Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Nita Strauss: Alice Cooper guitarist. How I Got the Gig: Ep.5

Nita Strauss sits with Elmo Lovano and tells her story of how she got the Alice Cooper gig. Nita shares valuable insight on her philosophy of being a professional musician, and becoming one.

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How I Got the Gig Season 1 Episode 5 credits:

Producer, Creator, Host - Elmo Lovano
Director, Producer - Jack Piatt
Editor - Galang Stro
Director of Photography - Chaz Moore
Camera Operator - Spencer Sacks
Sound Recordist - Scott Neff

Special thanks to Alice Cooper and his management for the exclusive video content!

Nita Strauss. Alice Cooper guitarist. How I Got the Gig: Ep.5

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