Monday, 18 July 2016

Drewsif Stalin: DSME - Assemblage

Here's a quick music video I threw together with the footage from tour! I honestly didn't have much time for filming anything (other than while sitting in the van) so this is just a small tidbit of the shindig that was The Revenge Of The Internet Tour. Apologies to Steve and Steve-O for not catching you guys at all!
The music is actually a demo I wrote a few years ago, I never knew what to do with it, so it just sat on my hard drive collecting virtual dust... until now!
If you like it, download it here: you can grab it on iTunes!
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On a side note, physical copies of ...Comes To An End are now available! Go get them here!
Filmed on a Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera.
Color Graded in Adobe After Effects with the Vision Color OSIRIS LUTs.
Edited in Apple Final Cut Pro 7.
DSME - Assemblage (Music Video)