Sunday, 27 March 2016

Jen Majura: interviewing Chris Impellitteri, Andy Timmons, Billy Sheehan, Herman Li, Alex Skolnick, and more!

Jen Majura

No clue how many interviews I did in my life, and mostly there are the same questions asked over and over again, so I decided to have a new hobby: "interviewing colleagues and friends with rather unusual odd questions!" Turns out to be so much fun, when I started this in the beginning of this year and maybe one day I'm going to tell you the questions... but so far... have fun watching and "Happy Easter To Y'All!"

Thanks to all of the great people who helped me out with my new fun hobby: INTERVIEWING COLLEAGUES!

Chris Impellitteri, Andy Timmons, Troy McLawhorn, Maurizio Iacono, Billy Sheehan, Herman Li, Mille Petrozza, Mike Terrana, Marco Wriedt, Alex Skolnick, Marco Mendoza...

Interviewing friends with funny questions...