Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Angel Vivaldi, Mike Keneally, Per Nilsson, Nili Brosh: Melody Writing Contest: Inspiration from the Greats

With just a few weeks left in the "A Matter of Perception" melody contest, a few of your favorite players have come up with some amazing hooks and melodies to inspire you to create your own! In this video, Angel Vivaldi, Mike Keneally, and Per Nilsson show off their creative melodies for your aural enjoyment. Entries are going strong for the contest, but we want to see more!! Thank you to everyone that has sent in a melody so far!

For more details about this contest, check out:
Contest page: www.premierguitar.com/nilibroshcontest
Contest video: https://youtu.be/Vw1BYy_urM0

For more from Nili Brosh, check out:
Website: nilibrosh.com
Facebook: facebook.com/NiliBroshMusic/
Instagram: instagram.com/nilibrosh
Twitter: twitter.com/nilibrosh
Official store: http://nilibrosh.spinshop.com/
YouTube: youtube.com/user/NiliWafers

Thanks to Angel Vivaldi, Mike Keneally, and Per Nilsson!

Angel Vivaldi's official site: http://www.angelvivaldiofficial.com/
Per's Nilsson's official page: https://www.facebook.com/scarguitar?f...
Mike Keneally's official site: http://www.keneally.com/

PG Melody Writing Contest: Inspiration from the Greats

My friend Nili Brosh has teamed up with Premier Guitar and launched a 'melody writing contest', using her song "A Matter of Perception" as a backing track for the contestants to compose their melodies on top of. The jury picking out the winner consists of Nili, Jason Becker, Marco Sfogli and Greg Howe.

PER NILSSON improvises picklessly over NILI BROSH's "A Matter of Perception"