Tom Hess: Three Major Mistakes You Need To Avoid While Playing Guitar Scales

Three Major Mistakes You Need To Avoid While Playing Guitar Scales
by Tom Hess
Surely you already know that scales are an important part of guitar playing, but only a few guitarists actually understand how to practice scales properly. Because of this, they cannot improvise excellent solos and struggle with musical creativity.
Here are the three major mistakes you need to avoid when you practice scales on guitar:

Mistake #1. Learning Scales In 1-2 Positions On Guitar
To master any new scale, you must learn to play it all over the fretboard. Getting stuck playing scales in 1-2 areas on the guitar severely limits your creativity.
To avoid this problem, you must consistently practice fretboard visualization. Visualize the guitar neck as ONE giant scale pattern and learn to navigate it fluently.
Warning: many systems for learning scales make this step very hard (more on this below). Work with a proven guitar teacher to learn how to visualize scales easily and fast.

Mistake #2. Learning Without Application
Learning more scales doesn't make you a better guitar player - applying the scales you know on a deeper level does.
When you learn any new scale, learn how to improvise with it and become familiar with its sound. Listen to guitar players who use this scale, create your own guitar licks with it and learn how this scale is applied in songs you love. When you feel confident enough with a scale to use it in improvising, you have mastered it on a deep enough level to learn another scale if you wish.
Note: this does NOT mean you must only practice one scale for years…just don’t overwhelm yourself with dozens of scales you never learn how to use.

Mistake #3. Not Following An Effective Process For Learning Scales On Guitar
You must have an effective process for: learning, visualizing and applying any new scale in your guitar playing.
Do NOT assume that “any system for learning scales is equally valid”. Many systems for learning scales on guitar are incomplete and damaging to your progress. The CAGED system is one such system. Using it creates A LOT of problems in your guitar technique and musical creativity.
Get information on why the CAGED system is harmful for your guitar playing progress and a better way to play guitar scales.
Avoid these mistakes in your guitar practicing and you will become a better guitarist and musician a lot faster.

About The Author:

Tom Hess is a successful professional guitar player, composer and guitar teacher to thousands of guitarists worldwide. With his online guitar lessons, he has helped guitarists drastically improve their guitar skills. To become a better guitar player, go to his website about guitar instruction and see guitar playing video lessons, read guitar practice advice, and check out a free guitar soloing lesson.