Athens, Greece

Feb 04, 2016 70.000 Tons of Metal, Fort Lauderdale, USA
Apr 14, 2016 Roadburn Festival, Tilburg, Netherlands (playing entire "Gothic" album)May 27, 2016 Maryland Deathfest, Baltimore, USA

Jun 17-18-19, 2016 Graspop Festival - Dessel, BE (performance date TBA)
Jun 17-18-19, 2016 Hellfest - Clisson, FR (performance date TBA)
Aug 11-12-13, 2016 Party San Open Air - Schlotheim DE (performance date TBA)
Aug 13, 2016 Bloodstock Festival - Derby UK


News: Shrapnel Records Historic Catalog Acquired By The Orchard

The Orchard, a pioneering independent music, film and video distribution company, today announced its acquisition of rock/metal label Shrapnel Records' historic catalog. Spanning 35 years and representing many groundbreaking artists, Shrapnel Records has maintained a pivotal role at the frontlines of metal history since its launch in 1980 by producer Mike Varney as the first dedicated metal label, predating successors Metal Blade and Megaforce and bringing renowned guitarists including Paul Gilbert, Vinnie Moore, Tony MacAlpine, Richie Kotzen, Yngwie Malmsteen, Jason Becker and Marty Friedman to worldwide attention.

The Orchard will now oversee digital and physical distribution for the label, making Shrapnel's 3,000-song catalog available for streaming for the first time, including releases by Chris Duarte ("Lucky 13"), Paul Gilbert ("Stone Pushing Uphill Man"), and INDIGENOUS ("Time Is Coming"). In addition, a third of the 322 album titles included in the deal will be made available digitally for the first time.

"The distribution landscape has changed dramatically in the last ten years, requiring greater staffing with expertise in digital distribution," says Varney. "Although the Shrapnel Label Group will continue making new records, the expanded distribution and accompanying administration of the back catalog was something we felt could be best served by a larger company. As a pioneer in digital distribution with a tremendous track record of more than fifteen years, The Orchard was in a stronger position to effectively realize this for our catalog."


Virgil Donati, Andre Nieri, Anton Davidyants, Nikolay Sidorenko: Virgil Donati Band - Russian Chapter Pt.1

This year I made a decision to work with local musicians on my tours around the world, which was not an easy call considering the level of skill required to play my music with little rehearsal time... it proved to be a success beyond my expectations, and following the clips from Brazil, here is the first clip from the Russian Chapter...
Andre Nieri official was with me on all tours, Anton Davidyants and Nikolay Sidorenko from Moscow, joined us on this leg... all amazing

Virgil Donati Band - Russian Chapter Pt.1

Eva Vergilova: Selin - Ms Cheapcaster 17,000+ followers 2,000,000+ video views!

Eva Vergilova: Selin - Ms Cheapcaster back again with 17,000+ followers 2,000,000 views surely someone can find a spare Fender Stratocaster lying around?

Eva Vergilova - Selin

Richard Daudé: Vigier Hybrid picking - Finger tapping - Thimble - Shred in melodic minor

Richard Daudé: Hybrid picking - Finger tapping - Thimble - Shred in melodic minor

Hybrid picking - Finger tapping - Thimble - Shred (melodic minor)

Al Joseph: Line Integration Masterclass - favourite rhythmic concepts

Line Integration

Rhythm is such is an integral part of music. Through this masterclass series Al Joseph will teach you his favourite rhythmic concepts that you can integrate into your own lines, to step up the creativity in your solos!

By analysing one of his incredible solos, Al selects a few key ideas and concepts to focus on. By guiding you through the learning and integration stages Al shows you how to take simple concepts and integrate them into the creative and expressive sounds you here so frequently in his own playing.

The key ideas covered in this masterclass are as follows; Video Introduction, Motific Development, Cycling Explanation, Cycling Demonstration, 5 Cycling Exercises, Meter Shifting Explanation, 5 Meter Shifting Exercises, Meter Shifting Wrap Up, Line Integration Main Solo (+ Video Breakdown) and a Video Conclusion.

As ever, we have included everything you need to practise and perfect the material in this package (which includes over 2GB of learning material!). There are full video masterclass lessons, 10 exercises, a full solo (plus video breakdown lesson), lick backings, extended jam tracks to practise the main solo or jam out your own, text notes and complete TAB/Notation!

This masterclass has a LOT to offer - and all for less than the price of a regular guitar lesson! So invest in your own playing, and your own creativity, by purchasing Al's masterclass and unlocking your full potential!

Introduction Video
Motific Development Video Lesson
Cycling Video Lesson
Cycling Video Demonstration
5 Cycling Exercise Licks Video/Audio
Meter Shifting Video Lesson
5 Meter Shifting Exercise Licks Video/Audio (Fast/Slow)
Meter Shift Wrap Up Video Lesson
Line Integration Solo Video/Audio Performances
Line Integration Solo Breakdown Lesson
Line Integration Conclusion Video
Exercise Backing Tracks
Solo Jamtrack (Fast/Slow)
Extended Jamtrack (Fast/Slow)
Full TAB/Notation For All Exercises/Example Solos
Lesson Notes by Al Joseph

Franck Hermanny: La Marseillaise - homage to the victims of the Paris tragedy

After the tragic events that occurred in my country, i wanted to share with you my version of French Anthem, "La Marseillaise". Yesterday, i decided to change some arrangements from the version i first recorded in 2005 (and put on Myspace back then) and finally record it today...Anyway, it's not the "perfect performance" i was looking for (far from that!), but a sincere moment of Music... and i truly love our Anthem! It's not the worse among all Anthems ! Far from that ;)
I would never have imagine that 10 years after, i would post it as an homage to the victims of one of the biggest tragedy our country ever faced...

By chance, none of my close friends and/or family have been touched by the killings...hopefully...but some people did loose beloved ones.
IT SUCKS. Nostradamus predicted global and worldwide peace for 2025 i guess. Well, we should hurry.

Après les tragiques événements qui se sont déroulés dans notre pays, je voulais partager avec vous ma version de "La Marseillaise". Hier, j'ai décidé de remanier ma version faite en 2005 (et postée sur myspace à l'époque!) pour finalement l'enregistrer aujourd'hui...Bref, ce n'est pas la performance parfaite que je recherchais (on en est loin) mais un sincère moment de j'aime bien notre Hymne! Ce n'est pas le pire, loin de là ;)
Je n'aurai jamais pensé, 10 ans après, poster une nouvelle version, et surtout pas à l'occasion d'un événement aussi tragique.

Par chance, aucun de mes amis proches ou famille n'a été touché par cette tragèdie...mais ce n'est pas le cas de tout le monde.
C'EST PITOYABLE. Il parait que Nostradamus avait prédit la Paix Mondiale pour 2025. Et ben putain, on en est loin.


Marty Friedman: Interview - Behind the Scenes Warmup Jam with Troy Grady

Behind the scenes sneak peek of the upcoming Marty Friedman interview! This is a great example of how incredibly tasty Marty’s playing is even when he’s not thinking too much about it. Cardinal rule of interviewing great improvisers: always keep the camera running!

Full interview coming soon to Masters in Mechanics!

Marty Friedman Interview: Behind the Scenes Warmup Jam

Steve Stevens: demos the Helix Phaser for TC Electronics

Steve Stevens pulls back the gain a bit for some ultra-lush and mesmerizing Helix Phaser sounds.

Learn more about Helix Phaser:

Learn more about Steve Stevens:

Steve Stevens - Helix Phaser (Clean example)

Paul Gilbert: talks about great tone for TC Electronics

We met up with Paul Gilbert and asked him a quick question: "What is great tone in your opinion?"

Check out Paul Gilbert's artist page at

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Paul Gilbert on great tone

Marc Guillermont: with some guitar work for a rock tune

Marc Guillermont
Guitar & everything else...

Victor Lafuente: Simplexcity from the album Inside with Laney Lionheart and Vigier Excalibur

Extrait titre "Simplexcity" album INSIDE

Laney Amplification, Vigier guitars, Elixir strings Endorsing.

-Guitares/Victor Lafuente
-Basse/Bernard Brand
-Claviers/France Affidi
-Batterie/Thomas Chignier


Carl Mörner Ringström: "The Cause" Video Playthrough - plus nice nature footage :)

Taken from my debut album "NEOCOLONY", "The Cause" is 7+ minutes of world jazz fusion influences mixed with arena rock tendencies. Originally recorded in 2011, this update includes the addition of 8 string- and acoustic guitars.
Original master by Pelle Fridell.

Carl Mörner Ringström - "The Cause" Video Playthrough (plus nice nature footage)

An arrangement by pianist Kasper Villaume, that kinda evolved a bit. It's in F minor, and there's a sneaky little metric modulation in there as well as some pedal stuff. No theme, straight to solos!

Carl Mörner Ringström plays "Take Five"

Tom Geldschläger: Fountainhead Q&A #1 Part 1 of 4

Answering questions the fans submitted for the first official Fountainhead Q&A in octobre 2015.

Fountainhead Q&A #1 Part 1 of 4