Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Leda: Tonick Dizain guitar playthroughs - Far East Dizain 1 and 2 Japan progressive Djent!

TONICK DIZAIN [w / DVD, Limited Edition]
01. Industry - Karmar -
02. Cry My Name From The Light
03. Memorize
04. The War Went On
05. Blank Space
06. Illest
07. I'm a Human Just Like You
08. Ichiru
09. mirage
10. Super Moon
The supplementary DVD of the Limited Edition, in addition to the "Cry My Name From The Light" image of the FED's first MV and the feat of each member. version of a total of five patterns, even rare off shot at the time of shooting Add included!

Leda Guitar lyric / FAR EAST DIZAIN 2

Leda Guitar lyric / FAR EAST DIZAIN 1

Cry My Name From The Light FULL SPOT


Dhalif Ali: JTC Jam Of The Month DECEMBER

Entry for JTC Jam of the month of DECEMBER!

JTC Jam Of The Month DECEMBER - Dhalif Ali

Jared Dines, Cole Rolland: Shred Wars - jared dines VS cole rolland

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Shred Wars - jared dines VS cole rolland

Michael Harris: "Classical Conditioning" - written for his debut CD, "Defense Mechanizms"

Michael Harris plays "Classical Conditioning", a piece he wrote for his debut CD, "Defense Mechanizms"

Michael Harris "Classical Conditioning"

Chris Brooks: AC/DCat Jam with Ralphy the cat

Just found this - jamming to an Aussie classic for a seemingly appreciative kitty cat. There were better takes done on my side, but Ralphy was feeling this one.
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AC/DCat Jam - Chris Brooks and Ralphy the cat

Paul Gilbert, Bruce Bouillet: RacerX Scit Scat Wah - Groove be damned - don't let Paul fool you, he can shred like the best!

Paul Gilbert, Bruce Bouillet: RacerX Scit Scat Wah - Groove be damned - don't let Paul fool you, he can shred like the best!

Paul Gilbert Racerx Scit Scat Wah Live

Brev Sullivan: Kiesel Carvin guitar chicken pickin' "Nashville Kid"

Brev Sullivan Chicken Pickin' on a Kiesel Ac6 guitar. (All original tune by Brev Sullivan and the FOF band). Recorded on a DV Mark triple six clean channel with Revolt Amps Snake Venom pedal. Dec 2015.

Brev Sullivan Kiesel Carvin guitar chicken pickin' "Nashville Kid"

Vinnie Moore: U.F.O Guitarist - Interview Guitar Gods TV Spain

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A Baixa Visual Production to Guitar Gods TV Spain

Chris Bieniek: Guitar Solo for Charity 3# 'Mountain Gorilla' Notation/TAB available

Can you help save a species with a guitar solo? Yes of course!
You can purchase this solo for $9 U.S via PayPal and 100% of the funds collected will be donated to WWF (World Wildlife Fund) Mountain Gorilla Fund. Just send $9 U.S to chrisbieniek.guitar@gmail.com and you will receive a PDF with music notation, Tab, picking strokes, backing track, audio etc. In the 'message to seller' section just mark the words 'Mountain Gorilla' so I know which solo to send.
You will receive this within 24 hours (I'll work on an automated download when time permits)
If you don't want this solo but would like to donate, go to:

The solo: A Rock out in E Dorian/ E Blues vibe with and emphasis on combining phrasing with 16th notes lines. Technically theres a focus on Alternate Picking and Economy/Sweep Picking.
I have found learning full solos rather then a 'bunch of licks' to be more beneficial in developing my own solo and improvised playing. Playing up and down scales is great practice for playing up and down scales but doesn't improve improvising/ soloing technique. Learning entire solos is a great way to develop your own playing and understanding of how to use scales, rhythm, phrasing etc.
I often write/compose solos like this to keep my picking/playing in shape.

This solo was recorded through the amazing Taurus 4.SL Stomp Head. Check out www.taurus-amp.pl for more info. Awesome amps! Try one!

Guitar Solo for Charity 3# 'Mountain Gorilla' Notation/TAB available

Tom Quayle: Monday Jazz Blues

Chilling out with some jazz blues on an overcast Monday afternoon. Remember that you can get HD Video lessons on my soloing and technical approach at http://www.tomquayle.co.uk

Tom Quayle: Monday Jazz Blues

James Norbert Ivanyi, Rohan Stevenson: I built the sky and Ivanyi announce our First Co-Headlining Australia tour 2016

I built the sky

Today James Norbert Ivanyi and I announce our First Co-Headlining Australian 2 Show Tour.

We will be playing Sydney on Friday, March 18 and Melbourne on Saturday, March 19. This is a huge deal for me and I can not wait to party with you guys at these shows.

Tickets are on sale now!
Sydney - http://found.ee/JNIIBTSSYD
Melbourne - http://found.ee/IBTSJNIMEL — withJames Norbert Ivanyi.