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Tom Hess: Want To Play Cool Arpeggio Guitar Licks? Do This:

Want To Play Cool Arpeggio Guitar Licks? Do This:

By Tom Hess

Tired of playing boring arpeggio licks and want to make them more creative? Here’s how: focus a lot more on applying the arpeggio patterns you already know as creatively as possible instead of looking for tons of new patterns or exercises. This is not difficult to do and you can easily turn the patterns you know into badass guitar licks using the following 4 approaches:

Approach One: Expanding Common Triad Arpeggios
You’re not stuck with only using basic major, minor or diminished arpeggios. Use additional notes by adding them on top of the basic triad to make interesting extended sweep picking shapes that will cause your arpeggios to sound a lot more unique.

Check out the video below to understand more about how this is done:

Check out the second part of this sweep picking guitar technique video to learn more sweep picking shapes to add to your guitar playing style.

Approach Two: Use Arpeggio Shapes That Move Across The Entire Fretboard
Your arpeggios will quickly become boring if you repeat them over and over. Instead of doing this, you can make your arpeggio licks sound much more creative and interesting by combining them with other guitar techniques. This will give your guitar phrasing a sense of variety whenever you use arpeggios. This applies even more when used with the concept of extending arpeggios as previously mentioned.

Here is an example that utilizes an A minor arpeggio pattern all over the fretboard, and combines different arpeggio patterns together:
In addition to improving your creativity with arpeggios and developing your overall guitar technique, combining arpeggio shapes together in this way increases your fretboard visualization skills. This is crucial for becoming more creative as a guitarist, improviser and songwriter and helps you quickly recall new music you just learned with greater accuracy.

Notice: Fretboard visualization is a specialized skill that needs to be practiced and developed, just like any other guitar technique or skill. To get the most out of your progress with this skill, you have to constantly track your progress with it. Check out this tool for making tons of progress on guitar to understand how to do this a lot more effectively.

Approach Three: Using Arpeggios Together With Different Guitar Techniques
As soon as you learn a new arpeggio shape, start using it in all areas of the fretboard in order to connecting all the shapes of the arpeggio together. This will both help improve your overall guitar technique AND give you more creative freedom while improvising or thinking of new guitar licks.
You can integrate arpeggios with general legato technique, tapping, string skips, tremolo picking and any other guitar technique you can think of.

For example, here is a major seventh arpeggio that was made by adding notes to a basic major triad while using hammer ons, pull offs and tapping technique:

To find more sweep picking shapes like this, see this video about improving your sweep picking guitar technique.

Approach Four: Lay Out Arpeggios Over Different Chords
In addition to knowing HOW you should play arpeggios, you also need to practice changing WHEN you play arpeggios. What does this mean? The easiest and way to play and arpeggio is to play it over a chord of the same name (for example: a C major arpeggio played over a C major chord). Of course, you can play the same C major arpeggio over countless other chords to create unique and expressive results, for example: F major, G major, D minor, or E minor.

Here is an example that compares two chords: D minor and Bb major.

The D minor arpeggio contains the following 3 notes: D, F and A. The Bb major chord has the notes: Bb, D, F. Notice that two of these notes (D and F) are shared in common by both chords. So when you play a D minor arpeggio over Bb major, you’re playing two common notes (D and F) and one unshared note (A). This results in your ears hearing a Bb major 7 chord (made of notes Bb D F A).
So by altering when the arpeggio is used (by choosing which chords you play it above), you have the ability to change the way any sweep picking lick feels. Listen to this example of an A minor arpeggio being combined together with these chords: A minor, F major, C major, D minor, E minor.

Begin using these ideas in your general guitar playing and you will open the door to a new level of creativity within your sweep picking arpeggio phrasing. To get more information about improving your sweep picking skills, check out this free video about playing creative arpeggios on guitar.

About The Author:
Tom Hess is a professional touring musician, composer and successful rock/metal guitar teacher. He helps guitarists around the world learn to play guitar online. On his website, you can find guitar playing tips, free guitar resources and more guitar articles.

Sean Ashe: announce debut album ‘Flux’ for a January release - preorder coming soon

Sean Ashe
I’m very proud to finally announce that on January 12th, 2016, I will be releasing my debut album, ‘Flux’

I’ve poured so much time, energy, and passion into these songs and *tomorrow at 12pm EST* you will be able to get your first taste of the new music.

Digital & Physical Pre-orders will also be available tomorrow from both my Bandcamp and Big Cartel stores.

Track Listing:

1. Imagine (feat. Piano Solo by Andreas Sioen)
2. Memory Lane
3. Floating Thread
4. Luminescence
5. Creature (feat. Denis Chang)
6. Hemisphere
7. Meteor Eyes
8. Abandon

— Bonus Tracks (Physical Only)
9. Luminescence (2013 Single Version)
10. Hemisphere (2014 Single Version)


Sean Ashe - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Composition, Backing vocals on ‘Meteor Eyes’
Andreas Skorpe Sjøen - Drums, Recording Engineer (drums), Cowbell, Piano Solo on ‘Imagine’
Vinny Svoboda - Upright Bass on ‘Creature’
Denis Chang - Guest guitar solo on ‘Creature’
Sheridan Elektra Rohde - backing vocals on ‘Meteor Eyes”
Joel Medina - Additional guitar layer on ‘Abandon’

Produced and Mixed by Sean Ashe

Mixing Consultation by Jeremy Krull & Germán Gallardo

Mastered by Jeremy Krull for Strategic Sonics, at Scourge Of The West in North Hollywood, CA

Artwork by Corey Hendrey

Sarah Longfield: Entombment of a Machine - features gratuitous bathroom footage
Sarah Jane Longfield

THROWBACK ANYONE?! This video was inspired by Rob Scallon's Entombment of a Machine Banjo Cover in which Steve and myself make a cameo!;) It is linked to the end so check it out!

Sarah Longfield - Entombment of a Machine (guitar cover)

Franck Karmattitude: Guitar Addiction 2 final front cover artwork !

  • Take Care Of Here
  • Ruud Panda
  • Full Moon
  • Euphoria
  • Beyond
  • Himalaya
  • High Damper
  • Crawl To The Hills
  • Guitar Solo Contest
  • Gimmick
  • Afrodiziak
  • The Storm Blender
  • Spanish Castle Magic

Franck Karmattitude
Guitar Addiction 2 final front cover artwork !

The Album will be available in CD and Digital formats on 22nd of December 2015. 
It will be possible to make pre-orders here !

News: 660 Guitars Marches into Winter NAMM with New Patriot Guitar

GILMER, TX DECEMBER 9, 2015 – 660 Guitars announced today the introduction of their new Patriot model guitar for 2016. The Patriot, as well as 660 Guitars, will make their debut at the 2016 NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) trade show in Anaheim, California this January. Customers can place orders directly from the factory while they work to establish dealers and distributors worldwide. The Patriot launches 660 Guitars’ up and coming robust line of American-made instruments, featuring all-aluminum bodies.

The 25.5” scale Patriot design captures bold engineering and modern playability, while maintaining the principle build features consistent in all 660 Guitars. Handcrafted with USA parts, the Patriot’s body is constructed from one piece of aircraft-grade aluminum, paired with a shallow-oval 16” radius solid graphite/carbon fiber neck. The finish is a resilient powder coat, available in multi-color options. The bridge on the Patriot is a TonePros wraparound bridge that is piezo loadable. The pickups are 16.50K Dimarzio Dominion Humbuckers with ceramic magnets, mounted on ‘mini-rails’ to allow for numerous user-adjusted tonal variations. Smoked acrylic black glass is standard for the rear cover plate with optional red glass available. Hennessy NSL-7200 strap locks are standard, and the guitar ships in an RB Aero low-profile case.

660 Guitars was forged on the friendship of builders Drew Emory and Myke Wilkerson, both independent builders who found they shared the same ideas in constructing guitar bodies out of metal, namely aircraft-grade aluminum. Aluminum is an extremely rugged and durable building material, and offers the guitar world a change from traditional wood construction. The results are warm and resonant guitars with tank-like construction, and minimal weather-related issues.

Traditional instruments are subject to many issues ranging from humidity, airline handling, and general use. The Patriot, along with all of 660 Guitars’ instruments, is handcrafted with pride in the USA, precision engineered, and built to exacting standards to minimalize maintenance and downtime, while ensuring the instruments are around for generations.

MSRP $3400 USD

To learn more about the Patriot and the 660 Guitars building process, please visit

To experience The Patriot guitar at NAMM, visit booth #1389

Learn the story behind 660 Guitars in this video:

Nili Brosh: Available for Skype Lessons in 2016!

Photo by Dana Tarr Photography
Hi everyone!

With the end of 2015 fast approaching, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge you guys and just say a big THANK YOU for following me in my endeavors this past year. It's been an honor to share my music and performances with you all, and I am so humbled and grateful for your continued support. So with that, I wish you all happy holidays and a healthy and wonderful 2016! I hope you keep following me and watch for the exciting things I have in store for you in the near future - I have a feeling next year will be a big one. :)

I also wanted to take this opportunity to let you all know that I am making room in my schedule to accept new Skype students starting January 1st. As you may already know, I work with students of all ages and levels, and do my best to tailor the lessons to each student's individual musical/guitar-related interests and goals. So if you're pondering over those new year's resolutions already, and thinking about how great it would be to expand your musical skills next year...look no further! Just respond to this email and I will send you my rates and some more specific details. I look forward to "meeting" you via camera and working with you in 2016!

Once again, thank you, and see you next year!

Happy Holidays,


Yvette Young: Truth In Shredding - Win 1 of 5 copies of the new Currents EP by Covet

Yvette Young: Truth In Shredding - Win 1 of 5 copies of the new Currents EP by Covet

Enter now: Win a copy

Currents EP by covet

1. Pelagic 03:17
2. Nautilus 03:55
3. Hydra 04:39
4. Charybdis 03:01
5. Currents 03:24
6. Sea Dragon 05:34

released December 20, 2015

Guitar/Vocals: Yvette Young
Sick harmonies: Sam Kohl
Drums: Keith Grimshaw
Bass: David Adamiak

Artwork: Yvette Young

Tracking: Nate Vennarucci
Mixing: Sean Lindeman
Mastering: Scott Craggs

Thank you to Angelia from Passion Planner for helping us all achieve our dreams

Richie Kotzen, Billy Sheehan, Mike Portnoy: The Winery Dogs - The Saban Theater - Jack Lue Series

The Winery Dogs @ The Saban Theater Nov 6, 2015 Jack Lue Series

MIKE PORTNOY - Drums/Vocals
RICHIE KOTZEN - Guitar/Vocals

Jack Lue Full Lucky Strike series of 54 photos:

Jack Lue Facebook page:

Some live video from the same show

Winery Dogs' Mike Portnoy, Richie Kotzen, Billy Sheehan solos at the Saban Theatre

THE WINERY DOGS at the Saban Theatre 11.6.15